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Oregonians react to Biden-Harris election news

From the governor and a state representative-elect in Bend to the streets downtown, Oregonians shared their reaction to the projections that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be our next president and vice president.

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KTVZ News Team



  1. Interesting headline as KTVZ refuses to declare Biden and Kommie Harris victors ! Guess there’s some hope for the local affiliate after all ! My take is simple- Biden and Kommie are attempting to bully their way into the White house- neither have been officially declared anything but rude and arrogant. Three states have yet to be decided- another five will undergo intense levels of recounting. The defective ballot counting machines in Michigan will be tossed and the President will recover millions of votes that were awarded to Sleepy Joe. The nation will be hurled into more chaos because the Demokrat party refused to honor the due process allowed by our US elections… Nothing new here- it’s been going on for four years !

    1. Ha ha ha! Please feel free to show where Biden/Harris have publicly acted in an arrogant and rude manner even remotely approaching the petty, rude and arrogant behavior of Ex-President Trump. Go ahead, we’ll wait…. (crickets)

      The bottom line is, whether you like it or not (and I don’t necessarily agree with everything that Biden/Harris say), that Joe Biden is the new president of the United States. And guess what? There’s not a damn thing that you or any other Trump supporter can do about it. The results are not about ideology, they are about simple math. The fact is, Biden/Harris won enough of the popular vote in the states to gain the necessary electoral votes. Here’s a news flash: bitter old misogynistic and racist white guys are going extinct. Bye bye!

      1. Please remind us all about anytime in US Presidential election history where a candidate declared himself the winner before the opponent conceded. Take yer time now- cause it’s never happened ! Premature “hijack the nation” Biden’s rush to proclaim himself victor is unprecedented- and the absolute epitome of classless- boorish- and outlandishly rude behavior… reminds many of how Kanye West stormed the stage at the VMA awards in 2009 to yank the trophy away from Taylor Swift- the next day Obama called the guy a knucklehead. So as we sit today- and word filters out about thousands of dead people getting ballots out in Pennsylvania- and the law suits and recounts that will occur over the next few weeks- you just sit there and stew in premature slop fest- this is gonna be historic as the nation that supported the GOP at the house and senate level- will eventually be proven to have voted for this President also- no matter what CNN tries to lie you into believing… Oh Yeh- Russia-Russia-Russia !

        1. You’re confused. President Trump is the one who prematurely declared himself the winner–I watched it live on election night at around 11pm or so local time.

          President Trump also said that the voting should be stopped (the actual voting was already done by then, so he showed his own ignorance of the process). He may have meant that the vote COUNTING should be stopped. However, that is NOT how a presidential election works. Ballots are counted and verified for some time AFTER election night. Biden’s campaign kept themselves restrained for a long time, only saying that things looked good for them.

          Oh, and regarding your assertion that ballots were cast in the name of dead people–that appears to have been debunked. I get that you’re angry and afraid because your President is soon going to be leaving office, but please stop trying to perpetuate untruths and BS. It makes you look desperate and foolish. Now, run along.

      2. The democrats deserve all 4 years of Biden, aside for the fact he won’t remember he is president, but that’s OK, the antichrist will take over as president, and no agenda for her right?!
        its unfortunate for those who voted with their brain, and not just follow the hate and entitlement and whining of the democrats, this is actually a good thing because I’m done hearing the whining and blaming that has happened the last 4 years.
        And as promised, the democrats and their fearless leader will fix Covid because they had all the answers on how to do that.
        its no wonder the most powerful nation in the world, with all we have done right, is never mentioned in the end, just look at the direction this country is going.

        1. Biden’s age and ability are definitely a concern. As to how his presidency will play out, we’ll just have to see. Regarding your comments about COVID, I would remind you that it is the medical experts who are going to be fighting that battle–not the politicians. The best thing that can be done is for the politicians to allow those experts to do their jobs. Trump seemed to have a hard time doing that. Hopefully Biden will do better.

      3. Kinda jumping the gun a little aren’t you ? Actually Trump is still in office, and still President, not ex-President, and he still has full power until next year.
        Biden on the other hand has no power, but is President elect, at least according to the media…

        1. By the look of things, President Trump won’t be in office much longer, and once he leaves office, I see some criminal cases in his future. He’ll likely get pardoned of any convictions by President Biden in the interest of moving the nation forward, but I suspect that from this point forward, President Trump is going to slip into obscurity–if he’s smart, that is.

          1. I think that it is wishful thinking that he will be charged once he is out of office. What crimes would he be charged with ?
            As far as Trump slipping into obscurity, I could be wrong but I wouldn’t count on it.

  2. Oh and BTW- before people jump on me about Dewey-Truman…. I’m not sure that Dewey actually made an acceptance speech and paraded around town before Truman was declared the actual winner !

  3. As KTVZ anchors and reporters continue to tout Joe Biden as the President Elect- they have yet to truly examine the election results here in Oregon- which according to the Secretary of State Bev Clarno- show 40,000 votes more than what the US media was reporting. So where did all these extra ballots come from ? This is the kind of scrutiny we must have in this 2020 election- as the Demokrat party continues to lie about the results. It seems that Oregon is part of the scam to disenfranchise Oregonians state-wide as CNN and Z21 demand the right to call the election for whoever they feel. I predict serious backlash from this kind of illegal activity- if the State AG won’t address it- the people will. It looks like I may have had Antifa all wrong !

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