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More than 200 gather in Redmond to protest stay-at-home order

'I'm willing to die for my freedom,' and 'We all have to live our lives'

(Update: adding comments from event)

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Despite Gov. Kate Brown's "Stay Home, Save Lives" order, more than 200 people, from bar owners to massage therapists to construction workers and youngsters, gathered in front of Redmond City Hall Friday evening, venting their frustration at the current situation and calling for the state of Oregon to reopen its economy and get back to work.

"We're not here to rally, we're not here to protest -- we're here to tell you to get with the act," event organizer B.J. Soper said in a message to elected officials, which he and others pointedly noted were not at the event that was promoted as a "town hall meeting" and ignored the 6-foot "social distancing" edicts of Gov. Kate Brown and health officials, much less wiping down/sanitizing the microphone between speakers.

"We have to stand in opposition," Soper said. "We have to stand against these dictates." He was the first but not the last to note that Deschutes County and Redmond don't have the density that raises the concerns seen in Portland and more populous cities.

"We're a community of people that care about our liberty," Soper said, shortly before handing over the microphone to the first of many in the crowd -- a crowd District Attorney John Hummel would like to have seen cited for violating Gov. Kate Brown's executive order by even holding such a gathering.

"We are a self-governing society." Soper said. "When our government and our elected officials fail us to do what we elected them to do, there comes a time when we have to just step up and do it ourselves."

A Bend salon owner said the 16 self-employed people who work at her business include a lot of single mothers, working at a place that is "clean or cleaner than a hospital can be.' But now, many are still waiting for any of the aid that was promised, so they can pay their bills and feed their families.

"We're pretty much driven to break the law," she said. "We will bootleg some haircuts," she added, to some cheers. "They make us break the law."

A woman who owns rental units had a message for the governor and Legislature: "One size does not fit all," especially in areas with lower density east of the Cascades.

A man holding an American flag said, "These mandates that we're under right now feel so backwards." He said he posted online about attending the meeting and got in some arguments, such as someone who said, "You want my dad to die."

"I never said that," he said, "but if someone's at risk, the at-risk person should stay home."

Another speaker said he used to be a medic, trained in biological attacks, and "you do not quarantine everybody. That's just not how it works. This whole order, shutting down everything that's non-essential is ridiculous."

A woman who took her turn at the mic said, "I feel there's been some major broken promises by my state," then asked the crowd, "Who else is having trouble paying their bills? … We need to open Oregon again, by any means necessary. I hope Kate Brown takes us seriously."

Another man said businesses can choose to decide how to operate, allowing fewer reservations an hour at a restaurant, for example, but "they can't tell us not to work."

Another man who said he's "one of the groups that supposedly most vulnerable to this" virus told the crowd, "I ain't wearing no stinking mask, and I'm sure as hell not afraid to be close to people. You know what I'm afraid of? I'm afraid of what they'll do to our freedom. … I'm willing to die for our freedom."

Redmond resident Norman Dreher said he's lost two jobs because of the pandemic and cannot pay rent this month. "Keeping sick people quarantined is democracy, keeping healthy people quarantined is tyranny," he said.

Ryan Hopson, owner of a Redmond construction company, said he and his wife are paying rent on her new salon, even though its doors have been forced to close.

"Let the people that are willing to and not scared to, let those people go to work and suck it up for everybody that may or may not be able to do so," Hopson said.

A bar owner said, "People come to our business to socialize," and that he's heard and believes folks isolated in their homes for weeks on end are at risk of heart disease, diabetes and depression.

"We all have to live our lives," another speaker said.

Dick Robertson, the owner of General Duffy's Water Hole, said they can still sell growlers, cans and six-packs, but he said, "This is stomping all over our constitutional rights. The problem is, OLCC will take my license away. Not one of the liquor stores is closed. Our governor has not stopped receiving her paycheck. I say, if we're going to be out of work and not hurting anybody, they should be out of work."

Another, upset speaker called it "borderline martial law. This is tyranny. We are a free people. This is tyranny. We are a free people. This is 1933. This is unacceptable. You know all the suicides that are going to come from this?"

A Terrebonne licensed massage therapist said she has people calling her in severe pain she can't help -- some even talk suicide, and "All I can say is I'm sorry." And she wondered, among other things, why the banks aren't also shut down.

A small business owner said, "I hear a lot of talk about non-essential business. Every single person here is essential. The country was built on small business, and they are trying to shut us down, and we can't let it happen."

A grandfather said, "I'll tell you what's essential. It's the freedom of your grandchildren." He claimed the CDC "is padding the numbers. We're being lied to." Noting Deschutes County has had only about 60 confirmed cases of COVID-19, he asked, "We're going to shut down the entire economy for 60 people? "

"It scares me to see people surrender their freedoms so damn fast," he said. "Our representatives, no one is going to stand up for you… You have the right to go out in public and take your own risks. This is a gross overreaction and at worst, this is a plot. Do not surrender your freedom. Do not surrender your rights. if you've got a business, open it up. You want some protection, we will surround you."

Another massage therapist, for 35 years, said she's never closed down. "Unfortunately, because there's been so much fear out there, I've had practically no business."

Some were upset that churches, too, have closed. One noted the lack of violence at Friday's event and called absent elected officials "cowards." Another who took the mic offered thanks to the truckers but said food processors are shutting down and "we're going to run out" of food.

A man who gave his name as Jeremiah thanked police for not moving in to cite or break up the crowd, but noted, "There's a large group of people believe us gathering here is killing people. When you interact with them, don't be harsh, don't treat 'em bad. Love 'em, listen to them, understand where they're coming from, so you can talk to them and maybe plant the seed. We need them."

A Vietnam vet, Don, claimed the V in COVID-19 stands for "vaccine," not virus, and said, "They want to vaccinate everyone here. You do not want that vaccine. How many who died had those vaccines in the last 10 years?" He also asked everyone in the crowd to "stop buying s--- from China."

A man who only said "I'm old" told the crowd we're "in the midst of a big fat power play from the left. They're using this as an excuse to socialize this country. They want to strip you of your constitutional rights. It's time to wake up. These people are trying to get us." And he shared the previous speaker's view of China: "Stop going to Walmart and buying that s--t."

One speaker said he respects Mayor George Endicott but wants to ask "why are you not on the phone to every mayor of every city on the east side of Cascades," seeking a coalition so "we can dicate what heppens in our community. We all need to go back to work."

Soper said there will be a flag-waving protest Saturday at noon at Redmond's Maple Avenue Bridge, and a big protest in Salem on Saturday, May 2.

One of the last speakers said he spent 18 months in federal prison for being on hand during the Malheur Wildlife Refuge takeover. And he said it "warms my heart" to see the crowd that gathered Friday night.

Soper, first noting that no speaker brought up the impacts of school closures, suggested another gathering in a week, again outside Redmond City Hall. In the meantime, he urged calls to local elected officials, telling them. "We're out here talking. We expect you here next week, to tell us your plan. How we're going to be moving forward?

