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KTVZ News Team



  1. Now there’s a first for the Z- the loss of two anchors in less than twenty four hours- indicative of something more than just people looking for larger markets to work in…. there is something drastically wrong at this news station ! I would accurately speculate that there is something driving so many “away” from the station- rather then “better opportunities” elsewhere… I mean really Mike- Arkansas ??? OK- so what is it ? I really don’t want to get into the usual back-and-forths that immediately follows these untimely exits…. but let’s just say that people will forego salary, fame, and wild eyed dreams if they believe in what they are doing ! There is clearly a sense at this station- that the there is no reason to stay… the liberal push- the constant CNN attacks on all things America- the never-ending propaganda that most real news journalists avoid like the plague- but is pumped into the cameras daily here. Management needs to wake up- you have real competition now… I watched their Helt-Kropf debate…. and it was 10x’s more civil- more focused- more informative than their appearance on KTVZ- a complete reversal of the personal attacks and finger wagging that we saw less than 48 hours previously… Once she stopped bad-mouthing her opponent- Cheri Helt actually caught my attention ! It’s clear- they are both playing to their respective audiences… and the ones here seem to be a bit more disrespectful. Just sayin’ !

  2. When people have been on for as long as the newscasters and weather people on KTVZ, and their time is up, I always feel like I’m losing a friend. I certainly hope that whatever the future holds for these two, it has an abundance of success and happiness.

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