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Bend residents share neighborhood parking concerns amid permit talk

City officials seek input; are more parking districts an answer?

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Bend residents got a chance Thursday evening at the city's first "Residential Parking Districts Community Input Event" to share their issues and concerns with city officials about neighborhood parking.

After a number of complaints from homeowners and neighborhood associations, Bend’s Parking Services Division decided to host a series of meetings.

People were invited to discuss problems they face with parking in their neighborhoods and consider potential solutions. There is no current timetable for moving forward, but more districts with residential parking permits have been discussed.

“Often, it’s done with time limits,” Tobias Marx, manager at Bend’s Parking Services Division said earlier Thursday. “You could have certain time periods where you can park all day with a permit.’”

NewsChannel 21 spoke with some community members Thursday to see if they would be in favor of parking permits in neighborhoods.

“No, I really don’t (think we should have permits)," attorney Roy Dwyer said. “I think it might work in Portland, but I don’t think the streets are that crowded here that we should have permit parking.”

Taylor Stockton said, “Given the tourists, I think it would help locals that live here with having a definite place to park.”

The city will also will be looking to help out businesses that struggle with adequate on-street parking.

“We have small businesses, and how do we protect their interests?” Marx said. “How do we protect the employees that work there, because they will have to park there, too.”

A meeting specifically for businesses struggling with street parking is scheduled for Feb. 5, while another meeting for residents will be held on Feb. 27 of Bend’s Public Works campus on 15th Street.

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Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jordan here.



  1. Ha lets allow large apartment complex’s and schools to count street parking as part of their required parking space count which is already below most city requirements.

  2. This Parking permit is a joke they won’t enforce it any way it’s just away to get more money They don’t even enforce City Code’s Or State Laws when you have jerks parking the wrong direction of flow of traffic parking in front of Fire Hydrants in front of mail box’s These clown’s couldn’t park right if you offered them a million dollars the couldn’t right they even park in Diagonal line’s area’s when they aren’t suppose too & block the Disabled from unloading a wheel chair The City of Bend will not enforce the parking permit’s as They don’t enforce any of the other parking laws What a joke

  3. KTVZ show’s a car on there report parked the wrong direction of the flow of traffic why show people doing that when it’s against Bend City Code & Oregon State Driving Laws Then reporting the City of Bend want’s to have Parking Permits they don’t enforce any current Law’s or City Code’s KTVZ needs to join up with KOHD & the both of them need to show all the violations with illegal parked cars blocked sidewalk’s with trash cans & cars parked on or across sidewalk’s and call the City on this when they are asking for more money when they don’t enforce current law’s & code’s & show all the wasted money Place some hefty fine’s on these people that can’t & won’t follow City Code’s & Oregon State Law’s like a fine of $250.00 wake these Dim Whit’s up

  4. Bend is full of 2 and 3 bedroom houses that were meant for families. NOW we have 3 bed room houses rented by 3 people who all have a car or a truck or more. It’s simple to see why there’s no parking. Parking near businesses is also easily explained. We have a town FULL of yoga moms driving around in huge SUV’s that really should be driving smaller vehicles. Many people could be walking to work or riding a bike but I know that’s way to hard for people to understand or actually start doing. Bend would be great if everybody decided to NOT drive, once a week or twice a week.

      1. Don’t worry, the parking spaces downtown are painted properly for you if you’ve chosen to park the Queen Mary Down there. Thank the government for your socialized parking and don’t try and park a couple small cars in one painted space for your Queen Mary, you’ll get a ticket! Government must fight the small cars for the damages that they cause the asphalt industry!

  5. Another way for the city exert unnecessary control over the population another new revenue stream. Talk to your own traffic consultants – they told us there was not a parking issue, everybody just go find a place to park and walk farther

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