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Food stamp change could affect at least 19,000 in Oregon

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SALEM, Ore. (AP) -- The Oregon Department of Human Services projects a new federal rule could push at least 19,000 people in the state off food stamps next year.

The projection was released in response to a request from the Statesman Journal.

The Journal reports the rule change will leave states with less flexibility in allowing able-bodied adults without children to receive food stamps (SNAP benefits) if they are not working or in a training program at least 20 hours a week.

The rule change doesn't affect benefits for children, adults with children, adults older than 50, or people who are disabled.


Friday news release from the Oregon Department of Human Resources:

Federal changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program could affect 19,000 Oregonians

(Salem, Ore.) –At least 19,000 Oregonians could lose government food assistance under a new federal rule finalized Thursday, December 5.

The rule will restrict states' ability to allow certain adults to receive benefits for more than three months in a three-year period if they aren't working or training at least 20 hours a week.

The change in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) was approved despite more than 140,000 negative public comments. It is expected to affect 700,000 SNAP recipients nationally once it takes effect in April.

Oregon, like most states, has used waivers to extend benefits for longer than three months to a group of SNAP recipients known as "able-bodied adults without dependents" (ABAWD) if they live in areas with high unemployment and limited job opportunities. This group includes individuals ages 18 through 49 who don't have disabilities, don't have children or other dependents and are considered able to work.

In January 2020, Oregon has approved waivers for 31 counties for ABAWD work requirements, which will now expire on March 31, 2020. Federal changes to eligibility requirements for waivers will limit the areas in Oregon that meet the requirements starting April 1, 2020. As a result, this means only six counties may be eligible to receive the waiver.

“SNAP plays a critical role in addressing hunger and food insecurity,” said Fariborz Pakseresht, Department of Human Services director. “SNAP benefits assist Oregonians during difficult times to help make ends meet, in particular those working low-wage or who are between jobs. For those already facing difficult circumstances, this rule exacerbates those circumstances. It also will result in an increased burden on food banks and other community resources to fill the void.”

Areas requesting federal waivers must have unemployment rates at least 20 percent higher than the national rate but not less than 6 percent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates unemployment rates for people without a high school diploma or GED are often more than double average unemployment rates. Other groups that face additional obstacles when seeking steady employment include agricultural workers, veterans, former foster youth, formerly incarcerated people and rural residents with limited transportation.

In addition to administrating SNAP benefits, the Department of Human Services provides workforce development and training opportunities so Oregonians can secure a living-wage job. More information on those programs can be found here


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  1. Good. Put down the game controller, the pot, the booze, and go to work to earn your money as the rest of us do. Do not like minimum wage?, get a better education or work skills.

            1. Also, do you think us liberals are watching the view, drinking malt liquor, smoking the bong and crack pipe all while make babies for more welfare dollars or for parts at Planned Parenthood?

      1. If we rescind fat, disgusting criminal sleazebag Trumps tax breaks for Billionaires and make him repay his 200 plus years of Presidential salary he gave to his own properties playing with himself we could afford to help the less fortunate.

      1. Still sober? Good for you! Now if they are required to take a drug test like the people that are employed,and pay the taxes that pay for their free food and housing. Keep on chirping cricket.

  2. I support a hand up but not a handout. Our safety net should not be a way of life as it has become for many people, but a resource to draw upon when going through difficult times. There were 2 periods in my life where I needed those resources and it’s good to know they’re there. On a slightly different tangent, I believe we also need to reexamine what recipients are allowed to buy on SNAP. Chips, candy, soda, heat and eat entrees, etc, are probably not in the best interest of the recipients.

  3. In other news…..
    “19,000 people just found a job”
    This story is written that this is some horrible catastrophe is upon us. “…Despite the 140,000 negative reviews” good info but there is about half million of us working/retired folks that complain about the SNAP program.

      1. Wow Bert, you really put us all to shame today. It must be difficult supporting a family of five and yet taking so much time out of you day to defend deadbeats. All the while putting on such robust virtue signaling clinic for us all. Man, I salute you. Since you are so busy maybe you should put down the phone and run off to Walmart to get all your Easy Cheese and Mountain Dew with that SNAP EBT I’m paying for, you know before your wife and five children get home.

        1. Sick burn there. I guess my flexible job isn’t what you have. As for “virtue signaling” this whole thread is dum-dums signaling how much they hate the poors.

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          One is a picture in time, the other is based on life-time.
          One is a general picture, the other is based on politics, race, and sex.

          And you use the general, snapshot in time . . . to base your view as best and most accurate??? ROFLMAO!

    1. Those rural areas are perfectly happy to let you keep the crime, homelessness, and more than your share of public funding! They aren’t failing nearly as bad as your Liberal cities.

    1. Funny how farmers are the ones being penalized by tariffs to benefit everyone . . . Of course, you don’t care that that the farmers are being hurt to help you!

      1. They are not being hurt to help me. They are being hurt because the person they voted for has started a crazy trade war to benefit himself. Farmers are one of the biggest subsidized and welfare business in the country. If they can’t make it on there own, then they shouldn’t be in the business. Stop all the farmer welfare!

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