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Snow just another challenge for struggling C.O. restaurants

With state guidelines not allowing indoor dining in Deschutes County, the cold and snowfall pose new hurdles for struggling restaurants. Places like Immersion Brewing hope to get through it with heaters, fire pits -- and takeout, of course.

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  1. We don’t need restaurants. We need grocery stores, hardware stores, medical facilities…but we don’t NEED restaurants. Or haircuts, for that matter…

      1. “I said but I’m tired, I’ve been walkin’ all day
        She said that don’t confront me
        Long as I get my money next Friday
        Now next Friday come I didn’t have the rent
        And out the door I went”

  2. Sorry Doosh County- no sympathy from neighboring Crook or Jefferson ! You all continue to remain “silent” while Kalamity Kate Kontinues to choke you out of business under her “Undeclared Martial Law”- Why so pathetically weak are you ? I mean- many of your citizens show up here and spout all kinds of vulgarities- hate and anger- completely misdirected and worthless… but this is a perfect example of what a lack of accountability looks like- Poverty ! so until you rise up and let your Giant Voices be heard- too bad ! I can get a beer and a burger from my kitchen at 1/3rd the price- think about it !

    1. There is a lot to think about here. It’s roughly $20 these days to get a burger and a beer from a restaurant or food cart. So we’re not talking fast food here. It’s pretty hard to get the ingredients to make just one burger from the grocery store so you typically end up with supplies to make 4 or 8 depending on how much meat you buy. Often you get a better deal when you buy the family size pack. For all the supplies (I’m confident you have a fridge full of condiments) and a good quality beer (just one not a six pack) you’re in for maybe $30.
      So my question is why is your kitchen only a third of the price? Should be less expensive than that. You should start going out more often you’re getting ripped off in your kitchen.

      1. Not sure about your math skills- but for about $6.50- I can manage the ingredients, condiments, propane, electrical, fire insurance, a nice Hef, and peace of mind knowing it’s all prepared just the way I like it- with my music- and no bar stool drunk pretending to know the difference between Bud Light and regular tap water ! Sorry Dooshies- you don’t like Kovid Kate’s heels on yer throat- do something about it !

        1. You attack me for my comment about restaurants and here you are saying you can do a better job of serving yourself at home. Wow, you are a hypocrite! I’ve seen you on these comment threads trying to get the last word and attempting to overwhelm others with your rabid and rapid-fire fanatical posts. You are truly pathetic. I stand by what I said earlier…restaurants are not a survival necessity for folks. Sure, if you decided to start a restaurant as your means of income, you’re pretty much screwed now. But that’s the nature of starting a business–you take a risk and hope it pays off. Sometimes it does not, and other times it does. As I said before, folks in the restaurant industry would do well to reconsider their career options for the next year or so. As I said before, grocery stores are a necessity to today’s living, while restaurants are not. So yeah, I’ll give grocery stores a pass as long as they are doing what they can to be as safe as possible. Now, BGHW, why don’t you do everyone (including yourself) a favour and go take your medication and let the adults talk.

    2. Whoever you are, you need some serious medication. You dial up the us-vs them rhetoric to 11 and provide no positivity whatsoever. I do agree that folks have become spoiled by the lifestyle available to some today, but man, you’re a serious nutjob! Personally, I couldn’t care less if restaurants succeed or fail. I haven’t been to one in many years–not since I started eating healthy. Restaurants are just another sign of people becoming spoiled and soft in today’s society. I’m pretty sure that 99 percent of folks in our region would starve to death if restaurants and grocery stores went belly up. For most folks, knowing how to use a rifle or bow for hunting is a long-lost art. How many of the people on this message board can catch and clean a fish or kill and dress a deer or elk? I’m pretty sure the number is somewhere between zero and 2 percent. And that’s pretty ironic, considering where we live. While I don’t cotton much to the modern conveniences of restaurants and fashion stores, I do still care about my neighbors. Everyone in my small neighborhood knows me and me them, and we try to help each other in practical ways. Things would be better if more folks would return to those kinds of values.

