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Welcome to the new KTVZ.COM!

Welcome to the new 2

We have plenty of fine-tuning to do, but hope you like it!

Welcome to NewsChannel 21's new online home, the redesigned KTVZ.COM! We're still busy making sure all the furnishings are in place, and you might run into some wet paint or a missing thing or two, but we are ready to present a cleaner, faster-loading experience that we hope you come to like, even I daresay love!

Here are some of the many changes you'll experience:

  • The homepage has a cleaner look. It should load noticeably faster, too.
  • A big change came to our navigation bar. The top bar focuses on the main pages of interest -- click the ☰ menu icon in the upper left corner, a feature quite familiar to smartphone users, and you'll get the sub-navigation menu, with plenty more content and information to choose from.
  • Of course, the home page will continue to feature the latest local news and information, as well as regional, national and world news from The Associated Press and CNN, as well as our KTVZ.COM Poll, events calendar - even some fresh, always-new CNN video stories.
  • Notice the new "Live" button on the masthead. It will turn red and take you directly to our Livestream page during our newscasts or live breaking news.
  • We've adjusted some of the sections that let you explore content about "Community," "Life," "Shop," "Play" and "Share."
  • The weather page is redesigned, but as in our previous system, you can enter your city name or any zip code to receive current conditions and extended forecasts from the Local Alert Alert weather team.
  • We still want you to get involved in the discussion about the news of the day, but we're moving to a new commenting system that puts more of the control in our hands. Instead of using the Disqus platform, you'll register with us to post comments on articles.
  • Scroll to the bottom of any page to find links to our news and Local Alert Alert weather apps. Soon, you can also sign up for newsletters and promotions. (Those are going through a transition right now, so stay tuned!)
  • If you have links from the former KTVZ.COM that you bookmarked, the URLs may not be the same. Thankfully, the new website has a more potent search feature that you can find on the top right of any page.

We are glad to have you with us and expect plenty of feedback, which you can leave in the comments or email the newsroom at And thank you for your support, on-air and online, through our 42 years. It means everything to us!
--Barney Lerten, digital content director

Central Oregon / Top Stories

Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



      1. This blows goats. I can’t log in. I’ve gone through the word “generate a password” process twice with no luck, the engineering department didn’t even know you were offline this morning, and the font’s too small to read. If you ever fix this disaster let me know

          1. Apparently it did allow me to log in, it just repeatedly told me it failed?
            And I did call the engineering department yesterday morning, to see if the problem was with your end or mine. It wasn’t until the person I spoke with trid to get online himself, that he knew you were offline, and shared this tidbit with whomever he was working with. He didn’t seem real appreciative of someone pointing this out to him either. He wasn’t rude or anything like that, just sort of indifferent to it being pointed out, sorry I interrupted whatever he was working on. As for the font, I’m reading it on a 14″ laptop, my eyesight’s just bad enough that this small decrease in font size requires me to break out my reading glasses. Sorry about the negative Nancy comments, I’m pretty stressed out these days.

            1. Should have called and asked for me. Engineering here is not putting up the new website, it’s a group of folks including the web provider, parent co. techs, an affiliated group of fine folk and DCDs like me. The engineers have enough to do keeping the newsroom gear humming and us on the air!

        1. Eric if you are still having a problem with font size Press the ctrl and “+” key. That will increase the front size in your browser. Ctrl and “-” will decrease the font size.

          PS Trump is good, Trump is great, Trump will win in 2020 πŸ™‚

          Have a great day

      2. For years now (or at least since the 2016 elections blew up in Z21’s face)Barney has been encouraging posters of all shapes and sizes to go elsewhere- that he is overworked-underpaid-and wasting the skills and talents he’s fine-tuned as a “wing-tipped” gum shoe journalist- complete with fedora and notepad.

        So after three weeks of post roll-out of the new Z21- the verdict is in- as “barney gets his wish”. What a disaster !

        Todays headlines read- “Russia- Portland- Eugene”.
        Comments do not appear “until” you log in… appearing to guest surfers like there is no activity on any of these stories whatsoever.
        Comments are loaded from the bottom- no direct access to other poster’s history files-no front page counter indicating “new posts” or “number of posts” on a story.

        Safe to say- outside of a few die-hards with time to kill- this site is dead.

        1. Where in the world do comments not show until you log in? They should show either way. If I didn’t know better due to the lack of exclamation points!!! The personal hate focused on Mr. Moderator would make me think this is Owen Mattson. Doesn’t matter one way or another, but the writing style is pretty much identical. So if our Chief Folks Personal-Attack Hater is back because he couldn’t resist, despite all the trash talk about me (as usual) and the site – that might be a sign of success! (Speaking of success, our is a healthy, vibrant, growing company – and KTVZ’s page views last month beat all 9 NPG sister stations, by far! Yes, there are some kinks to work out on the new system -I’ll press for restoring some comment features, even if it brings the likes of OM back – because the comments DO bring LOTS of page views from folks who empathize with Mr. Moderator and wouldn’t DARE post a comment for fear of attack! So yes, even the glutenghosts and Owen Mattsons of the world are helping us succeed! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

          1. No sooner do I point out moderator bias, when lo-and-behold we get the notorious:

            “Kill the messenger-ignore the message” response.

