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KTVZ News Team



      1. And perhaps he felt his safety was being threatened, along with that of his girlfriend after she rejected Washington’s advances not once but twice. I don’t see where Cranston’s ego plays into this.

  1. I’ve been following this story, and never saw any sequence of events. Otherwise I wouldn’t be asking. Updating this story should also include the sequence of events. A one sided story leaves the public to believe that z21 is trying to establish an agenda.

    1. Ktvz is just like their big brother cnn. They bend and manipulate the truth and censor points of view that dont align with theirs. Thier obviously much more to this story

  2. When blacks kill blacks, not news.

    When blacks kill whites, not news.

    When whites kill blacks, news.

    I seem to recall the pledge of allegiance states, “and justice for all”.

    That includes the man who defended himself.

    1. I agree. A lot of media outlets know what gets “clicks” and in return makes them money. Why wouldn’t they post something that their main fallowing clicks on? They are a business after all. People won’t look up how many unarmed white people are killed by cops every year… and yet say it’s only cops killing black people. These are also the people that don’t see that these huge black population cities is where you need to target first. You have a problem when more kids get shot in these cities then die from Covid. Just saying. Why don’t they bring this up? Doesn’t support what they are trying to push because they don’t make money on that

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