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  1. This is the moron that’s going to fix lift ticket prices? It must be nice to spend other people’s money, and face no consequences when you run out of that money.

  2. Most people do not realize that it is cheaper to get the homeless in housing than it is to allow them to live on the street. When someone is in housing the costs for ER care, police interactions, etc, go down significantly. So much so that it turns out to actually be cheaper to house people than it is to let them live on the streets. The problem is that if you only do this in one area, say Oregon, then you draw even more homeless into the area with the most benefits. So I love the idea of this program, but it needs to be done at the national level so all states and areas provide housing for the homeless equally to avoid this issue. We need to provide for our fellow citizens, but it also needs to be done wisely. It is a tough problem, but it is a problem we need to address. But for the grace of God, there goes me.

      1. I know it works. But it often is done unwisely and this then causes problems in the community for other citizens of the area. PDX and Seattle are now a disaster due to short-sighted policies for the homeless. Someone in my family runs a homeless facility in Oregon. They see what bad policies can do and what good policies can do. I am all for the good ones that will actually help the homeless, but there needs to be disciple involved as well. You do not just give more and more to drug addicts. They will just more quickly destroy themselves or others around them. The discipline part is what is sorely lacking in many homeless plans. When you promise the homeless free stuff they will come. Try it for yourself and see what happens. Ask those actually working with the homeless what needs to be done. They also had success with a homeless program in San Diego, but again that program required the homeless to keep their housing clean and tidy. No craziness allowed. I don’t know about the Texas program, but I would bet if it was successful it also had some discipline required of those who were helped.

  3. As long as you have dopes like him in Congress on both side of the aisle nothing will ever change. We the public allow these elites to become rich off our taxes. And all they do like Wyden and the rest of his co-harts run around and make a photo op and then leave with results=0.

  4. History repeatedly proves that anything that is subsidized or publicly enabled will inevitably grow. Homelessness is no exception. Wish it were not so, but that is the reality. “If you build it, they will come”.

  5. Perhaps for once we might look at how other countries deal with this situation and maybe learn something. But that is probably asking too much. Our own arrogance prevents us from believing that someone else might have a better idea. Ultimately, protecting our free market capitalist society where its everyone for him/herself seems to be the goal. That helps to get people to think that homeless people are there only through their own mistakes. In reality homeless people are there because society has let them down. Our society will be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable.

    1. I have seen homeless in England and Japan. So which country has solved homelessness that we can look at? You also need to compare to countries that have the opioid problems that we have here. Big pharma made a killing with opioids and they should be the ones to pay the damages. I know there are a number of lawsuits underway to try and accomplish that goal, but I doubt they will really be successful. We also need to consider this. From those I know who work with the homeless around 40% of them will never be employable. They are just not capable of doing any job. I know I tried to hire people years back and found out the hard way why they were in the state they were in. They turned out to be totally unpredictable and it was dangerous to have them around other employees. We still need to house these people as they are human and I believe we will be judged on how we treat the most vulnerable as you said. It does not matter if they are mentally ill or drug addicts. I know that it could have been me, if not but for the grace of God.

  6. I just watched the video, where Ron talks to us from him kitchen. Obviously, remote working like so many other entitled.

    I’m now going upstairs to throw up my lunch.

  7. The first step in improving the homeless situation in Oregon was to decriminalize small amounts of meth and heroin, that should do wonders for the homeless situation for sure.

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