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Bend’s Chick-fil-A expects to open next month

Chick-fil-A coming soon sign
Ben Steen/KTVZ
'Coming soon' now means Jan. 23 for the grand opening of Bend's new Chick-fil-A restaurant

Has posted to Craigslist, hiring workers

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Central Oregon’s first Chick-fil-A restaurant expects to open next month on Bend’s north end and has begun hiring employees.

A company representative told NewsChannel 21 on Wednesday that they “are still working off a tentative date in January” for opening the new restaurant.

A hiring notice posted on Bend’s Craigslist page backs that up, noting that the new “hospitality team member” positions will begin in January.

The notice points to “competitive pay and benefits,” flexible hours and being closed on Sundays, a company-wide policy, “so you can have a day off to spend with family and friends.”

Chick-fil-A broke ground in Bend earlier this year and indicated then it hoped to open in early 2020.

The company first submitted a design review application to the city in 2017 and at that time indicated it hoped to break ground in a few months at the new Robal Road Village shopping center, across Highway 97 from Cascade Village Shopping Center and not far from Bend’s new Cracker Barrel restaurant.

The Georgia-based fried chicken sandwich chain opened its first Oregon location in Hillsboro in 2016, followed by several other Portland-area restaurants.

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Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



          1. I might. I don’t know. Can’t say that I’ve ever felt a need to eat there. By the way, “you” is the correct spelling. When the word is underlined in red you’ve made an error.

  1. I’ll be happily eating there at least once a week on principal. Sadly they will not open before Christmas as I wanted to give all my bitter liberal friends gift certificates as gifts

    1. I haven’t either but after the initial flooding of people, I’ll try it.
      I have looked at the menu, and it’s not a cheap place to eat as far as
      fast food joints go, but really none of them are anymore, with the exception
      of some of the specials that can be found.
      People complain about minimum wage jobs coming in, but the city and the beautiful
      people don’t want larger companies that actually pay decent to move here.
      It doesn’t fit their tourist destination agenda, and there are certainly no
      good incentives for a company to locate here.

  2. Some of the comments I’ve read are just a long list of how hateful and intolerant the “tolerant loving left” really is. The so called tolerant left has been lecturing and preaching to this country for a hundred years or more on how we need to be accepting, understanding, tolerant and loving. This while they show us they are the most intolerant, unaccepting and hateful people in this country, when they are not agreed with. If you don’t believe me just look at the hateful name calling the left throws at anyone who dare like Chic-Fil-A, Hobby Lobby, Cracker Barrel or the President of the United States. How dare anyone think differently than the the Loving, Tolerant Left!

  3. And this is why people call conservatives stupid and have a hard time believing you can read. I see no long lists here. One or two off-handed comments and people who want to wield their consumer spending wisely really elicits this type of rant? Calm down boy.

  4. Thank you, you just proved the point I was making. Can’t spell, can’t do basic math, cant’t read, stupid. Just a few of the hateful degrading comments you’ve made through out this thread. Typical “tolerant, loving left” only if the rest of the country totally agrees with your views.

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