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  1. This is good news, but at the same time its a interesting comment on bend when we have been told for decades that improving any of our three other far busier and occassionally unusable railroad underpasses, is “never” going to happen

      1. Thats exactly my point about bends roads: major multi-modal infill for the urban core tends to get repeatedly ignored, in favor of low-volune “artisan” sprawl benefitting targeted user groups, this whole caldera hs project is a glaring example honestly

        1. Targeted user groups? That will always be the case every single project has targeted users.

          The project in the article is a very narrow vehicle only underpass, it is dangerous for bikes and pedestrians and it is a good thing to fix. It is next to a new highschool and this will improve safety for our children. Not really sure why anyone is griping about this project.

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