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Bend, Redmond mayors give COVID-19 update

The mayors of Bend and Redmond and other officials gave a COVID-19 update on Thursday, with hotels nearly full over the Fourth and the highest Redmond Airport passenger counts since the pandemic hit, but problems OLCC found at downtown Bend restaurants and bars.

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  1. 0:07 – Sally Russell (Bend’s mayor), why are you wearing a mask while on zoom call? Is somebody else in room with you? Did you tested positive for China Wuhan Virus? =|

  2. 0:42 – Sally Russell: “the rising COVID-19 cases”. Who elected this idiot to be a Bend’s mayor? Hey, moron. You all talking about rising cases. What about the death rate? How many people died in Central Oregon and Deschutes County so far? How many people are hospitalized? None of you clowns talks about it. Let me then.

    As of 07/09, Oregon China Wuhan Virus death rate has been DECREASING CONSTANTLY since June 9th! Crook County – 1 death (reported yesterday, presumptive case as of now). Jefferson – ZERO DEATHS! Deschutes – ZERO DEATHS! Deschutes county is the ONLY county in top-13 counties by cases where NO ONE DIED! St. Charles Bend has NINE people hospitalized, with one being in ICU and on a ventilator. NINE people in a county with 200K people population? Does that sound bad to you? How many people in ICU because of cancer, heart disease, flu and pneumonia, Chronic lower respiratory diseases, Cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes? You don’t hear nothing about it, do you? Isn’t that important too? Aren’t their lives matter also?

    Since economy is more open now, more businesses are open, more people are out and about, gather and meet each other. There are more protests, riots and looting (Portland, Eugene). There were 150K tests a day in US before, now it’s 650K a day with 40,398,730 tests total. OF COURSE THERE WILL BE MORE CASES, YOU IDIOT! WHAT DID YOU EXPECT!? People getting outside, businesses opening after being shutdowned for 2 months by an unconstitutional and illegal executive order. That is expected to happen, it’s normal, plus people are building herd immunity. Heard of this word, you fool? You never mentioned that part about China virus, ha, Sally? So stop with this blown out of proportion hysteria and panic spreading about something that is not, ok, clown? Bendites and Oregoninas are tired of this crap, Sally. An embarrassment of a mayor that you are =|

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