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Local police, jail, other deputies exempt from state’s COVID vaccine mandate

State troopers are not exempt. Neither are health care workers. Jefferson County Sheriff Marc Heckathorn shared this information Friday:

"There was some concern as to whether or not the Governor's vaccine mandate applied to my county corrections staff and today it was determined the mandate for COVID-19 vaccinations ordered by Governor Brown do NOT apply to any of my corrections deputies in Jefferson County. 

"The information was provided by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) today and is a direct result of the input provided by the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association (OSSA). OSSA provided job information, expertise, and technical assistance to OHA and this interpretation today likely would not have happened without OSSA’s help and support.

"OHA released two weeks ago the determination that Patrol Deputies and Police Officers (not Troopers) fell outside the mandate as well. For the men and women of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, vaccines will continue to be a personal choice based on each person’s own individual choice," Heckathorn said.

KTVZ News Team



  1. Once again local law enforcement proves they need lower standards than schoolchildren, they dont know what colors are in the flag and they cant understand the health code either, but they need more tanks to protect CRR

  2. The elected “leaders” of our country and our communities are finding out that there are laws they must follow – and when they don’t they get called out for not doing so.

    None of this is a surprise unless your world consists of Facebook, Instagram, and a lackluster education.

    1. I’m actually fine with police, and cult45 members, not getting the shot. It makes me not so sad when I see you treating yourselves/eachother even worse than you treat normal people. Just be sure to pray away your covid symptoms, and please don’t bother our healthcare system with your completely preventable healthcare emergency. ‘Good’ luck to you all.

        1. Harg, please do not present actual data to Keyser unless it has been fact-checked by an organization in the pockets of big pharma. Big pharma is totally trustworthy, everyone knows this. That is why they refuse to allow their IP to be used by anyone even though they claim to not be making a profit off of this pandemic.

  3. If the vaccine were highly effective and quite safe I’d still be against MANDATES. But if they were that safe and that effective people would mostly go ahead and get them. These vaccines are probably fairly safe (though a certain percentage of folks have had some very bad reactions and a number have died) but they are certainly proving to be less and less effective as time goes on. And since vaccinated people get Covid and then spread the disease without even knowing they are sick, there is no logical justification for forcing anyone to get vaccinated against their own judgement.

      1. The hospital crowding is not caused by the unvaccinated but rather by the upper echelons of the medical community who have forbidden our doctors to use the early intervention protocols that keep people from needing hospitalization. They want us crowding the hospitals and the morgues. Last Spring we heard about India’s dire situation where Covid wass going to devastate them. But as the cases and deaths started to rise exponentially they began handing out home medical kits to everybody who even looked like they might be coming down with Covid and have knocked Covid back from a roar to a whimper. This fellow summarizes it beautifully in a nice British understated way, and he is very pro-vax so you can really enjoy him.

          1. We know “Big Pharma” has immense power to force a narrative, so you gotta’ look at anit-ivermectin news with some skepticism. But for sure India did something that worked a lot better than what we have been doing so we should copy their strategy until we find something even better. I’m betting on the C,D, zinc, ivermectin being a fine combination; suspect the tylenol doesn’t add much but until we know better it should be included. Maybe it was the gloves and masks and wipes that were also part of the kit? And the oximeter to see when your oxygen levels are needing some help should keep people away from the hospital until they really need to go there.

            1. There seems to be inconsistency with those who say ivermectin has been tested enough and the COVID-19 vaccine hasn’t. There’s so much dis/misinfo swirling around both… heard a doctor on NPR the other day in Alaska, where hospitals are struggling with a surge, and she said people are under-estimating the risks from COVID and overstating the risks from the vaccine.

              1. Ivermectin has been approved for human use for decades, but now that it might work for the virus there seems to be an issue with it? Why now and not for all the other uses it has had over the years?

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