"You can get on the bus, or get out of the way, because we are moving forward," Soper said. "One way or another, we're getting back to life in Central Oregon."

Earlier, a flyer on Soper's Facebook page and distributed throughout the city of Redmond said, "It's time to get Central Oregon back to work!"

In a Facebook video posted Friday afternoon, Soper said, "The whole point is that we get a community discussing the issues, and talking about how we’re going to resolve them. Not sitting around and waiting for ineffective representation to act.”

In that video, Soper played a phone conversation he had with Redmond police. He said he's unsure how many people will show up.

"It could be five, it could be 500," Soper said.

During the phone call, police let Soper know that a few officers will be in attendance to "monitor the event, not to try to get involved or intervene in any capacity. Just to make sure we don't have any other groups arriving to cause any problems."

City spokeswoman Heather Cassaro told NewsChannel 21 Friday that Redmond police have also made Soper aware of physical distancing guidelines, encouraging he and other protesters wear personal protective equipment.

"Hopefully they'll abide by that," Cassaro said.

During his conversation with Redmond police, Soper said people will have the opportunity to act as they choose.

“If they want to listen and stand far away they can do that," Soper said. "If they want to be close, they can make that choice on their own.”

Also on Friday in Salem, dozens circled Oregon’s state Capitol in their vehicles Friday to protest the state’s stay-at-home order meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

People in vehicles honked horns and displayed signs in one of several protests happening across the country this week as conservatives push back against virus-related restrictions.

Organizers said the rally is aimed at getting their constitutional rights back and getting Oregonians back to work, KEZI-TV reported. Gov. Kate Brown issued an order for Oregonians to stay home starting March 23 and banned non-essential gatherings and travel after crowds descended on the state’s beach towns and hiking trails the weekend prior.

The order closes many businesses except for those deemed essential such as grocery stores and pharmacies. Brown said earlier this week that she won’t reopen Oregon’s economy or ease restrictions until she sees a declining rate of active virus cases and public health data suggesting a return to normalcy is safe.

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Max Goldwasser is a reporter and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Max here.

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  1. KTVZ is promoting this? Let’s hope that you know what you’re doing, especially when you’re sending a guy named “Goldwasser” to report on a kkk rally.

        1. Excuse me? I have been posting on this site for years. Provide one racist statement or insinuation I have ever posted! This is a typical tactic of fascists!

            1. my people were on the trail of tears! Your lack of self-awareness is staggering! Not sure who you are or where you are from but you can’t hide forever!

              Have you ever even been to Oregon?

              1. The site has been revised a couple times over the last 5 years so your effort to “prove it” in terms of verifying your comments is just you moving the goalposts. Typical Drumpf supporter. You weren’t on the Trail of Tears, so that’s out. I’ve seen comments of you telling others (their water problems) that the natives wanted their own nation, so they are on their own. I work for the tribes. How about you? And while you are asking others to prove things, where are your efforts for Native Americans?

                Oregonian here! I was born at Sacred Heart in Eugene and raised in Baker County. Served seven years in our US Army.

                Again, how about you?

        1. “ideologically adjacent” is only your opinion. By your logic you can say everyone that doesn’t want to be dependent on the government is “ideologically adjacent” to the KKK. I may as well call you ideologically adjacent to Stalin with your logic. Please think harder before you speak. You make yourself look foolish.

          1. It’s interesting how your Dear Leader caved to the experts and you still want to fight this. When do you decide that the lies and propanda of Drumpf override your common sense?

          2. Reading these posts about it being racist and relating it to the kkk is ridiculous. These rallies that are occurring all over the country are about much more then people’s political beliefs. It’s about the hurt that not only the virus is causing but about all the hardships that people are facing right now. No speaker at the rally claimed the virus was a hoax or fake news. Some were making the valid point about our constitutional rights and others are trying to get across the point that these government programs to help just aren’t working and aren’t going to be enough fast enough. Stop trying to make this left vs right. If you don’t wanna work , go outside or are that concerned for yours and your loved ones, then stay home.

        2. Fascinating! I was just there and there is an overwhelming presence of Barbershop and Hair salon employees!

          Maybe they just want to work? Or is that concept an affront to your socialist nature?

          1. Yep, I’m gonna roll with the “barber shop and hair salon” crowd rather than the president, Govenor, doctors and scientists!!!


            Good luck with that 69er!!

            1. the lady who cut my hair in February was telling me Dr. Oz said it was all a hoax. She got mad when I told her he was a quack. Wont go back to her again but guess I cant anyway.

            2. Actually, Uncleinfestation, you are rolling with a computer program model that has been consistently WRONG about the virus and fatalities. Originally the model said millions would die from Covid-19. Now the model says only 60,000 people will die. that’s in line with a bad flu season. We don’t kill out country over a flu season why kill our country over Covid-19. They are taking our rights away and you stand with them. Who are you? Where are you from? You certainly are not an American with American ideals. Go back to China!

              1. If the modest distancing/quarantine in the US had not been implement there could easily have been millions of deaths described in the model you reference because that estimate was based on “doing nothing” and just letting the virus run. Because of the distancing/quarantine that number was reduced (at least for the time being). There are already over 37,000 in the US and the number of 60,000 you claim the model references will soon be surpassed. Can you share with us the source for that model? It’s easy to spot disingenuous argument because it ends in child like name calling. He certainly is an American and has American ideals.

                1. I say BS to your poppycock. The curve was already flattening before they implemented the social distancing orders and the lock downs.

                2. We will never know if anything in your comment is accurate or not until or if they test everyone who requests a test to get a more accurate number of those who have or have had the virus. I know about a dozen who think they have had it and are fine now but getting the survivors included in the number would skew the panic numbers.

          2. Weren’t the social distancing guidelines put out by WH Mafia Don? No gathering of more than so many people? LOL about it being a Brown thingy. Nothing socialist about it. Did you get a stimulus check? Maybe your wife or husband? If so, send IT BACK. It is socialism at its root.

          3. I wonder what insurance rates will be for owners of hair styling businesses who open without testing it’s employees for Covid-19?
            Will any insurance be available for an establishment who opens BEFORE the state lifts it’s restrictions or is that tyranny?
            Will they be required to post a notice in a conspicuous place in their business stating their employees HAVE NOT tested?
            If I contract Covid -19 from an untested cutter in that establishment how much would the lawsuit against the business be?

        3. Are you implying that they are Democrats? Democrats are much closer to the Nazi ideology than Republicans. Not to forget the relationship between Socialism/Communism and the Democrat ideology.

          1. right. that’s why white dude’s carrying tiki torches and chanting ‘jews will not replace us’ always show up to trump rallies instead of bernie rallies. your comment is officially the biggest fail on the intertubes today, well done sir

            1. Nice try, I’ve never been to any political rally . . . Not even a Trump rally. I’ve also never witnessed “white dude’s carrying tiki torches and chanting ‘jews will not replace us’” or even seen reports of this happening. I’m thinking you were that White “dude” or you’ve had some really weird dreams . . .

