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Buehler blasts Brown’s ‘radical’ call to breach 4 Snake River dams

Gov. Kate Brown with KTVZ 1-23-20
KTVZ file
Gov. Kate Brown

(Update: Buehler blasts Brown's 'radical' position on dams' removal)

SALEM, Ore. (AP/KTVZ) — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown says she is in favor of removing four hydroelectric dams on the Snake River in Washington state, a position blasted as "radical" Saturday by former state representative and congressional candidate Knute Buehler of Bend.

Brown, a Democrat, sent a letter to Washington’s Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee this week, saying she believes it is the best way to increase endangered salmon runs.

The Tri-City Herald reported the letter outraged Washington state’s three Republican U.S. House members, who want to keep the dams.

The dams generate electricity, provide some irrigation and flood control and allow barges to operate all the way to Lewiston, Idaho. But they are also blamed for killing salmon and steelhead that are migrating to the ocean or back to their spawning grounds.

Knute Buehler, the Bend orthopedic surgeon and former state representative running for the 2nd Congressional District seat held by Rep. Greg Walden, issued a statement Saturday blasting Brown's "radical" position on the dams' removal:

“The Snake River dams were built to provide several benefits to the region, including a clean, carbon-free renewable source of electricity, barge transportation, and irrigation for crops in the Columbia River Basin. Removing carbon-free hydro on the Snake River is the first step toward tearing out hydro on the Columbia River. This new Kate Brown position is radical and threatens critical Northwest energy and agriculture jobs.”

According to the Bonneville Power Administration, removing the dam would add 2.6 metric tons of carbon to the environment every year or the equivalent of 421,000 cars added to the region's roads, Buehler said.  

“Most energy experts are now predicting the possibility of an energy shortage or even region wide blackouts. Partnered with Kate Brown’s cap and trade scheme taking out the lower Snake River dams is irresponsible, especially when we do not have the necessary resources to keep the lights on in the region,” Buehler said.

In addition to the energy and environmental impacts, the monetary costs to breach the dams could reach upwards of $2.6 billion, and the cost to maintain system reliability with natural gas could reach $372 million per year, the candidate said in his news release.

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  1. This is the problem with one party rule. Gov. Brown isn’t satisfied with oppressing Oregonian’s and ruining Oregon, where I’ve lived since 1959. But now she want’s to ruin and oppress the lives of other people in other states. By spreading the lies they do to steal tax payer dollars for the purpose of maintaining their perceived power base. Policies such as Cap & Tax, knocking out the power sources, shutting down fish hatcheries, protecting Antifa while they assault citizens and destroy property with impunity ect. One day the people of this country are going to wake up and realize they outnumber the oppressor’s (our Government and you who support their oppression) who are ruling these states with Hammer & Sickle as well if not better than Stalin ever wished he could have. In the mean time time enjoy the rolling blacks outs that California enjoy’s. It is predicted that by 2025 Oregon will be enjoying a 30% chance of rolling blackouts throughout Oregon because of all these policies.

    1. You realize Kate Brown gets most of her election funding from out of state, right?

      Clearly her long term goal is exactly to be able to dictate policy for more than just Oregon. This is it happening…

      1. Her problem is that she is not eligible for re-election. Our problem is that she knows this and is trying to do as much damage as she can before she is given the boot.

        1. I’m sure Kate will find her self very wealthy sitting on boards of all the “green” corporations and “trading” partners laundering the tax increases under the guise of saving the planet. Good luck Oregon. Nice knowing you.

      2. Kind of hard to suss out all the “green energy” companies that are donating to the democrats and Kate. Heck, the rail roads are big donors cashing in on the failure of democrats to allow pipelines.

    2. Suddenly little old knuteris is concerned about carbon emissions !!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Captain two face just like his dear leader little lyin donnie!!! LOL!!! You know, the little new york city trust fund baby who used to be pro abortion and Hillary’s buddy. Donating heavily to her campaign for senate and her foundation. He even invited them to his 2nd or 3rd wedding !!! Because information is not flattering to little knuteris or little lyin donnie it will be be deemed fake by the gop just like they do in North korea!!! Soooooomuch winning!!! Poor little, spineless Knuteris!!!

