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Oregon test negative for person under investigation for COVID-19


Separate, unrelated to state's first presumptive case, reported Friday

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) — A second individual to have a test for COVID-19, with results that were still pending on Friday, has come back negative, the Oregon Health Authority reported Saturday evening.

The negative result is a separate and unrelated to the state’s first, presumptive case of the novel coronavirus, which OHA reported Friday based on a test performed by the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory.

The agency said it continues approving testing for persons under investigation, a number that’s likely to increase following the report of the state’s first presumptive case and new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance that calls for testing of anyone experiencing severe respiratory symptoms.

There now are seven pending test results in Oregon for persons under investigation for COVID-19. Four tests have been completed — three were negative, and the fourth became Oregon’s first confirmed case. A total of 88 people are under monitoring in Oregon.

People under investigation are individuals experiencing symptoms and are known to have one of the three primary risk factors:

  • Travel from a country where COVID-19 is circulating.
  • Close contact with a confirmed case.
  • People with severe respiratory illness who are hospitalized and have no other known diagnosis.

Those under monitoring have had the same exposures but are not symptomatic, the agency said.

OHA officials continue to recommend people in Oregon take everyday precautions to prevent the spread of many respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19 and influenza:

  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue and then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds. If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces that are often touched.
  • Take care of your health overall. Staying current on your vaccinations, including flu vaccine, eating well and exercising all help your body stay resilient.
  • Consult CDC’s travel website for any travel advisories and steps to protect yourself if you plan to travel outside of the US.

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    1. Willamette Week is reporting on the shortages, and one person interviewed complained that all that was left was toilet cleaner and wood polish….yeah wouldn’t want Portland to clean any toilets now would we? I mean after all, there’s still sidewalks to crap on

  1. OK Z21- we get it… we have the coronovirus in our state ! But we also have HIV- influenza- the common cold (rhinovirus) to be concerned about ! The current level of CV coverage is excessive- unnecessary- bordering on hysteria !

    Is that how you at KTVZ see your responsibilities to the public- to drive fear and unnecessary concern- and to totally neglect the other medical concerns of the day ???

    Or- is this just a cheap attempt to politicize the CV virus at the expense of the President and his administration ? Again- Influenza is a bigger concern than CV- what gives ???

    1. We are going to provide each of the reports the Oregon Health Authority puts out on this very serious issue, as are every other media outlet across the state. Feel free to twist things falsely and make unfair, unfounded accusations as you always do. There are tips in all of these about how to protect against the flu and other contagious diseases, no one is sweeping the flu under the rug, we’ve reported on it plenty.
      Why do I even bother answering such a nasty, whining person as you? Don’t you have anything better to do on a Saturday night? I’m busy here. Update on the La Pine brush fire that threatened several homes in a bit.

      1. Cmon B- the CDC is telling people not to panic- yet here at Z21 it’s one horror story after another. Is it really that difficult to get on board for the national interest and focus on calming the public- stop buying N95 masks- wash your hands- cover your cough- stay home if your ill… pretty much the same advice I’ve been given since the 70’s !

        My observations are not nasty- they are authentic- from the “guy on the street perspective”… I’m sure an old gum shoe reporter like yerself remembers those interviews !

        As for my Saturday nights- a multitude of activities- Svengoolie- Basketball-Hockey-Casey Kasem- and of course a fine Merlot chased by a few saltine crackers or two !

        And all is right in the world !

        1. Your points are valid, your nastiness to me evident. We have the surgeon general saying stop buying masks, they don’t work for this, etc. We have put out the FACTS. But you twist things always to try to make us look bad, but they just make you look like… well, a jerk. But you never take the hint, when others tell you so as well. They give up, and move on. I’m stuck here, with you picking on me all day and night, you clearly get a rise out of getting me to respond. I’ll try harder not to. But I’m human and you take advantage of that at every opportunity. It’s obvious to everyone but you (that or you just enjoy being mean.)

          1. Not being mean- not being nasty- not being a jerk- you obviously have me confused with some of those other folks on here that accuse you of “liberal bias”- which I never have!

            Those so-called “other’s” have also vented their frustration with not only the overuse of negative CNN content- but also the new look “WP”. WordPress offers no blocking- no edit- no history- no way to follow commentators that you either agree or disagree with- it’s all hit and miss- hunt and peck-search and rescue.

            In today’s world of “all-inclusion”- everybody should have a right to voice their opinions without fear of being removed or chastised for directness- that does not include vulgarities- personal attacks- or threats… none of which I engage in. This is no longer a milk-toast world of Wally and the Beaver- Ours is a ‘Real Housewives of NY-Jersey Shore- Kardashian” type environment of overly direct and sometimes borderline rude comments- nobody should take those personally- we go after the message- not the messenger… well at least some of us do ! Clear Blue Sky’s- courtesy of mother nature- looks like you will get a reprieve from all my nastiness for a spell- enjoy it while you can- cause like a bloodsucking vampire- come nightfall- I’ll be swooping in with more of my unique brand of commentary- Mwahahaaaa ! Again Barney- a good Merlot and a box of saltines to wash it down with- and all is right in the world !

            1. I don’t recall that I’ve threatened to remove you, at least, not lately. I’ve pleaded with you to just please, please leave me alone, to stop the unfair, untrue attacks and ASSumptions. I don’t work for myself, and you personalize things to a ridiculous degree, rather than just sharing your opinion and asking me to pass it along to the decision-makers in my company. I work for others, like most people, and my priorities are not theirs. They have to consider many broader issues, like making a profit. And you are sadly mistaken if you don’t think you make personal attacks in almost every post you make. Folksy doesn’t hide that in the least. We clearly have different definitions for “personal attacks.” I had no say in the comment system switch, but you don’t care, you personalize it and say I did this or that, no matter how many times I try to patiently explain. You see Machiavellian elements in purely technical issues or choices made for reasons way different than your allegations. Why you enjoy harassing me so, I wish I knew. PS: I also have my issues with the CNN content, especially the frustration that clear opinion pieces aren’t labeled as such. But much of their content IS factual and shares both/all sides of an issue. The rest, like the “closed” (never turned on!) comments on many stories, political and not, is a TECHNICAL issue, and if you think I have the time to read and edit 1,000s of automatically flowing CNN stories every week and “clean them up” or label them, again you are sadly mistaken. I know my priorities and I know you disagree with them. And yet you don’t know the meaning of the words “let it go” or “move on.”

        1. Well I was born on April Fool’s Day, so…;-) But sorry, I’m only human and get tired of his personal attacks on me, the untruths about how and what and why we do what we do. I’ll try harder to ignore them.

      1. Thank you, Barney!

        Swishe is partially right, there are those that have become immersed in the reality show mentality. But this type of behavior is not justified just because some people people display it and is now being proven daily that this type of mentality including rudeness, distortion of facts, propagation of conspiracy theories and just downright lies are not healthy for our society. Just my opinion.

        1. Agreed, with one caveat – such a mindset is far from limited to one “side” or the other. The scary and sad mindset is that one’s side is all good and holy and perfect, and the other side are evil villains who want to destroy the country. THAT is the dangerous view the internet makes possible and we must fight with every fiber of our being. The middle is where reality lies – messy, wonderful reality, with infinite shades of gray. Even our biggest “enemy” or the biggest jerk;-) can have points worth considering. Tricky, that is.

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