                1. Sorry, but these people are in denial and they will never admit they are wrong no matter how much evidence you provide to prove they are.

          2. Wow. So many ignorant people in here.
            I enjoy hearing people make uneducated comparison’s using the old tried and true socialism/communism.
            Let me explain… if you looked at a political system as either good or bad you could argue that both socialism and communism was good because the ideology was “for the people” or “the many over the one” the reason that they don’t work is that people are corrupt.
            In the US we are proud of our Democratic/capitalist society but broken down to its simplest form “the one over the many” you could argue that our way is the evil.
            Right now our “leader” is only concerned about the money and I’m not talking about your money or life for that matter I’m talking about his.

                1. Trump may not think he’s in it for the money . . . but, you can bet your last dollar that he will some how come out richer. So yeah, even Trump, who wasn’t a politician until he took office.

            1. I was “hatched” during the Eisenhower time frame, for your information! I completed reading the American Heritage set before I was in 4th grade. Dumbarsed Crispy Critter!

    1. Do you realize that it is the Democrats that were/are involved with the KKK? The person that doesn’t know what he is doing or talking about is you,

    2. maga peeps all insanely pissed that it’s a slow burn pandemic instead of some red dawn scenario where they get to mow down libs and coerce actual real live not-imaginary women into sex. Bet none of you preppers thought to prep sewing machine and elastic, did ya? oh, right… you bought that ‘hanes’ mask from the store.

      1. Nah, I haven’t missed anything! I would prefer not to have to “mow” anyone down. I have noticed that the COVID-19 is mowing down their victims in Liberals areas though. BTW, I had a French M-5 personal protective mask in stock (with spare filters).

    3. Got a couple things wrong.. One it is not a “Kkk” rally quite the opposite.. it was a peaceful protest against our government telling people to stay home and closing down businesses that are Deemed non essential.
      lastly ktvz is in no way promoting it.. they are simply covering a news story.. plain and simple.

    4. I love when white people accuse other white people in a town of mostly white people of being racists.The race card can be pulled whenever someone doesn’t have a sensible fact based rebuttal…
      If you want to stay home and cower waiting for your government to save you, fine.Let the hardy adults get back to being the backbone of this nation.

    1. should go to you; you moron! Thousands died from the flu last year and have so far this year but you prefer to support a government takeover!

      Go back over the Mountain! The Czar is waiting for your report!

      1. Government takeover? Tinfoil hat too tight? Perhaps you should agree to return your stimulus check, refuse any government loans, and go hug BJ really hard.

        1. I tell you what. I am a real human being and I would be happy to debate this with you in a public place while staying 6 feet apart.

          How about Duffy’s? Just let me know when.

          1. Please let us know when you will be at Duffy’s I will take a pic of you along with BJ and you will be sued, with the MAGAts in the WH. The first person who gets sick because you couldn’t even protest properly NOR DID THE ORGANIZERS promote safety. LAWSUITS are coming. So continue your keyboard strength, I am sure you will hide when know you contributed to and promoted manslaughter.

      2. Umm, just following your dear leader’s white house guide lines. I mean how stupid are you??? Try and keep up please.

        Golf and a whore anyone!! trump / putin 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. The government’s #1 objective is to protect the public. Social distancing guidelines issued by Trump have helped keep fatalities lower than originally predicted, a very good thing IMO. Instead of being proud to help protect your fellow citizens, you’re dreaming up conspiracies. Talk about moronic…BTW, is 69er another Owen alias?

      4. You’re going to have to find a new line. At 38,000 deaths in nine weeks, we have already surpassed last year’s death from flu total. What’s that total going to be in six months time when it’s finally a comparable to your claim? But, but and more buts? I wonder how many people have to die before you consider this virus dangerous?

    2. These people make me ashamed to call myself a conservative and maybe I won’t anymore. This is dangerous and stupid and these people get what’s coming to them. Hopefully they won’t give it to their children and families.

      1. How are you to assume that all people supporting having basic rights and freedoms without government control are all conservatives. Maybe even some progressives out there understand that government control over all aspects of our lives is a slippery slope. But hey I guess as long as they keep us fat, happy and depending on the government then it will be all good.

        1. I assume this because I’m a conservative and listened to conservative radio hosts for the last couple of months talk about how this is all a hoax. Leading lambs to the slaughter.

            1. After all this time you still haven’t looked up the definition of Fascism have you? It’s because you are stupid or ignorant or just don’t want to know the truth?

        2. these dingdongs are not for anything but their own self interests, regardless of how misguided – this is what conservatism has become in our times – basic rights and freedoms? really – seems like staying alive is a basic right – misguided cult members, nothing more

          1. TioZo, you are so right! It’s amazing how these government Wonks have pulled the wool over so many people’s eyes!

            9 children in Oregon have died from the flu this year. What happened to their rights?

          1. Restrictions on abortion clinics are for your ‘protection’, that’s why the clinic has to have admitting privileges. (even though a clinic that does vasectomies does not need admitting privileges, and that procedure is 10x more likely to require a trip to the hospital)

      2. I can see why you wouldn’t want to be associated with this little “movement” but don’t be ashamed to call yourself conservative. These people are not conservative. They are dangerous radicals bordering on anarchists. Selfish people without a meaningful world view. They will give it to their children and families. They don’t care. People need to realize the world has changed. Pandemics change world history. The normal we had is not there to go back to. It’s not conservative vs. liberal I agree with them on that- It is responsible vs. irresponsible. It’s that simple.

      3. it is not dangerous and stupid.. fighting for our rights? I am proud of them for standing up to their beliefs as are many more people.. they were outside and spread apart.. unlike grocery store isles.. or the bend river trail before they made it one way.

  2. How is it that proclaimed, proud conservatives are ALWAYS at the forefront of damaging our societal lives? Here, they’re gathering, exposing, and endangering everyone else.

    I don’t want to bury my parents yet. Go home.

    1. Oh please. “Damaging our societal lives”? That’s what the Democrats and Brown are doing . They are destroying the livelihood of hundreds of thousands in the state and making them dependant on the government. Now that is destroying your “societal life”. The “cure” truly is worse than the actual threat of the virus in Oregon.

      1. You realize Republicans in Salem supported Brown, right? Nothing to do with politics, all about public health. If you can’t see that difference, your brain is twisted.

    2. They all know the rules of being safe. 6 ft, masks so on. too many people here do not understand the meaning of the word FREEDOM!!! It is our right to do this. It isn’t as bad as going to Costco with 100’s of people there. Get a grip people. We have had 60 people in Deschutes County with the virus. We normally have many more than that with the regular flu in the same amount of time.

      1. They don’t understand freedom because they never had to fight for it. It was always there for them because someone else fought for freedom for them.

    1. Its Barbers, hairstylists, and food service workers. I was just there. It’s real easy to retire from a cushy government job in California then relocate up here and try to impose your warped sense of values groomed over a lifetime on the dole! Of course, you could be from over the NT or Seattle though.

      My guess is a retired teacher. The worst teet suckers ever!