            I can’t speak for glutenghosts or the owen mattsons of your previous world.

            My observations are from the accordingly named “Barneygetshiswish”- alias BGHW- otherwise known as “The notorious Biggy Howitzer”. To continue- after posting my initial critic- I went back to the front page, only to find the headlines now screaming “Russians-Portland-Colorado.”

            You speak of “NPG ratings”- but you don’t mention who the competition is.

            Let me guess- Troutdale ?

            1. Feel free to assume a new persona, I’d know that attitude anywhere. That or you are a clone of the guy. And by the way, I work for a company. I rarely “get my wish.” So your screen name is a fantasy. But feel free to believe I build websites. I just make them work as best as possible and try to keep the content fresh and first to important stories. I didn’t speak of ratings. I spoke of page views and how we do very well, and better than our sister stations most months. The ratings can speak for themselves and belie the “we’re in trouble” stuff you or your clone continue to misstate. We had great stories last night and still out front of a wild chase east of Prineville, the DRW baby taking, etc.

              1. Have to disagree- the screen name is appropriate, I’ve already seen your name- not as the “Digital Content Director”- but (as of late) as the writer or co-writer of numerous stories- you obviously now have more free time on your hands. But as the DCD, maybe you can explain why some of the screen names are blue- while most others are black. And when I click on the “bluesies”, I am sent back to the front page.

                As for ratings or page views, you avoided the question- just who are you comparing yourselves to- just exactly who is the rough and tumble competition out there- Sweet Home ?

                Finally- I admit, there are a lot of wild stories out there. I just read your coverage of the trailer house fire and explosion out in Alfalfa. But I can’t help wonder why the identity of the victim remains a secret. Afterall- family relatives were there to identify the remains- as were neighbors. Might I suggest that this has some kind of additional criminal investigation tied to it- and that could easily be noted in your report.

                1. I have no clue why some screen names are clickable, probably if they create a profile, dunno. I answered your question, I was comparing our web page views to our sister stations spread across the West. That’s all. And as the story clearly states, the name is not released until the identity is positively made. They, as we, try to be sensitive to family and friends, and enforce that here when we need to.

        1. Having just posted my original evaluation- I will now add-

          No edit button.
          Posts still take time to be “moderated”- exposing individual bias.

          Let’s be clear- from a users stand-point- the old system was not a problem. At issue was the inconsistent moderation policy that allowed haters to over-run the site. I do not see that changing.

          1. No. 1 is part of a list of features I will strive as best I can to restore. No. 2 will always default to posting news and Barney having a life, or trying to. But they WILL ALWAYS be moderated CHRONOLOGICALLY – not by political viewpoint. And “hate” is not a Term of Service violation. If it was, you hating on me could even be considered a violation. Seems to me both extremes are guilty in that regard.

            1. “we’re moving to a new commenting system that puts more of the control in our hands”

              How so ? You have already stated that the TOS will not change- accordingly the haters will once again over-run the calmer- saner voices sometimes found here.

              Again- it seems that the main point was the old Supermarket strategy of selling out a good location to keep the community happy- but the results are only temporary- with no real benefits experienced by either side.
              In this case, our market has gone from the upscale “Marcy’s” to Piggly Wiggly !

              1. Ah, there’s the exclamation point! Welcome back, ‘Owen’! Comment systems are far more than TOS. As I’ve said, I’m hopeful we can restore some of the features Disqus had that WP Comments lacks. But yes, fewer comments does give me more time to write great local news stories;-) Everything’s a tradeoff!

                1. While you’re at it, find a way for us to access our own comment history file. The “Recent Comments” section quickly removes posts leaving us all staring at five idiotic ROTFLMAO statements by losers like Uncle Fester or Eric in Redmond- and who wants to have to suffer through that ?

                  What a mess.

          1. That makes me feel better.I tried earlier today to register and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t find it. I figured it was just because I’m an idiot with computers.
            Well, in full disclosure, it’s not isolated to just computers…

            Re: the up/down votes, personally I don’t think it’s a big deal. I’d rather someone
            actually comment on why they agree, or disagree…

          2. I do like the Howdy Mike greeting on the upper right corner lol.

            Is there a way to edit a comment right after it is submitted ?
            There used to be an edit thingy you could click on but I didn’t
            see one on my last comment.

              1. Sometimes I don’t have time to comment or what I have to say has already been said so I use the up/down votes. The vote tally on my comments lets me know who may or may not be in agreement with me on a particular statement without them actually having to type anything. I like the up and down votes option, both, not just up.

