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Poison control experts talk disinfectant, cleaners

The American Association of Poison Control Centers held a Facebook Q&A session Thursday after an uptick in calls about household disinfectants and cleaners amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We spoke to an Oregon Poison Center official about the issues.

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      1. yup – y’all have rewritten reality yet again to cover for president Crazypants – you do realize that it is all recorded, right? – wondering how you ever feel clean, after the unseemly behavior you have fallen to

        1. Funny how the leading scientist on the most hopeful drug to date to fight against the corona described it as disinfectant for the lung tissue. I guess he isn’t so crazy after all fake news.

          1. even funnier is your woefully inadequate understanding of even the most basic concepts – should have paid attention in elementary school – now you can be talked into repeating the most absurd manipulations of empirical reality just to stroke your cult leader Crazypants – i hear that Walmart is having a sale on Lysol and syringes so knock yourself out

            1. The company is called “Pulmotect”- and their product works very simply through an inhaler into the human lungs. The therapy is designed to stimulate the epithelial gland to produce a noxious barrier to protect the lungs… something our body already does naturally… this treatment just super-charges it. This is known as inate immunity- and instead of going on and on about your ignorance of the topic- I would suggest you look into the work of Dr. Colin Broom so you don’t sound like your half-witted friends over at CNN- who have done nothing productive over the past 3-4 years of this President’s term.

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