      1. Sorry, but cops will always and forever be the worst teet suckers ever. Plus they’re a bunch of ingrates that want you to constantly be thanking them for the teet sucking they did. And before you start in with all the ‘oh it’s such a dangerous job’, go talk to any electrical lineman and find out what real danger, and real professionalism is all about.

        1. What are you talking about? We are discussing YOU! Not anyone else. Come on down to Duffys and we can have a civil discussion while maintaining social distancing. Or do you get more of a thrill trolling our community from Califonia because you are stuck in your parent’s basement due to the shutdown?

          Oh my Bad, you spend all of your time down there anyway and will still be there long after this passes over!

          1. Meh. We went there once, was pretty geriatric.
            Much prefer Wild Ride, where people are laughing and talking, and there’s dogs and kids and fire. Love the burger cart there. Really miss that place. Look forward to going back hopefully soon.
            Actually I look forward to a lot of stuff, but no frikn way we’re going there or anywhere else until it’s time, and I’ll make the decision when I feel it’s safe. Trump and Kate and you can all say “ok, everything’s back open”, but I’m making that call for myself. No damn way I’m going to a restaurant or a movie or getting on a plane until I feel like it’s ok.

            Want to know when it’s not ok? When dudes like you value your money over my family’s safety! When I see a bunch of people who completely discount the sacrifices the rest of us have made to make Oregon’s infection rate so low, and stand around too close to each other shaking hands and moaning about how *you’re* suffering so bad it really pisses me off. And to just ignore that we’ve all been doing this for old men like you, because you’re way more likely to drown in your own fluids from this than we are, and not one thank you from any of you ingrates. I’ll decide when it’s cool for us to go out to a brewpub, and knowing you boneheads will be there does not inspire my confidence that the time has arrived.
            I did feel for the Terrebonne therapist and her pain patients. I pray she’s able to get back to helping her customers soon.

            1. Amen and hallelujah! Reading some of these posts, I was beginning to think there wasn’t enough IQ power to turn on a flip light switch. Thank you for so eloquently stating what those who live by common sense, morality and empathy for our family and fellow Americans feel.

            2. So – it’s ok for you to be able to decide what and when is safe but it is horrible and dangerous for anyone else to do the same? Or is that they have to agree with you?

        2. TreHgr? Prison much? You seem to have an uncanny issue with the police. Makes me think you have had more than your share of run ins with them.

  3. According to the u-w modeling its states with attitudes like this that generally have the worst outbreaks and will need to quarantine for the longest, its more liberal places that mostly had effective policies in place that will reopen first

    Wow, its too bad people like soper are calling themselves patriots but will actually be causing more american deaths! It makes you wonder if bat flu denial is a real political opinion, or just the newest kgb infowars tactic?

    1. When looking at being homeless and starving, what other options are there? Our State government is invisible when it comes to aid.


      the flu has killed many more than COVID-19. Sounds like you have covID-IOT!!

      1. I mean all the scientific data is very clear that bat flu is several times more deadly than spanish flu… im amazed am radio keeps telling you the opposite, and that you still believe them

    1. Yup. I don’t care if they all go to church and open up their restaurants that exactly zero people will go to, but they should all have to sign medical wavers stating ‘yes I realize I value money over the lives of my employees and customers, and yes I will give up any medical care from any illnesses I get because of this selfishness’. Then, seriously, I encourage you boomers to go hang out together, and shake hands, because blue eye jesus will surely be there to keep you safe lol

    2. Why should it be expected the “they” would go to the er when most of the folks who have the virus today are not going or not allowed entrance to he er? They just go home and get over it….

    1. oh whea – we can’t run around and buy stuff all the time and do what we want – oh how we suffer! Tho people you describe are the most pathetic kind of selfish and certainly not decent Americans

        1. Freedom of speech is not selfish. What is selfish is using your rights to harm others. With rights come responsibilities. You may have a right to do something but that does not mean it is the right thing to do.

  4. The protesters are selfish. So many vulnerable older folks in the area- a few 2-3-4 more weeks and we will know much more about the virus. In the big picture, just relax, trump has this under control. How do I know? He told us.

      1. Great point! thousands have died from the Flu this year but the Tyrants in Government do not care because there is no opportunity to grab power from the FLU Epidemic!!!

  5. Amazing how a totally fake “pandemic” can go as far as it has. I told you Financial Armageddon was imminent. I admit I never thought a fake “pandemic” would be the catalyst, but so be it.

  6. I hope he does this. I hope everyone of them come in close and hug each other in solidarity. Then i hope they all go home and hug all of their family members.

            1. You guys protest on capitol steps with assault rifles as an explicit threat that you are willing to kill me, an American who served and who works hard and pays taxes. You guys show up to any Trump event with confederate flags; the flag of a group of states who wanted to leave America because they wanted to own black people like you own a farm animal. You guys have Trump supporters marching around with tiki torches chanting ‘Jews will not replace us” and drive cars over people that disagree with you. You guys cheer when Trump steals Mexican babies from their parents and locks them in cages. You and your fellow cult members personify hate and lack of class. I’m proud to be a liberal for all the right reasons, but also just because it gets under your skin. So, bless your little heart.

                1. All that and more. People don’t forget. I actually did cry a little today, it’s been rough.

  7. First of all, these protesting the “Stay at Home” order, are not all Conservatives/Republicans! There are many that are Liberal/Democrat, that don’t see why they have to follow the order. You see them in the stories of people that have been caught taking vacations, running to the coast, holding large parties/gatherings, sight seeing, etc. It includes Governors from both political party’s as well.

    Personally, I’m not obeying the order, as I’ve been stuck at home since foot surgery Feb 28th and won’t get the flat boot off until April 28th at the earliest. Can’t drive, can’t walk, can’t do much regardless of the order.

    1. Right. Oregon has the second lowest incidence by population in the country because the democrats are all taking beach vacations. lol. Lay off the weed, yo. Hope your foot feels better.

        1. Good to see you even though your username has changed. It is not hate. You confuse hate with rational thinking. Don;t do that. It hurts your soul

      1. I attended you are lying plain and simple! That’s right you are a liar! Let’s meet at Duffy’s and discuss while maintaining social distancing requirements!

    2. Shame you can’t log on to a computer while having your idiocy and your bone-spur foot.

      BTW, direct quote from Drumpf:

      “When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.”

      Own that.

      And before you come back with the China-withheld-information line, Peter Navarro put out a memo talking about how bad this would be on January 29th.

      No ground to stand on with your bone-spur foot.

      1. I wish it would have been a bone spur . . . it would have taken a much shorter time to heal and they wouldn’t have put 2 permanent pins in it.

  8. First, it is interesting that far more people die from the flu each year than from this virus, yet you that are angry about this constitutionally protect protest don’t even complain about all the flu deaths each year. But let them postpone abortion’s during this time, or a close pot store, and you scream the constitution is being violated.

