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Large trucker convoy rolls into Salem for cap-and-trade protest rally

Truckers and others opposed to 'cap and trade' climate change bill gather at Oregon Capitol Thursday morning
Christine Pitawanich/KGW
Truckers and others opposed to 'cap and trade' climate change bill gather at Oregon Capitol Thursday morning

(Update: More information on number of participants)

SALEM, Ore. — Thousands of protesters, backed by a large convoy of empathetic truckers, converged at the Oregon Capitol Thursday morning to stage a rally and protest a "cap and trade" climate change bill proposed by Democrats.

Truck drivers started rolling from throughout the state early in the morning for the rendezvous in Salem. They left one of the locations in North Plains at 5:15 a.m., then again another convoy left 15 minutes later, KGW's Christine Pitawanich reported.

The Capital Press said thousands of Oregonians from across the state took part, with more than 1,000 trucks, tractors and other large vehicles circling the Capitol for hours, blaring their horns.

A convoy of truck drivers, farmers and others from Central Oregon left early Thursday for the Salem rally against Senate Bill 1530, the revised cap and trade (or, as some supporters call it, cap and invest) legislation.

The "Timber Unity" rally in Salem began at 10 a.m. with a list of speakers that included elected officials from rural area of the state, and timber and cattle industry representatives.

"They need jobs, they need a place to work. They need a way to make a living," Butch Dunlap, who drove to Salem from Myrtle Point, told KPTV. "Cap-and-trade is going to kill it. Cap-and-trade will put these people out of business."

"They cannot put everything on the backs of us. We employ more Oregonians than bigger industries. And so we're fighting," said Michelle Adame, who is a small business owner in Salem.

Another group - representing more than 250 farmers, ranchers, vineyard and forest land owners - came to the State Capitol in support of the bill.

"Timber Unity doesn't represent all of rural Oregon. Rural Oregon has many voices," said Megan Kemple with Oregon Climate and Agriculture Network.

"I represent so many of us who have seen and felt the effects of climate change first and worst," said farmer Mimi Casteel.

But the loudest rallying cry at the Capitol was to stop the bill in the state Legislature and let the people decide.

"I don't like the idea of imposing a tax without the people being able to vote for it," said one protester.

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  1. What will come of Kate Brown’s Global Warming folly is the loss of jobs. All the measure does is afford Kate and her comrades the illusion that they’ve accomplished something.

    1. LOL. Just like Governor Kate taking the private plane to the Sunriver conference on climate change. It made her very proud because she is better than all of us.

        1. This comment is so stupid, I can’t even find the words to address it.
          This one even tops your other comment about 5 pounds of carbon and that
          was quite an accomplishment. You should be proud…

          1. I’m proud to adapt to the changing world, whether it involves education, new skills, acknowledging facts instead of ignoring them because one is to stuck in their ways, or modifying my habits and the way I live so as to lessen adverse impacts on this planet. Being afraid to change in order to improve our environment and the world does not make America great.

  2. This cap and trade bill is just another tax and total BS. Will not do one damn thing for the environment. Kate needs to get the hell out as she has wasted way to much of the taxpayers money. Republicans get out of town because these dumb people in the legislature are all thieves with our money. Trump 2020

      1. The answer to “Global” warming is to first admit that America- the United States- does more to protect the environment than countries like China or India- neither of which monitor- report- or obsess over this environmental pollution thing like we do.

        Everytime you bark or woof at our President for demanding that we bring factory jobs back to America- you hurt our global environment. Both China and India are homes to 19 of the world’s most polluted cities- in America- you will find Medford and Grants Pass at the top of poor air quality- but this is due to wild-fires… not factories !

        So the answer to Global Warming begins with bringing production home to the US where government agencies like the EPA can continue to monitor and control what is released into the atmosphere. We then need more efforts to reach out to China and India to convince them to properly monitor and control their emissions. We need to be more like Finland- in an area the size of Washington and Oregon- they have 5 nuclear power plants- we have one.

        Those are just a few of the rational ideas Americans can get behind… but they won’t because… orange man in the white house- bad !

