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Hundreds of Bend-area residents deal with water, power outages amid heat wave

Pacific Power outage map shows areas that lost power Sunday
Pacific Power
Pacific Power outage map shows areas that lost power Sunday

(Update: Bend power outages could last to midnight)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – As if record or near-record heat wasn’t enough of a challenge, hundreds of Bend and Redmond residents were dealing with power and water outages on Sunday.

Several Romaine Village residents, where water service is provided by Avion Water Company, told NewsChannel 21 their water service had cut off on Sunday. Deschutes County dispatchers said they understood it related to a water line break, but efforts to reach Avion officials for details were initially unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, more than 500 Pacific Power customers were without power Sunday afternoon and evening. The utility’s outage map showed two outages on Bend’s Westside. At first, crews expected to complete the work by 9 p.m., but that was pushed back to midnight. Another outage involving a few hundred Redmond residents had ended by Sunday evening.

Pacific Power spokesman Drew Hanson said crews were assessing the situation and working to restore service. He had no specifics on the cause or whether it was heat-related, but added, “We know this is a very difficult time to lose power, for any reason, and we’re working to restore service just as soon as we can.”

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    1. It was 80 when decided to hit the hay last night so we didn’t come near 63. What is there to say to those who think the power outage was directed at those who haven’t followed Kate’s advice and gotten the 💉 yet?

    2. Do let us know how much you enjoy living on the coast when the big one hits. They have tsunami warning sirens everywhere for a reason. Backup power will not help much either but we will be here in Central Oregon as a staging area to help you.

  1. No power- no water- no homes- nobody wants the local jobs- wildfires raging for months on end- society in lockdown- schools closed- mentally ill wandering the streets- Meth and Crack decriminalized… You find any of this upsetting- stop voting Demokrat !!! If this all seems normal to you- then carry on with yer Ron Wydens yer Jeff Merkleys- and yer Kate Brown’s… all good !

        1. Perhaps you two rocket scientist would be happier in Mississippi. Very red and poor a/f. You’all would feel right at home with the MAGA hillbillies.

        2. Been around downtown Bend lately? You can completely cover your license bingo card in minutes. And all those out of state cars had to use lots of gas to get here and just an example of what’s happening all over….supply and demand is shooting the gas prices up.

      1. Are you mad because he is right, or because you realized how stupid your vote was? Sure would go for some $2.00 gas and a mean tweet right now.

  2. We really shouldnt be having any at all! They put us in the dark twice this month. Once for an hour and once for 6 hours. They said it was for “upgrades”. HA! Some “upgrades”!

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