    Second, you that are complaining about this protest, it’s concerning how you so easily are willing to give up your rights in the name of protecting society from a virus which thus far has kill far fewer people world wide than the flu this year. Ask any survivor of the holocaust, how easily they gave up their rights as human’s just saying to themselves it can’t get any worse than this. We know how that turned out. Thanks to people like you that are going to be so willing to line up to get your digital ID card (Bill Gates is pushing) just to participate in everyday life when this ends.

    Third, the decision of what is essential and what is non essential. Funny how abortion is essential (even over life saving bladder cancer surgery), and Christian’s worshiping is non- essential. The reason I say Christian’s Worshiping is because no other religious form of worshipping is being punished when they gather for their worship, like Christians are being throughout the United States.

    Fourth, our elected D.A calling those who choose to express their First Amendment right’s to redress their grievances “freaking idiot’s”. Ask any law enforcement officer in this county what their true feelings of the DA are. For that matter ask pretty much most of his staff what they think of him, and if they are honest they’ll tell you the truth about him.

    There is no question that anyone dying from this virus is tragic, but keep it in perspective with other virus’s that currently afflict humans. There are far more deadly virus’s currently in society, and not one of you care, because you can’t use those to destroy and restructure our country. Remember once the government takes away a right it never gives it back.

    1. JFC, how many Q threads are you a part of? Do you have insurance; because you need therapy? Also, how much do you hate Obama because he was black?

      Additionally, it’s not a Christian country. Read about Jefferson’s Deism and Franklin’s atheism. Also, you know, the Constitution.

    2. First, there’s a vaccine for the flu that makes you 80% less likely to die from it, but less than half of Americans get the shot. So, yeah… wth is wrong with you people?
      Second, what? holy crap dude…
      Third, America is something like 90% christian, so if you’re being persecuted you’re doing it to yourselves.
      Fourth, the fact that that the DA is a complete loser doesn’t mean he’s wrong about you guys.

    3. It’s not about the death count. It’s about the mortality and the ability of hospitals to handle the load.

      It takes a lot more medical resources to handle a COVID19 case than a flu case. Even Trump knows that it looks bad when people are dying in hospital hallways, and we were absolutely on the verge of that. Barely anyone has a good understanding of exponential growth, so they don’t know how close we came before we started social distancing.

      The order to close businesses is largely irrelevant, but it is what Trump wants. Trump also claims the ability to lift the order is his, alone.

      Business tanked before the order. Customers are the ones who decide when businesses open and close. You can reopen today, but with no customers, you’re just losing more money. Trump should do that, eh? I don’t mind. Go for it.

      I’d like to see your data on Christian persecution versus other religions. Last I checked, all religions were equally covered. I’ll bet Christians are gathering all the time in this country.

    4. I find it interesting that people keep claiming that the flu kills more people than this virus. Last year, the flu killed 34,000. That number could have been reduced with a flu shot. That number was for a full year. There are currently 41,350+ and raising hourly, deaths in the US over a NINE WEEK period. You can’t use data when there isn’t any yet to make an argument!

      And isn’t it funny that this group of people are out their protesting for less government control of their lives. I’m sure they will all be out there protesting for Pro-Choice.

    1. Thank you! We also are one of 4 States that have the least amount of testing available. So our numbers are far higher. We would have never gotten to this point if our federal government prepared us to handle this. South Korea had their first case same days as ours and has lost less than 400 citizens. Our TV reality President and his selfish choices have cost lives and jobs. Good thing he has no chance of being relelected!

        1. You are clueless and definitely NOT from Bend! If you were really a true local you would know Hospital Hill refers to the old St. Charles that was downtown on the hill…if you were born here before the mid 1970 you were a hospital hill baby. As for the people that work at St Charles you again have no clue!!!!! They employee thousands of people that keep that place clean, people fed, cared for, not to mention EVERY EMPLOYEE risks their health and their families health walking through the doors there year round not to mention during a Pandemic! I should know…my husband works there and our youngest child is medically fragile. I am sure you would be happy to take help from those people you judge!!!

      1. “Good thing he has no chance of being relelected!”

        – Oh, you mean just like there was no way he could ever possibly win the last election ?
        It would seem you didn’t learn after the first time not to believe the spin, propaganda,
        and blatant lies that the liberal media saturated the news with.
        You can deny it all you want, but it won’t change the reality…

  9. Thank goodness for natural selection and darwinism, right! What really strikes me as incredible here, are the folks here who were always like “I can do whatever I want! We’re a tough bunch! We can survive anything, because we never trust our government and we have everything we need!” or how about.. “We held out at the refuge for months without hardly anything!” And then something as small as this has all of that same crowd crying and complaining like a BUNCH OF FOUR-YEAR-OLD CHILDREN trying to get off time-out early. Well you know what?

    Wanna be dumb? Go back to work in places where you shouldn’t. Go ahead. Invite everyone who thinks this is just a little virus to your grand re-opening and enjoy the results! Print up about ten darwin awards for this crowd here today. But I’m done wasting my breath on the ignorant. Let’s talk about me. So what did I do to prepare for this?

    First, I am a small business owner in a direct service labor industry impacted by this, and without relief from the government. – I fixed that by learning online sales in February and now my income is somewhat stable again (it only took me two months). Second, my child is no longer in daycare because they have temporarily closed. – I fixed that because instead of working away from home at a job site, I now work from home and am actually showing my young child how I make money selling things online. Now I get to spend everyday with my son who is growing up so fast. It’s great, actually! Lastly, I did prepare. I prepared back in January when I saw this virus ravaging China. At the same time, this worthless fake president started telling everyone his usual lies and fake blabber that this virus was “nothing to worry about” and that “it would all just go away like a miracle,” or some nonsense like that. Those were my warning signs. So I stocked up on supplies and had already started making plans in case schools or workplaces closed. No, I did not go buy the whole aisle of toilet paper or dumb stuff like that. I focused on food and protection. It’s much more important that you can make a turd, than it is to wipe it off! Ha! So yeah, food, Clorox wipes, and more ammo. Oh did I forget to mention masks? Yeah.. got a case of those n95’s while they were still available. Glad I did too, because my wife’s a registered nurse and can’t even get more than one a week from work. Pretty simple. I saw the writing on the wall and took care of myself and my family. I would’ve loved to be wrong on this one, and there was no harm in being wrong. But now this virus is killing more Americans EVERY SINGLE DAY than the attacks accomplished in the 9/11 incident. [You know that war we’ve been in for two decades almost? This virus kills more Americans every day than the attack that propelled that war] So no, I was not wrong. I WAS wrong about the rough & tough conservatives out there though!

    Three months ago I was called a conspiracy theorist, fear-monger, someone who was “over-reacting” to “something that probably won’t happen here” and even a democrat or liberal because I did not back king trump and his almighty gospel. News flash, I’m far from liberal and certainly do not align with the democratic party. But aside from my unaffiliated political views, look at me now! I’m sending masks to my elderly family members [very proud and grateful that I can do that], doing my own haircuts [no comment], and STAYING AT HOME so that people like my wife don’t get sick from someone stupid like the folks at this rally. I don’t want to be that stupid person who infects half a hospital, workplace, or neighborhood!! Maybe some of these idiots at the rally could understand that?? It’s selfish and child-like. Very, very self centered indeed. If so self-centered, then why didn’t you prepare when we all had the warning signs in January? Like I did! But hey, glad to see your leader king cheeto is finally getting a clue. Too little, too late; unfortunately.

