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    1. I support Trump but I certainly do not support that. There’s extreme whackos everywhere……..If you support racial equality then does that mean you support the rioting, overturning cars, and burning of buildings and businesses in Portland?

      1. I don’t need to read anything you suggest, just a few minutes speaking with the likes of you is enough to forever convince me I’m on the right side of history. You and your ilk will be remembered in history books as a hateful cult bent on retaining power through racial division.

    2. If you support Biden you support his best buddy, a KKK Exalted Cyclops, feeling yup little girls on camera, and collecting money from Chinese spy agencies laundered through a crack head son.

    3. Exactly what “this” are you whining about ? A poster removed from the wall ? a cigarette butt on the table ?? Damage to a door that should never be locked ??? Merk the Jerk is a sissy of the highest degree. He thinks his whiteness entitles him to thumb his nose at the masses as supports the loss of civil liberties and freedoms- just who the hell is this guy and why hasn’t the local media demanded answers from him ! Merkley has been a horrible representative for the State of Oregon. The State is economically destroyed- year after year wildfires have left the region choking in smoke- and all Merk can do is whine about the US President- that put thousands of dollars in my bank account when he couldn’t ! In the end, Merkley will hire some locals to clean his room- he won’t even bother to tip- that’s just the kinda guy Jeffrey is !

  1. Oh boy, you know FBI is looking for that laptop. The republican domestic terrorists who did this will be visited by men in black soon.
    I’ve been in that office, visited Senator Merkley before we toured the White House and Capitol. He was very nice, and his staff was just incredible.

    1. Keyser,
      Congratulations on winning the highly coveted award “Moron of the Month”.
      Right when I thought I’ve heard the most moronic statements a human being could make you pull your head out of your rectum and make a reply. Congratulations.
      Oh and your visit to Merkleys office, I guess you were the one! Merkley’s visitor log book shows one visitor since he’s been in office. I can’t think of a Senator that is less significant than Merkley, once again congratulations.
      Do you ever get embarrassed?

      1. What an odd, rambling, pointless retort. Absent your approval, I will just have to take solace in the knowledge I distracted you from bothering the people unfortunate enough to know you in real life for however long it took you to peck that diatribe with your index fingers.

          1. Southern Pride recognizing the 96% of Southerners who never owned a slave- yet had to fight for their land- their homes- their businesses against the Northern aggressors. It’s much like the attack on Oregon businesses- schools- churches- daily life and civil liberties we see now with Governor Kate Brown and her lock-downs- her over-reach- her incompetent response to a China virus that remains “mild-99% non fatal- and flat-lined in severity” a year ago. Peaceful Oregonians are now being forced to act out to protect their homes- their business- their way of life… from this new found aggression from the Demokrat party- the same party that gave you the American Civil War- Slavery- the Klan-and Segregation. History “is” repeating itself. Now excuse me- I have a confederate flag to fly !

            1. I always enjoy you ‘Southern Pride’ apologists making the ‘hey, I never owned a slave’ argument. It’s like a current-day Nazi in Germany making the ‘oh hey, I never gassed a Jew, so I’m a good person’. The confederate army, from the southern states, fought (and lost) a war over their desire to leave the United States because they wanted to own black human beings they thought of as less than human because the color of their skin. Anyone who has pride about that seditionist bunch of racist a-holes is a horrible person and deserves our scorn, including you.

      1. Lol, weak attempt at race baiting. My comment was strictly about the fiscal irresponsibility if the government. And Mr Merkley’s dramatization of a little mess that could be picked up in a matter of minutes. Too bad our state doesn’t elect men or women to represent us. They elect drama queen’s.

            1. That was video taken by the republican domestic terrorists, and shared on social media by them. No legit news channel was safe to be in there, so we are left to repost video taken by the boneheads themselves. And yes, this is exactly what we are talking about, and republicans own it.

  2. Hmmm. I can’t post videos of the damage to Portland businesses from his beloved antifa and BLM terrorists. Is there a way to post videos in the comment section?

  3. As in Washington, DC…so be it in Salem.

    We will not, as a nation, condone domestic terrorists who committed treason and sedition. They must be hunted down and punished to the maximum extent of our laws.

    They are a disgrace to our nation. Traitors and criminals.

  4. So much for Trumpers being Peaceful! They were going to assassinate and hunt down our leaders. They brutally killed a Police Officer by smashing him in the head with a fire extinguisher. They set up gallows outside of the Capital. They chanted as a MOB to “Hang Mike Pence”. I could go on and on but it is just too disgusting. Can’t wait for these Traitors to be dealt with the only way that works with traitors.

    1. I would be interested in seeing any evidence of your claims.Seems as if your bloodlust for “these traitors to be dealt with” is very similar to the acts you claim happened at the capitol.

        1. Probably no-where near the size of the “explosion” coming from that melon head of yours if you ever had to publicly admit that you saw hundreds of black citizens carrying Pro-Trump flags and marching on DC like numerous videos show ! Seems that not all “black people” are kneeling for the national anthem after-all. So please stop speaking on their behalf !

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