      1. Unclefesterd, you seem to have all the answers so when are YOU running for Governor and President to solve all the problems? Can not pass the background or sobriety checks?

          1. This Scooby-Doo mystery is easily solved- all we need is photographic evidence of Barney and EIR in the same room- at the same time- to prove once and for all that these are indeed two separate individuals.

            However- until that time- It’s safe to say- the jury is out and all bet’s are off !

            Ruuh-Ro !

              1. Lemme guess- no video- no photograph- no jury room sketch ! Just Erriii…. Er- I mean ‘Barney” denying all the incriminating evidence- and hard cold facts.

                Tis another sad day for that 1972 Ford E200 Econoline Van- also known as the “Mystery Machine”- as the wheels of justice continue to fall off !

  2. Let’s see here, the stupid libs want all electric vehicles but don’t want dams, coal fired plants, nuke plants, natural gas plants. No natural gas for home heating. Those little white wall plugs must be magical how they work. The electricity magically flows to them to run everything. Solar works less than half the time and wind is worse. The worse part is the stupid people Who vote for and Believe her. How blind and dumb.

    1. Conservatives will get more respect when they start spelling things correctly. I know this seems snarky, but it’s reality. It makes you look uninformed and/or too lazy to even know what you’re taking about.

  3. The fish are so important, Kate will recommend damn removal with her right hand in front of your face. With her left hand, just out of sight, she will allow gillnetting that has been banned since 2016.

    She is despicable trash. Remember who she put on the ODFW advisory board? Bruce Buckmaster, former lobbyist for gillnetters. Was that for the fish too? She cannot be trusted. That woman is rubbish.

    1. You have a problem with lobbyists???? Little lyin donnie appointed over 300 of them to positions in his administration. ROTFLMAO!!! Draining the swamp!!! You should’ve stayed in school!!!

  4. She must have hit her head really hard at some point in her(?) life, because nobody could be stupid enough to think this would be a good idea. You know it’s a bad idea when even her fellow Democrat Inslee doesn’t like it… He’s almost as bad as Brown.

    1. Yeah, probably just a headache like those soldiers who were attacked in Iraq by Iranian missiles. So lets do what we did with Iran. Nothing! So patriotic!!! LOL!!!

  5. What is radical, is ruining and fouling the only planet that we have to live on and killing everything on it. Only a really stupid civilization would do such a thing. Newt Buhler is a member of the cult now.

  6. Times have changed. Motor vehicles were considered radical 120-odd years ago, but we learned to live with them instead of a horse in the stable. Transitioning to sustainable energy (sustainable for the ecosystem) is similar, and something that we need to get used to…and benefit from as a species.

  7. Still confused by this girls agenda, sorry not sure what pronoun to use and not worthy of the title of governor. Now Kate is playing with irreversible fire inspired by well minded people and organizations who wish to take the earth back to the stone age, I get it.

    I walk, ride a bike, drive a fully electric car for which I am now punished with my Oregon license fees, thanks Kate. Our family, by choice lives an expensive zero carbon, zero waste lifestyle and I am educated and active with many conservation organizations. DON’T call me one of them because I am not, but people don’t vote your party with eyes closed, wake up this is insane crazy talk that would leave our children with a PNW that would crippled and not relevant for generations.

    Instead of removing the dams, remove this evil idealist from her perch. Crazy people should not have guns or run for public office.

  8. Wait! I get it, Create a carbon tax to tax those who use carbon creating fuels then eliminate clean energy. Makes sense to me. The less clean energy we have to rely on the more carbon they can tax and the less money we have. Great plan!

  9. I wonder if this is a distraction for the Democrats sneaking in a 177 page amendment to the cap and tax bill a day before they were to vote it out of committee? And using the “emergency clause” so The people would not be able to vote on this tax?

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