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Your photos: More dazzling High Desert sunset views

Sunset Redmond toward Three Sisters Steve Hughes 1013
Steve Hughes
Redmond sunset looking toward the Three Sisters
Sunset Halloween Tumalo Rona Shepherd 1013
Rona Shepherd
A be-witching weathervane is silhouetted against a special Tumalo sunset
Bend sunset Pilot Butte Ted Forman 1014
Ted Forman
A dramatic sunset as twilight arrives in Bend in a special view from Pilot Butte
Bend sunset Pilot Butte Ted Forman 1014-2
Ted Forman
A moodier but no less special sunset view of Bend from Pilot Butte
BAckyard sunset Scott McKinley 1016
Scott McKinley
The colors of a backyard sunset can be worth capturing
Sunset NE Bend Rick Landucci 1016
Rick Landucci
A vivid sunset on display from NE Bend
Redmond sunset Paul Rodger 1016
Paul Rodger
Redmond enjoys a colorful sunset
Sunset over Three Sisters Brenda Jaros 1016
Brenda Jaros
Colorful clouds share an evening sunset view of the Three Sisters
Bend fall colors Pilot Butte Missy Carnes 1016
Missy Carnes
If the sunset doesn't satisfy, the fall colors will in a view from Bend's Pilot Butte.
Prineville sunset Brent Bunch 1016
Brent Bunch
Vivid colors of a Prineville sunset dazzle
Sunset Agustin Ampudia
Agustin Ampudia
Many areas of the High Desert had a special sunset view on Friday, Oct. 16
Bend sunset Pine Nursery Elaine Richardson 1016
Elaine Richardson
Friday evening's view of a special sunset from Bend's Pine Nursery Park
Sunset ash trees Larry Cole
Larry Cole
Sunset colors through the ash trees
Old Mill sunset Diona Edwards 1016
Diona Edwards
A colorful sunset near Bend's Old Mill
Sunset Debbie Krambeal 1016
Debbie Krambeal
Many colors, designs and shapes in this week's sunsets
Sunset Erika Dubay
Erika Dubay
Sunset over Mt. Bachelor Don Wilson 1017
Don Wilson
Vivid sunset over Mt. Bachelor Friday evening, from near Horse Butte
Redmond sunset Peter Coughlin 1017
Peter Coughlin
Redmond sunset over the mountains on Saturday, Oct. 17
Awbrey Glen sunset Gary D 1017
Gary D.
A special sunset view from Bend's Awbrey Glen
Redmond sunset Mike Edwards 1017
Mike Edwards
A memorable sunset in Redmond on Saturday, Oct. 17
Sunset over mtns Gene Trahern 1017
Gene Trahern
A special sunset over the mountains from the Redmond area on Saturday
Sunset Kelly Dodson 1017
Kelly Dodson
Eagle Crest deck Redmond sunset Rob Coffman 1017
Rob Coffman
Dramatic sunset clouds as seen from Eagle Crest

Central Oregon has a seemingly never-ending supply of beautiful, colorful and majestic sunsets, especially in recent days. Here are some of the photos you've shared with us of this week's scenic evenings. Feel free to send us yours from the Share tab at KTVZ.COM!

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  1. Grew up looking at this everyday of my life from our ranch since the 50’s. Family didn’t have 2 nickles to rub together but I have always felt so blessed.
    Thank u Z21 for sharing

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