        1. The carbon footprint of Oregon is .01% of that of the rest of the world. Basically immeasurable on the grand global scale. This “Carbon Tax” will do nothing. But Turd Brown is not about to give up her share of $700,000,000 in revenue per year from this so called “Cap and Trade” ” Carbon Tax”

        2. AS for the nuclear power plants, they are illegal in Oregon. It needs to stay that way for good reason. the Cascadia Seduction Zone is predicted to create a massive earthquake. That would the a disaster we don’t want.

          1. Washington State- which a much higher population than Oregon- produces almost 10% of the state’s energy through a single Nuclear Plant operating in Richland- on the east side of the cascade range- where major earthquakes (combined with seismic construction technology) would have little to no effect on any structure- Oregon could do much the same.

            Oregon also needs to invest in pipelines to reduce the number of trucks transporting petroleum and LNG products. Pipelines work- I’m sure you’ve seen them in action in your house- it’s called indoor plumbing.

            1. Build a big ol’ huge 6 burner nuke plant out on the lava cap, pipe the electricity to the west side and tax the hell out of ’em for it. After the quake, we ain’t gonna have to worry about the west side any for a while. The mud slides and liquifaction will cover up the crying and wailing

        1. Call it what you want – it’s still global warming. I’m purposely calling it like it is – not a softened PC term in hopes of hiding the basic truth. Second hottest year on record last year, the forth of the four hottest years in a row, and January was the hottest January. “Just the facts, m’am. Just the facts.”

      2. stop India & China from massively increasing coal use over the next decade, by over 400%, with the blessings of the Paris Climate Accord (..whille the USA must right away start paying penalties)

      3. Remember its climate change and happens every day of your life. These proposed band aides will do one thing and it is called the loss of your money and no results. Vote for Bernie or Any of these hypocrits who fly around in private jets own three homes and who have made millions off the taxpayers which will continue and they could care less about you. This BS is called control. Remember according to the biggest liar Al Gore we were all supposed to be gone 30 years ago and now you have ding a lings says you have only 10 years. All hysteria and fear mongering

      4. Nothing. Besides. Get with the times. What was global warming 100 years ago, become global cooling 50 years ago, became global warming 30 years ago, became climate change 20 years ago. Maybe when the more equal than us politicians actually live like there is catastrophe around the corner they will be taken seriously. Aren’t you tired of being lied to all these years? They are NEVER right with their doomsday prophesies.

    1. Most large scale farmers today utilize soil samples and monitor weather conditions very closely. I think Z21 did a story on wine growers not to long ago that showed the slightest uptick in temperatures disrupt the acidic content in wine grapes- altering both harvest times and quality of the product.

      And of course cattle ranchers are under heavy attack by environmentalists and the Democrat party (AOC in particular) to shut down ranching operations. Something about cow farts and land/water use.

  3. Everyone needs to research the now defunct Chicago Climate Exchange. Also look at the ties to the Joyce Foundation, ShoreBank and Goldman Sachs. Take a look at the board members of the Joyce Foundation. It should come as no surprise Obama sat on the board. Take a look at the huge amount of money these people made on this scam before it failed. This is what carbon tax really looks like.

  4. can’t live in the past forever, leastwise not while expecting the rest of the population to prop up your lifestyle choices at everyone else’s expense – very emo stuff, but not realistic – can’t be a mule skinner any more, or run a steam locomotive

  5. Poor little regressive snowflakes! Can’t seem to understand that you lost! You are losers! You are in the minority! Oregon is a blue, progressive state! Not a failing, perenially poor, backward red state. So suck it up, take your government handouts and your guns and go hame and wait for your next foodstamp allotment. Be glad that wealthy, successful progressives provide for you.

    1. Unclefester, where to start, you’re probably some transplant snob that lives on the westside of Bend with a liberal art degree or better yet, native american lite, or probably a trust fund baby….but just to be clear you live in a Red county. and for the record, I am an educated, well to do, republic, that lives in a state that is close to changing colors. keep in mind 80,000 votes were the difference in the last governors race. that pendulum is starting to swing…….

    2. unclefesterd, words fail to adequately express my sympathy for the people you have to live with, if anyone will that is. You make so many assumptions about the rest of us who comment on these stories it is pathetic. If you would engage in conversation instead of name-calling and degrading comments, more people would be willing to listen to your thoughts and ideas instead of dismissing then out of hand. May you soon find peace and serinity.

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