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University of Oregon survey looks at Oregonians’ COVID-19 vaccination views

A new survey by the University of Oregon looks at Oregonians' views on COVID-19 vaccinations and why some have refused to get them. You can find the full report at:

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    1. That doesn’t matter to a certain group of people. They don’t care if you get sick or die from the “vaccine” they only care that you did what you were told to do. They also believe you have no right to make your own decisions on this matter. Just look at all the people on this site that said it’s ok people are losing their jobs over vaccine mandates.

      1. And to the people that say people should be fired. What is your response if they end up homeless or worse end their life? Because these are very real possibilities. Seriously I want to know your response.

      2. More RightWingAgiProp. Military personnel have to take 9 vaccines or they are out. Covid makes 10 vaccines. “people are losing their jobs over vaccine mandates” has been OK for decades. You people need to change the radio dial.

        1. Name one vaccine you are required to take for employment. Just one other than COVID? I will wait. And as for the military you sign your life over to the government they own you and can make you do whatever they want because of that.

      1. So that means if something happens to me you are volunteering to medically and monetarily take care of me and my family for life? Because no one else is responsible if something happens to me from the shot.

        1. Certainly not the vaccine manufacturers. They have across the board immunity from liability. No matter what happens to anyone taking any vaccine, they have no recourse.

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