      1. Welcome in the Wizard of hate- “Personally, I couldn’t care less if restaurants succeed or fail.” Yeh- cause you don’t seem to be the kind with a passion for anything but anger and hate- I’m sure yer dream of playing linebacker for the Bears was taken by some black guy- and the only thing you’ve probably ever shared was a cold sore ! Restaurants have been public gathering points for centuries. probably the most important venue for a multi-cultured nation like America to appreciate the finer things from around the world ! Your childish rant is about as shallow as a Paulina swimmin’ hole in the summer ! You can go right ahead and skin yer rattlers- pluck yer chickens- and grind yer own… but lets not belittle those folks out there with dreams and aspirations- just because it isn’t found on the end of a fishing rod !

        1. You really need help. You are so much worse than the last time I read you, which was months ago. Seriously, when was the last time I responded to any of your diatribes? Right! I quit reading you long ago, but for some reason I read this latest missive and dude, you are so far gone it’s not even funny. You really need help.

          1. Another troll launching offensive personal attacks instead of intellectual viewpoints- spare me your shallowness and just move along and be thankful the Moderator remains confused about his job title this one time !

      1. Grocery store chains- Amazon- Walmart-Fred Meyer have all had large scale China Virus outbreaks- “Dillons-Crossroads-Ernies” hasn’t ! What else you got loudmouth ?

        1. Ha, that’s all you got? You’re a horrible debater–and let’s be honest, that’s all these comment threads are good for–honing debating skills and giving ultra-conservative nutjobs a platform to spew their garbage. The fact is, Biden won. There is nothing that you Trump supporters can ever do about it, and Trump is soon going to be prevented from ever running for public office again. Face it–your side lost…BADLY. And furthermore, your side will not be a relevant political force for many years–if ever again. I say all this because the BS garbage that BGHW and you and others spout is just an offshoot of your frustration over your sound drubbing on the national political stage. Now, as for the whole situation regarding restaurants and stores and all that, well…I tend to agree with at least some of what Gandalf said–restaurants are NOT an essential service to the general public, while grocery stores ARE. That is fact. You can’t refute it, you can’t escape it, and you can’t conceal it. What you need to do is DEAL with it. I DON’T agree with Gandalf’s attitude that it’s just too bad for you if you own a restuarant and you should just take it up the wazoo as you lose your entire livelihood. But…I also don’t agree with restaurant owners who choose to ignore the authorities’ mandates and do dine-in business. They are going to get wiped out by fines and I doubt that reasonable judges are going to say that the governer does not have the right to institute certain emergency measures in the midst of a pandemic.

          There are no easy answers here. The sad thing is that the rift between those of the Republican persuasion and the Democrat persuasion has widened into a huge chasm in the last four years. Someone on each side has to be willing to compromise and realize that we are all one race, one planet, and one people and that we need to work together. Morons like BGHW and his ilk on the Republican side, as well as those on the Democrat side, are not helping matters. When are you jackasses going to realize that we are all one people of many colors and varieties and that we all need to work together? Y’all act like a bunch of bratty children on the playground. It’s time for you all to GROW THE HELL UP.

  3. So it’s the SNOWS fault Kate shut down you business. We’re all in this together, except the bureaucrats who destroyed you. They still get paid.

    1. No, we’re NOT all in this together. Wealthy folks who have tons of money in the bank live on a much higher plane of existence than most of the rest of us.

  4. Kovid Kate has been very open about her relationship with Gavin Newsom in California- and how they have colluded together to strategize the current Martial Law being implemented to maintain their strongholds… So why isn’t the Z covering this regional story- especially this- “Gov. Gavin Newsom, despite months-long promises of transparency in his coronavirus decisions, has been keeping secret the data his administration is using to drive state-implemented lockdowns.” This from KTVZ’s affiliate station over at FOX !

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