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Pet Pals: Two cute bunnies pay a visit


They're named for cereals - Cheerios and Captain Crunch - and these two bunny pals are among several waiting at the Humane Society of Central Oregon for a new place to call home.

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KTVZ News Team



  1. Well I guess you can’t make a point about how folks dress Barney won’t let you even there staff expose’s them selves on camera It’s the Generation now days They don’t have a clue

    1. Yes, when you make rude and insensitive remarks about specific people on camera, I struggle on whether to allow it. Our young people have to have very thick skins to withstand the insensitive nature of remarks made on social media or in general newsroom email accounts, but the least I can do is give them a wee bit of protection. And the same goes for people who are kind enough to come on the air, be it a one-time interview or a regular appearance. In today’s nasty social media climate, they all have a very big clue “indeed,” and people with awful things to say in public are now a part of life, I guess. But once in a while, I have to put my foot down and say NO to people who apparently are unable to restrain or contain their rudeness. Not here, not now, not that!

  2. You don’t get it Barney Fife you folks need a dress code like, it us to be Folks like me just don’t understand why the young Gen is allowed to dress the way they want you have a great program but dress code is very important think about Bras aren’t part of the news cast some think they need to expose them Your a good person but come on Barney make a suggestion get a dress code on all you news casters & your folks your interviewing look like pro’s

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