        1. Actually, we have PLENTY of national news – it flows in automatically, pretty much as before, and there ARE US/World news and politics modules down home page. Click the three-line ‘hamburger’ menu in upper left, the menu slides in and from the news category, you’ll see just how much we have! We have to use this method because we DO want to focus on local things, but not to the exclusion of national/state/world news.

  1. Well. This is interesting.

    Good luck on your transition.

    Quick question, but the attached article made mention you will still carry content from the old sources like cnn, but since you have the FOX logo on your page now can we be looking forward to some FOX News stories?

    Again, good luck with the transition.

      1. Well. The gears of the news business sure grind strange. Any chance getting some Fox content in the future?

        Until then, the site and comments already feel cleaner.

        Thank you for the hard work and free daily content we can all enjoy.

        It’s already feeling more robust and efficient for our daily dose of local content.

        Thanks again.

        1. I do know if we embed CNN video with the code they provide, it DOES do autoplay-audio up. Not sure I’ll have time to do that much anyway, but be forewarned. You should only have to sign up for squareoff when you want to post a comment in a poll – not on the site.

  2. Well this is different. Haven’t been on very long but so far it seems decent, just different.
    I was perfectly happy with it the way it was though, but things change.
    It reminds me a lot of the websites on other T.V stations in some of the bigger cities.
    Maybe now when I post a comment it will actually appear as it is written instead of
    being broken into 3 or 4 odd sections. Never could figure that out and sometimes
    there was no way to edit it…

  3. As someone that hates change, I have to say I like the new format. Did not like having to create a new account it comment but I will get over it. πŸ™‚ As always thanks for all the hard work Barney.

  4. The commenting sure is HUGE step backwards.

    Small font that’s not easy to read and text that’s even more tiny while you’re typing.
    No formatting options for quotes, italics, etc.
    No follow up editing.
    No option to sort newest comments to the top.
    Can’t include graphics.

    Let’s see how it handles long hyperlinks –

    It’s actually hard to imagine how this could be any worse.

    1. I don’t get the first point. At least on my desktop, the comment threads are the same type size as the article text! Nice and big. Maybe on phone it’s different, I dunno. I know I can edit my posts after posting, you don’t get an ‘edit’ option?

      1. On my desktop running Firefox 69 the comments are at least 2 pt smaller than the main content. When I am typing a comment the font is another 2 pt smaller than the other comments.

        There are no other options than “reply” or “post comment”.

        1. Weird. We run Chrome mostly but I just fired it up, looked at these comments and they are the same size as the text. And because I’m moderator, every comment has an ‘edit’ button, will keep track of issues and see what I can find out.

        2. More –

          Returns don’t start new paragraphs. I’ve tried two returns above and below these two sentences.

          The state of the page when commenting is treated as a unique instance. In other words, to backup to the home page after making a comment there is first a page load of the page before the comment was made and then another “back” to get to the previous page before that.

    1. Our rules for comment moderation really aren’t changing. Whether the makeup of the comment crowd will, time will tell. Facebook is a constant reminder of how awful folks can be with names attached, in public etc. Would be nice!

  5. On my iPhone There is a bar across the top of the page that gives me access to my profile etc. that bar is right over the top of the z21 logo, the little current weather display and also the button that opens the drop down to things like local news national news etc. I now cannot get to that drop down button.

        1. I see it too! On my Android, doing the same thing. Let me raise that with some folks, see what they suggest. Or can do. But what I DID do is refresh the page with a pull-down, which logged me out and made menu/headers visible. But that’s no real ‘solution,’ to have to log in and out, huh. Couldn’t test it much without commenters, so… thanks?;-/

  6. I didn’t like it at first because i’m old, grumpy, and not very tech savy. I do like it though after reading your tutorial on fb about navigating around

    1. Great! I’m old and … well you see me when grumpy happens;-) I’m going to try to find time to do some ‘fit and finish’ polishing. Already made some changes in the comments settings – folks can use avatars (PG rated!) – made it clear we moderate ALL comments, not just from newcomers, etc. etc.

  7. The only thing you need to change is the old man “moderating” this page. Literally NO reputable news outlet has comments at all anymore. This page is straight outta the 1990’s

  8. I’m really enjoying the fact that when you now hover over the menu selections at the top you don’t get an automatic drop own that covers half the screen.

    Well done.

    1. I miss it too but I’ve never been big on change. Really, other than not being able to
      edit a comment after it has been submitted, and not set it so the most recent posts
      are at the top, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

      I’m just really glad this new format doesn’t require a person to log on through
      Facebook or Twitter like some do. To me it seems really stupid. I don’t do Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other social media websites.

      1. Thanks Barney. It’s not normally terrible, and agree it is clean looking,but I think some more color overall would help to break it up and tone it down. Then again I don’t
        have a clue how websites are designed, and I’m sure it has been a lot of work just to
        get to this point.

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