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NE Bend homeless camp cleanup underway

A growing homeless camp at the corner of NE Division Street and Revere Avenue in Bend has ODOT working with Shepherd's House to help them.

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  1. Maybe cities would be more welcoming if the homeless didn’t treat the areas like a garbage dump. They manage to bring in all that garbage but can’t manage to bring out a bag.

    1. you think they are going to walk 20 miles daily to the dump with a bag of trash, they can get all that garbage at the nearest food bank, store, or by the looks of some of it, after hours thrift store dumpster shopping

      1. why on earth would they have to go to the dump when they could easily throw it away at the multiple trash can located throughout the shopping centers that they beg at

  2. The other day I had a great conversation with a guy who is a Black middle aged male. The gentleman just moved to Bend from the deep south, he found a job in one day and found a room to rent. He is willing to work and fill out some job applications and…. magic… he has a place to live and a job 24 hours after arriving to town. Just sayin.

    1. Wow! Even a “Black” guy can do it?! He must be one of the “good ones”, that Sean Hannity occasionally talks about.
      See? I told you that “they” aren’t all bad.

      1. Threatened by a motivated minority member exhibiting self determination? What if individual self determination and motivation becomes prevalent among minority groups?
        Does that threaten your world view? What if white privilege and white guilt become irrelevant and minority groups successfully assimilate into the general society?….without help from those with white privelege and white guilt?
        Perhaps it is time for you to do some introspection….if minority members can and do rise out of a bad situation without help, perhaps the idea that they cannot do it on their own is racist.

    2. Hopefully he does well here, buys a house and remains a member of the CO community.
      We need hard workers.
      And just sayin’, why didn’t you capitalize “middle age male”? (Serious question). If skin color is now a proper noun, why not age and gender?

  3. I can’t believe only 6 to 8 people can amass the amounts of trash and random objects these people have laid out for everyone to see. Glad they’re working to get it cleaned up. Godspeed! This unsightly and dangerous looking mess is not good for Bend.

  4. So why are they letting these people stay there and trash the place up? Come on…….. Camp fires too? That place looks like a dump site in the video. If these folks don’t care about trashing the land, they sure as heck don’t care about getting a job or a place to live. Save the ones that can be saved and push the rest out of these camps. I wouldn’t care about people camping there if they kept it clean…. but that “camp” looks like dumpster tornado and if you let them stay, Bend is going to end up being trashed like Seattle and Portland. Move them out before the multiple along with their trash.

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