    So what did all of you hard-core conservatives do to prepare for disaster scenarios? Anything? All I hear is a bunch of whining and complaining out of your corner! I thought y’all were a bunch of rough and tough folks that could weather any storm??? Guess not. “Nancy! Git the switch! The crybaby conservative can’t seem to handle his time-out!”

    Good luck everyone. This lock-down will last forever if people don’t just get it together for a month or two and follow directions. Unfortunately, that’s probably not happening any time soon with people parading around spreading ignorance based on financial hardship and Donald Trump’s words.

    1. What has THIS hard-core Conservative done to prepare for disaster scenarios? FYI, I live 350ft elevation on the coast and believe in Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance (7 P’s)

      Well, let see . . .

      Well stocked for food and water (including plenty of hoagy bait)
      Soon to have Primary power soon to be wind and solar, with gas generator backup (Own power supply 1.7KAH, 24v batteries at 50A) (Parts already on hand)
      Own water supply
      Plenty of fire power
      Plenty of ammo
      Plenty of reloading supplies
      UHF/VHF capable two-way radios (6)
      Kayak and Paddle board
      Climbing equipment (with 300+ft of climbing rope)
      Plenty of camping equipment
      Plenty of firewood (3+ cords)
      2 – Chainsaws with extra fuel
      Large Field First-aid kit (including surgical kit, sutures) and additional medical supplies
      Garden with plenty of seeds for next years use
      Former Combat Medic NREMT-B in the house
      I’m a former NREMT-A and taught advanced first-aid course at a university
      Propane and Gasoline also on hand

      (And NO, I don’t have room or supplies for non-family (Couple neighbors,family, and couple friends (if they can get here in time – YES)

      And what have you done to be prepared?

      1. Would love to hear more about your climbing equipment!!!
        You have 300+ft of climbing rope? That’s super interesting, as it’s sold almost exclusively in 60 meter and 70 meter lengths. Did you somehow buy this rope in a custom length? What diameter is it? Is the rope dynamic or static? What protection do you carry in your rack? Cams? Nuts? Quickdraws? What belay device do you prefer? What rappel device do you use? Do you have some climbing shoes you prefer, and do you use different shoes when you face climb vs when you crack climb? Do you prefer to rack your gear on your harness or on a sling over your shoulder?
        Yeah dude, we all have food, and a well, and an onan, and multiple blammies with ammo, and a hundred junipers in our back yards for wood (although I would LOVE to borrow your chainsaw some time), and bandages, and propane. You’re bragging about camping equipment? You’re nothing special, get over yourself.

          1. He said “Climbing equipment (with 300+ft of climbing rope)”.
            I copy/pasted that from a few lines up, since you weren’t able to look up there yourself. Anything else I can help you with?

            1. I do have the gear and the rope as I stated. BUT, I’m physically no longer able to climb myself. Instead, I’ve been teaching my Grandson’s how to climb and I would repel if I got the chance, (Grandson’s aren’t big enough to belay for me).

              1. Cool story bro, totally believable. Can you remind me what you’re going to need climbing gear for? Or toilet paper?
                Stay 6ft from people. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Cover your cough. Wear a mask in stores. Don’t watch Nazi propaganda.

              2. I think you’ve used your ability to repel on many occasions, particularly with your comments. As far as rappelling goes, though, it may be a different story.

        1. Actually, as I stated, I live on the coast and I’m prepared for the possibility of the “Big One” (which is said by the experts to be past due) and its tsunami to follow.

          1. Oh gee, I thought the possibility of the “Big One” was just another conspiracy by the government to control all of us. And if that quake hits and thousands die from the effects of the quake are you going to be frustrated and angry when people claim it didn’t really happen? Or that it’s all much to do about nothing?

    2. These people making these expressions- they are not conservatives they are dangerous radicals attacking “the system” with every opportunity they can find to prey on ignorance and prejudice. This is not an isolated protest against quarantines as they would like to portray. It’s par of an attack on out basic system of government.

  10. I think that the stay at home is a good idea so the people will not get the COVID-19 virus sure we are not as big as Portland and so on but still need to have the rules for awhile I do not what to get the awful virus,,,true lot have died from the flu…but this virus is deadly…I rather be safe then sorry….just sayin…

  11. I told ya, and we’re gonna do it again. My issue with the protest, is I want people to go back to their jobs, not salem. But if that’s where we gotta go then screw ’em. We not putting up with hummel or anyone else or their crap, so you better get out your crying towels, johnny….hand them around to the media. All you people on here that decided to bring race into it….I suggest staying out of the way

      1. People don’t need haircuts? People don’t go to restaurants? People quit using lumber? The jobs didn’t leave…people were told to stay home. Those services will STILL be needed

    1. Great and keep the media out there filming and taking pictures of all involved so when it is time to go back, when all of us who stayed in our homes without whining and endured for the sake of others, know which people we won’t go back to!!!

  12. Getting back to the article, I am grateful that the protestors did not block entrances or roadways. They were all very respectful and still able to represent their cause.

    A concern I have is that this may cause all people in those work positions to have to return to work, before we know if we can still be safe. As stated in the article, people should get to choose while having safety precautions in place.

    If the 1st phase of the 3 step plan is to reintroduce everyone to a new social norm, let it be on a voluntary basis. People are willing to do it, so why risk everyone? I have one friend who desperately wants to go back to work in the salon, though she is pregnant; and another who wants the option to stay home because she has a compromised immune system.

    Working should be optional for those who are not considered essential. I understand the pressure of still having bills. Even if people are not being evicted for nonpayment, they are facing payment plans to pay off the back balance. This means an even higher rental rate until the balance is paid. We already had a housing crisis. It’s about to be worse.

    I have also noticed an increase in elderly workers at the grocery store, many not having access to masks. I had a man behind me in line who refused to keep his distance. Every time he got closer, I had to move away. What I wanted to do about it took a lot of restraint. He should have respected my desire to keep a safe distance, but he was impatient. The cashier had a difficult time and had to re-ring up all the groceries for the people in front of us. They had over $300 worth, so it took a bit. This is only one example as to why many of us still want to remain indoors, if we can.

    There are people wiling to try these new regulations, why not let them? If the number of positive cases increases, then we know the rest of us should continue to stay indoors. If we have volunteers willing to go out, let them test the waters for the rest of us.

  13. Sadly, as a Country, our Monetary Immune System is weaker than our Physical Immune System. We will not collapse from too many people dying…we will collapse from going broke!Yes, we have a Virus among us. People are going to die but this won’t be the last Virus to strike us. We need to allow our business’s to re-open along with the schools and parks! If you feel at risk, take whatever precautions you feel fit for yourself. We can not afford to stay home and expect Government to send us a check. Are you going to wait for a vaccine? How long are you willing to be quarantined? If you thought 2008-2009 was tough, you better take a dally and hang on folks! We are in for a very bumpy ride! Take your blinders off!

