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Deschutes DA Hummel pledges not to prosecute abortion cases

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel is one of 64 prosecutors nationwide to sign a pledge his office won't prosecute abortion cases if Roe v. Wade is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.


KTVZ news sources



  1. Interesting. I have to assume from his statement that when he took his oath of office he had his fingers crossed behind his back? He has no ethics and should resign his office.

  2. Hummel has long posted on the “peacekeeper” FB page…and in doing so lends his name and public office to this childish “doxxing” venue.

    He should recuse himself from all and every case filed with the DA’s Office involving incidents stemming from clashes like the last one at Pilot Butte.

    His record of recusals is long established, after all.

  3. Grandstanding at its finest. The likelihood of roe vs wade being overturned is quite small. The likelihood that this clown is still in office is even smaller.

  4. So Hummel refuses to recognize the Laws of the Land and the oath he took. Typical Liberal double standard justice! He’s right up their with a majority of the Democrat party . . . saying “We don’t have to abide with the laws we don’t agree with! But the rest of you do.”

  5. Such hypocrisy. Where were all of you when Bundy was pulling his crap and many sheriffs in this state, and others, stated they would NOT enforce new gun restrictions? I am not opposed to guns, just the hypocrisy.

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