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New crosswalk to be added to Bend’s S. Third Street

But advocate for disabled wants improvement on Third instead

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A new crosswalk is planned to improve travel across one of Bend’s busiest and widest streets, but an advocate for disabled residents says it's not the best project to improve walking safety in the area.

The intersection at 3rd Street and Central Oregon’s Historic Canal Trail will get a crosswalk to help travelers use the trail more effectively, in a project that goes to city councilors Wednesday night.

Currently, the closest signalized crossings are at Brosterhous Road to the north and Reed Lane to the south. Each of those are a few minutes walk from the trail.

The crosswalk will include a median safety island, curb ramps, LED street lighting and flashing beacons. The city has been working to improve Bend’s safety and accessibility.

“The city has been working on improvements over the last several years,” said Rory Rowan, the city's lead project engineer on the crosswalk. “We have been building crossings with safety islands, beacons at various points along Third Street.”

Construction is expected to start in the spring. Traffic will be slightly affected, as one lane will be closed at a time during the work. nstruction is expected to take about 45 days.

Not everyone is happy about the crosswalk, though. Bend resident Brian Douglass of Advocates for Disabled and Senior Americans thinks the money could be spent in other areas.

“I think it is nice that they are doing that, there’s nothing wrong with that," he said. "But on a list of priorities I think there are a heck of a lot more people going north and south on both sides of Third Street than there ever are going east and west on a trail along the canal.”  

In a list of the top 40 cities in Oregon, Bend is ranked 33rd by Walk Score for the city's walkability. Walk Score measures cities accessibility by its walking amenities. By Walk Score’s system, Bend is considered a car-dependent city. Redmond did not fare any better, as they were ranked in the bottom three.

The crosswalk will cost around $150,000, but the city won’t be the only ones paying for it. Because of an agreement signed in 2017, the Oregon Department of Transportation will reimburse the city about $120,000 for the crosswalk.

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Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jordan here.



  1. Ok Kiddo’s pay attention. This is the City of Bend wasting funds and creating problems where there are none.
    1) Its a trail, a gravel and mud trail. In almost FORTY years of living here I have seen maybe 10 walking it when shopping at Freddy’s. Never have I seen a disabled person using it. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened but I haven’t seen it.
    2) There are street signals with crosswalks on both sides of this planned waste of money within approx 800′ of both. If you’re out on a walk then use either of these two crosswalks. It’s called exercise for a reason
    3) Rory Rowan. You should be reassigned to a dept where you dont have access to public funds for you to waste on pet projects.

    1. Build it and they will come. It’s not just exercise for everyone, it’s called how they get around. The reason that you don’t see them is because they’re afraid people with your attitude will run them over. You sound like the type that flips off pedestrians.

  2. According to Mr Douglass there are higher priority projects. Like what? Doesn’t foot traffic flow for greater distance North to South out of necessity in order to reach a safe crossing to the other side?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the speed limit drops from 45 to 35 between Fred Meyers and Wal-Mart. Getting too congested thru that stretch to justify that speed.

  3. I agree this is a waste and a bad idea. Brosterhous isn’t very far away, and I really don’t think that very people use the east west trail. Like he said, it would have made more sense
    improving the sidewalks on the north/south sides of 3rd. Besides, that entire area is usually a backed up mess for traffic, and having a crossing that close to the intersection is only going to make things worse…

    1. It might make things worse for the super entitlement subsidized drivers but it will definitely make it better for pedestrians that live on the wrong side of the road according to the entitled drivers.

      1. Subsidized ? Entitled ? I would say spending quite a bit of money of another pedestrian crossing when there is one already very close to where they want to build the new crossing, entitled… I don’t have a problem with it, if it is primarily for handicapped or disabled people, but I do have a problem with it if it is primarily used for able bodied people because they don’t want to walk a little extra distance.

        Why not use the money to improve the sidewalks on both sides of 3rd street where the
        path is ? Just because you have a problem with cars and those that drive them, it doesn’t make your points any more valid, it actually makes it worse, and doesn’t solve anything…

        1. I pay lots in property taxes every year. The city is going to put a .25 billion dollar bond on the ballot next May to get more real estate taxes to subsidize your car habit for you. You must be a socialist if you’re for funding car infrastructure with property and income taxes. All while making things generally worse for pedestrians.

  4. Costs. Costs range from an average of approximately $750 for a striped crosswalk to nearly $2,600 for a high visibility crosswalk (Bushell, Poole, Zegeer, Rodriguez, 2013). Maintenance costs should also be considered based on the paint material used.

    So why in bend is it 150,000

    1. $150k does sound expensive. However the quotes you give above are 6 years old and don’t include the texting driver-proof bunker mid street refuge the ones on 3rd street in Bend need. The new one between Greenwood and Franklin was completely mowed over within the first month. The city did a great job of putting the lights and equipment back up within a day.

      1. So is what you’re saying is they want the 150k to replace a sign? I see lazy people every day j walking 10 feet from a cross walk because apparently they are above the law and then once someone hits them they sue because they are entitled while breaking the law. Just like bicyclist dont obey the law and then wonder why they get hit more times than they dont. You all need to take the fogged up liberal glasses you’re wearing off and try to see things clearly.

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