    1. There is no economy to re-open- The virus causes the damage not the quarantines. Quarantine now until the job is done or quarantine later when the bodies are stacking in the streets.

  14. Well I have the utmost sympathy for small business owners who are suffering, and for people who have lost their jobs; this is a public health issue the likes of which we have not seen since 100 years ago. We are protecting each other by wearing masks, social distancing, and staying home to allow the healthcare system the capacity to handle the sick.

    We rely on science, fact, critical thinking, logic, and reason to get through this. The hyperbole and rhetoric is designed to manipulate people, not keep the public safe.

    I personally wish ktvz would list the names of these businesses so that I know which businesses not to patronize in the future. I will look to do business with small business locally that are community partners, and looking out for the general welfare. I will avoid small business owners and small businesses who are not doing this.

    This is a very difficult time, and we will all get through this together. I wish that certain people in the community could believe that.

    1. @Middle Aged Wasteland C. Dobler says “This is a very difficult time, and we will all get through this together. I wish that certain people in the community could believe that.”

      Unfortunately, a quick study of history and science indicates that you are wrong. Some people will die from this virus no mater what we do (slowing the spread and even vaccines will not stop the deaths because most vaccines are not 100% effective). Some people will commit suicide over this – some people will lose the business they own, some people will lose their home, some people will lose their car and everything they own. So, we will NOT all get through this together! If you have the option to stay home as long as you want then do it. However, you should understand that some people do not have that option. The purpose of the stay home order was to slow the curve (which we have done) – it was never intended to (and will not) eliminate the virus or eliminate the risk of getting it.

  15. Really? It’s been a MONTH and these people act like it’s the end of the world? Suck it up and stop complaining. If a business can’t float for a month or two during a emergency then they shouldn’t be in business to begin with. Shows how fragile our economy was BEFORE this and these same idiots want full support of the government yet complain about it’s control over them? Who was oppressed or arrested here? What a bunch of Fox following fools!

  16. I wonder what insurance rates will be for owners of hair styling businesses who open without testing it’s employees for Covid-19?
    Will any insurance be available for an establishment who opens BEFORE the state lifts it’s restrictions or is that tyranny?
    Will they be required to post a notice in a conspicuous place in their business stating their employees HAVE NOT tested?
    If I contract Covid -19 from an untested cutter in that establishment how much would the lawsuit against the business be?

    1. Why should they have to post signs telling people the obvious ? It should be common sense to know that very few people have actually tested, and even if they were tested and the results came back negative, it’s meaningless because it’s not a guarantee that the they would still test positive…

      -Reading your comment it makes it clear that you are mainly concerned with being able
      to sue someone in the off chance you do actually contract the virus.
      Good luck with that because there is absolutely no way to prove that you contracted
      the virus from one of their employees, so your frivolous case would be thrown out of
      court and you would end up paying their attorney fees and rightfully so…

      1. While this means nothing to you I’m certain these questions of whether their employees have been tested will be asked by insurance companies before they allow a business they insure to open. Lawsuits are part of being in business. Better get those tests kits because I’m sure the question going forward is going to be who has been tested and who hasn’t before you get face to face with someone.

        1. Yes, lawsuits are a part of doing business, and I don’t have a problem with people suing, if their case has merit. Unfortunately in todays society, many of them are frivolous and nothing but an attempt for people to get easy money from
          companies, especially those with deeper pockets or better insurance coverage…

          -The judicial system is to blame for this because they have allowed ridiculously large awards to stand on many of these cases, and they have set a precedent by doing so. Of course the ambulance chasing attorneys are also to blame for encouraging this
          irresponsible behavior in the first place…

          – You stated that the warnings you previously mentioned mean nothing to me, and you are correct. I don’t have a need for others to put up warnings because I accept
          personal responsibility for my decisions in life, and try to approach everything with at least a modicum of common sense, not relying on others to state the obvious for me..

          – My earlier comment I said that attempting to sue a company because you contract the virus, and think you might have contracted it from one of their employees is going
          to be difficult at best, even though their employees may not have been tested.
          How can a person possibly say with 100% certainty that the virus was contracted by one specific person, or anyone at that business for that matter ? Even if you claimed that you haven’t left your house for several weeks, and their business is the only one you have been to during that time, while it may be true, you still can’t prove with certainty that what you say is true. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think that
          a case based on that would do anything but cost a person money…

  17. KKK ? Racists ? Red hat idiots ? Wow… And to think that these are the same people
    that call conservatives and Trump supporters racist, and claim that we are full of hatred.
    Nothing like a little more hypocrisy to add to the never ending hatred and lies courtesy of the left…

  18. So do restaurant and bar owners think that people are going to rush in even in limited numbers and still be able to afford a staff, product and rent? Even if bars and restaurants re-opened tomorrow I wouldn’t go right away and most people with common sense won’t either. Some of these smaller business owners should be looking for jobs that are needed NOW instead of hoping they get money and loans without a clue to their futures?

  19. 4,000,000+ people in Oregon and we destroy the livelihoods of those people over the deaths of 72 people? Death is tragic but it’s a part of life. over 2,000,000 people die of various causes every year throughout the United States. That’s just a part of life. We don’t kill our country over the possibility that we may die. Because we will in the end, no matter what we do. Death is the end of life but a part of it none the less. Get back to work!

    1. You’re complaining that there aren’t enough deaths, so none of this was necessary?
      Here, I’ll let your boy explain it to you…

      Donald Trump, March 29, on Fox and Friends:
      I just want to reiterate, because a lot of people have been asking, “Well, what would have happened if we did nothing? Did nothing — we just rode it out.”

      And I’ve been asking that question to Tony and Deborah, and they’ve been talking to me about it for a long time. Other people have been asking that question. And I think we got our most accurate study today, or certainly most comprehensive.

      Think of the number: 2.2 — potentially 2.2 million people if we did nothing. If we didn’t do the distancing, if we didn’t do all of the things that we’re doing.

  20. Simple facts- look at them: Spanish Flu pandemic ran from 1918-1920 over 2 years. In the US 675,000 (the population has tripled since then so in today’s world that would be about 2 million dead). We are in a similar situation. This could roll on two years as well. You can’t manage a world pandemic standing on a street corner complaining that you can’t get your hair cut. The more we quarantine now the shorter this will run. How many of these people shouting we need to get back to work really mean YOU need to get back to work? The Spanish Flu didn’t skip over Central Oregon and COVID19 won’t skip over us either. The perception that we are somehow sitting pretty is pure illusion my friends. We are in line and the day is coming. Until there is a vaccine this is a rolling nightmare. After there is a vaccine for those with the smarts to use it the situation will improve. Those that don’t want to use it well so much for you.

