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Bend Elks are hoping their season is still a go

As of now, the team's season is set to begin June 4

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- COVID-19 may have canceled most of the major sports leagues across the country, but the Bend Elks baseball club still hopes their season is a go.

The Elks' first game of the season is scheduled for June 4. As of right now, the team plans to play all of its games, though limiting the number of fans in attendance to about 1,000, which is only about a third of the Vince Genna Stadium's capacity.

Kelsie Hirko of the Bend Elks said Thursday that some restrictions will have to be lifted before that happens.

“We do think we would have to have some restrictions lifted in order to be able to play, mainly because you can’t come to a ball game while staying at home,” Hirko said.

The Elks' current roster sits around 55 players. That's about 15 more than the team usually has.

Hirko said every player is willing and ready to play.

According to Hirko, one team, the Bellingham Bells, has had to withdraw from the West Coast League because their city has shut down all events on city property until August. The Bells' Joe Martin Stadium is on city property. All other teams are still planning on playing in the upcoming season.

The Elks also are still planning on hosting the 'Bend Bucks' summer camp that also starts in June. 

Hirko said if certain restrictions are still in place by June, the league is looking at every option that still would allow teams to play -- even one that would bring all the teams from the West Coast League to play at one neutral stadium.

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  1. It’s really sad but the Elks have been in serious decline since this rich girl’s parents bought her a baseball team about 5 years ago. That stadium is dilapidated, neglected, not kept up well at all and zero improvements have been made that make that place more enjoyable. Less and less people go to those games every year, ticket prices have risen, and the fake TSA agents doing full pat downs and searches of everyone’s belongings was so dumb last season. Top it off with old, crotchety, lunch ladies from Bend/La Pine school district trying to run the show, the Bend Elks is not fun anymore. I miss when Jim owned the team. Somebody should buy that team and make it better.

  2. No. This virus is still spreading. There is no vaccine. There is no effective treatment. You go to a game. Make contact. Then, you leave and make contact with several others. Good way to turn Central Oregon into New York. See the Warm Springs salmon festival.

  3. Soooooo the Bend Elks can play ball June 4, but the Sisters Rodeo and the Quilt Show are closed a month later? Why are they even “hoping”? Do they need permission to play baseball in a private park?PLAY BALL!!!! Stay away OHA….it’s in your best interest

  4. Kelsie Hirko’s response was so bizarre. “You can’t come to a ball game while staying at home, hehehehehe.” Uh, yeah you can, it’s called TV and the internet? If she invested in a decent audio/video system she might be able to show the games online but their current setup is straight out of 1996. That whole place is a shambles. The announcers are bad, the stadium is dirty, nobody even goes to those games like they used to. Consumer Cellular bought the team and gave it to their spoiled daughter to run. Everyone who has been going to those games for years says the same thing. It would be better if they sold the team to somebody who actually knew what they were doing.

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