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New low-cost airline, Avelo, debuts Redmond-Burbank flights

A traditional Redmond Fire water salute greeted the first flight by low-fare Avelo Airlines from Redmond to Burbank on Thursday, debuting a three-times-weekly service.

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  1. Gary Martin, Avelo Airlines VP of Technical Operations speaks about “neat shopping in Redmond”. Not that I am aware of. And I have been here 12 years.

      1. Everybody whose ancestors arrived in Oregon via the Oregon Trail should go back where those migrants to Oregon came from.
        Homies only, bro’.

        1. You can go with him. Try as you may to fit in, you will never be anything but an alien. You were born here, or you were not. See also carpet-bagger, pestilence, invasive species. If the shoe fits…….
          Hope you return to wherever it was you came from, and that home is just as you like it.

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