  21. I understand everyone’s frustration. Being told to stay at home, losing your job and afraid of not being able to provide for their families. I understand the fear but you can’t let all this frustration get you worked up. I work at the hospital with direct patient care. I’ve seen this sickness up close. I’ve seen the fear in patients eyes that they might die and I doubt anyone in that rally has seen this sickness up close. They don’t know anyone that’s been griped by this sickness. I want you to know, you don’t want to spread this to your families. The ones that are sick are both young and old. This sickness dose not discriminate. It will make you sick whether you’re young, old, white, black, rich or poor. We are doing things right in Central Oregon. The nurses, doctors, EMT’s, PT’s, and OT’s are fighting this everyday we come into work. Knowing we might get it as well. We are seeing it getting better. Don’t let your ego and self importance get in the way of helping others. Just hold on just a little while longer. And trust me, if you haven’t seen what this sickness can do to people, we should show you.

    1. You are fear mongering plain and simple! The facts are only 19 people have been hospitalized in Central OR due to COVID-19 & all of them have underlying health conditions.

      The fear is people like you wanting your Union/government-funded cush positions to be elevated into larger positions of bloat!

    2. Seriously ? I get that the virus doesn’t discriminate but if you work in the medical field, then you also know that not everyone that contracts the virus actually gets sick or even has symptoms. I’m certainly not a doctor, nurse or scientist but I’m still calling b.s that this particular virus is so much worse than some of the other viruses that people contract…

      – Granted, I haven’t seen anyone that is probably dying from the virus, but your comment about seeing the condition of people who are dying from the virus seems to be very sensationalized. I’ve seen people who have battled various forms of cancer, and seen how
      they decline both physically and mentally, and I have a very hard time believing that
      this virus is any more devastating.

      – I also doubt that the fear you say you have seen in the eyes of patients who have the virus, is any more real or concerning than the fear that people who have other potentially fatal illnesses display… Fatal is fatal.

  22. This isn’t New York or New Jersey. Oregon has a population of 4.2 million. There have been 72 CV-19 related fatalities in Oregon thus far. (The majority of the deceased had underlying symptoms.) For each million in Oregon, there have been 18 deaths. Certainly Oregon’s working citizens should be given the green light to work given the above numbers. Oregon has lost .0017% of its population to CV-19. Not 1% or even close to .1%. Time to work!

  23. I wish you’d have put more of the people commenting in the body of the article on the actual video clip. It’s almost as if you’ve provided audio for the People of Walmart.

    1. This is of the most important comments in the thread, but it’s buried all the way at the bottom. All you “super patriots” out there need to WAKE UP. You’re being manipulated. And it’s not a new development.

  24. A Vietnam vet, Don, claimed the V in COVID-19 stands for “vaccine,” not virus, and said, “They want to vaccinatee (sic) everyone here.”

    Actually, ” COVID-19 is the name of the disease caused by the SARS-CoV2 virus. Viruses and the diseases they cause have different names. For example, AIDS is the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus, HIV.”

    As mentioned above, COVID-19 is an acronym. In its full form, COVID-19 stands for coronavirus disease of 2019.

    A bunch of Brain Sturgeons in this group

  25. It would be relatively easy to maintain social distancing and wear a mask to protect yourself and others. Yet there have been citizens from the beginning that refused to do that and still do. That is selfish and uncaring about making someone else sick. Find solutions…why can’t people who cut hair mask up and glove up along with their customers? Enforce that. Why can’t nails be done under the same protocol?

  26. Why do some people feel it’s their job to educate others about their person beliefs?

    3 Premise; there is a God, or the world is ending in our lifetime, or social distancing is a hazard brought on by the government.

    Allow for personal decision making; If I want to go to church, I’ll find my own way, thank you. If I want to be a prepper, I’ll spend $30k at Bass pro, and if I want to increase my risk of contaminating myself and others, then I’ll embrace a total disregard for my fellow human being and defy the temporary crowd and distancing rules. It’s not as if these rules were put in place by experts who, just like you and your pacific patriots, have a level of expertise in a specific area. It’s not as if that specific discipline is backed by years of education, research, science, collaboration, replicated testing, historical data, or biological theory. You get it, right? You have all this knowledge you want to share with your community to help them response to hazards… Well same with these doctors.

    It’s not that you’re wrong because they’re right. Do you feel that way? It’s not vise versa either. We are all being imposed on in an abnormal way. No one likes it, but it is literally a matter of health, disease, life and death for some. (Side bar: imminent domain is okay to build a wall, but stay at home to save Americans is not?) That is the only reason scientists and doctor’s have taken to the streets/airwaves to spread the word of their beliefs. What word are you spreading in the streets? Does my health, my very life depend on it? You might think it does. Can I see the research papers, historical data, replicated tests, science and theory proving so? Am I in immediate danger because I haven’t joined your band of patriots who want to form a community of first responders to some pretty vaguely explained catastrophies/hazards/personal beliefs? Because if I am, then you’re the threat, not the event, but you.

    If it’s that bad, if the temporary rules are so threatening to your freedom, then climb in your bunker, hunker down, and I’ll come knock on the window when the covid is clear.

  27. This guy sounds like a real tyrant, probably a racist and maybe even a Nazi….

    A man who gave his name as Jeremiah thanked police for not moving in to cite or break up the crowd, but noted, “There’s a large group of people that believe us gathering here is killing people. When you interact with them, don’t be harsh, don’t treat ’em bad. Love ’em, listen to them, understand where they’re coming from, so you can talk to them and maybe plant the seed. We need them.”

    He is asking people to interact, not be harsh, listen and love others who don’t share the same view. It sounds to me like an adult who isn’t possessed by CNN and leftist narrative and not wanting to wait around for more hollow government promises to save him and take care of himself… But, yeah rAcIsT and as always oRaNgE mAn BaD…..

  28. I can’t wait until it comes out that these “Operation Gridlock” protests are actually liberal operations designed to entice people who tend to be less “intellectually curious” to their early demise. It’s a great way to keep single-issue voters who have been cleaved off by the Republican party out of the voting booth. Dead can’t vote. Protest away Johnny… be my guest.

  29. We’ll see how this works out for people protesting. I’ll be home watching to see if within the next two weeks Oregon and other states with protests have an uptick in cases. It’s the overwhelming of medical resources that is the problem. People may need hospitalization for a week or more before recovering. You are free to go out and get infected. The outcome of being infected seems to be a crapshoot. Perhaps this is absolute Darwinism at work. We all have a choice.

  30. The survey from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds that more than a month after schoolyards fell silent, restaurant tables and bar stools emptied, and waves from a safe distance replaced hugs and handshakes, the country largely believes restrictions on social interaction to curb the spread of the virus are appropriate.
    Only 12% of Americans say the measures where they live go too far. About twice as many people, 26%, believe the limits don’t go far enough. The majority of Americans — 61% — feel the steps taken by government officials to prevent infections of COVID-19 in their area are about right. So…maybe we don’t waste time on BJ Soper’s organized protests. It didn’t work well in Malheur County when he went to support the Bundy’s breaking the law. Should we ever listen to this guy? NO

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