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Bend’s Brooks Park hit with obscene graffiti; neighbors express concern

(Update: Adding video, Bend Police Dept. comment; vandal caught, charged)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Brooks Park off Newport Avenue in Bend was hit with graffiti Thursday morning, much to the chagrin of worried area residents. Park officials work to cover such vandalism quickly -- and police caught and made an arrest in a nearby park vandalism case earlier this week.

Public parks have been a getaway for many Bend residents throughout the pandemic, but some neighbors of Brooks Park say they believe too many people are visiting for the wrong reasons.

A small dock near Drake Road, primarily used for river access, was covered in black graffiti. The Bend Veterans Peace Memorial, within the park, also showed dark markings over the names of some of the fallen soldiers that date back to World War I.

After several complaints from the surrounding neighborhood, a Bend Park and Recreation District crew promptly covered the graffiti within hours.

"Our crew works really hard to trying to get any instances of graffiti cleaned up within 24 hours of knowing about them. So we do appreciate when the community members notice something," park district spokeswoman Julie Brown said Friday.

Despite the successful cleanups, some nearby residents are still troubled by vandalism in public places so close to their homes.

One neighbor, Linda Alwhite, voiced her desire for more awareness from Bend Park and Rec, so the community can work together to deter such crimes.

"It would be nice if things happened like this in the future and Park and Rec made us aware of it." Alwhite said. "They're spending a lot of time and money to clean up this stuff, and if we could help prevent it, it would be great."

Bend police Sgt. Tommy Russell told us a woman was charged after being caught vandalizing Drake Park across the river on Tuesday. He said they believe there is a connection between the two instances.

Russell said the woman, originally from Bend, returned to her hometown to express her personal beliefs -- but did so in a criminal fashion.

Residents near Brooks Park are urging visitors to respect the place they call home.

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    1. Being that a woman originally from Bend, who came to visit and express her beliefs is possibly connected, it does not seem to be about the have’s and the have nots.

      1. They just dont get it. The people pouring gas on the fire are right-wingers, boogaloos and pranksters.
        Not your left leaning people.
        We’ve got better things to do.

          1. Go look at it. You can still see through some of the repairs. It’s very similar to the stuff that you spew on this forum. Do you have an alibi?

  1. Nothing more than teen-age pranksters out venting at the Government for ruining their summer !

    Get used to it ! These Kovid kids will be permanently harmed if the schools stay closed under Brown’s Executive Orders and Nazi-esque tactics.

    Going into August- what has anyone in Oregon done except get lectured by that fool in Salem- stay home- go broke- sign into my broken unemployment office website-listen to me lecture you all on your failings !

    Damn people shake yerselves the summer is a bust- you’ve been threatened with fines for not being- acting- or dressing the she demands… snap out of your funk and sign that recall petition- your kids future is at stake- she’s already drained the state money supplies- so expect huge increases in taxes over the next ten years- this krap aint free and she’s draining the bank !

  2. Thanks go to the Parks& rec for cleaning up the litter & graffiti in the Parks in the first place!

    The graffiti in the blog comments offends me just as much.( probably more!)
    Quit complaining and enjoy life.
    Let’s not worry about cleaning up the subdivision, nor the government.

    Complaints, from the privileged few, who gentrified the neighborhood in the first place.
    And troll-bloviating from the dinosaurs who should be extinct.

    1. From your comment of “And troll-bloviating from the dinosaurs who should be extinct.” are you actually calling for the elders to die as your post implies? How nice of you. Are you one of those applauding the deaths in the Nursing homes as well? Are you actually calling for an upper age limit before the government steps in and helps you “go extinct”?

      1. not hate but rather distain. Your progressive spawn was raised with no repect for other people’s property and not concerned about being held responsible for it. nice job

        1. There’s some crap being spewed. I’ve never gotten anything but compliments about what fine people my kids are. Even from their grandparents and neighbors that are very conservative. You sound like a hateful drunk. Spell like one too.

      2. Is that why you can’t quit talking about trump? He paying you high dollar rent money for the empty noggin space, and you’re a greedy sort, so you rented out the whole thing…huh

  3. No surprise! With the thousands of Californians moving to Bend every year it was bound to happen. It will only get worse. They left the wasteland THEY created & now they’re turning Central Oregon into the ghetto too. Welcome back to California!

    1. It’s not just Californians; but rather just too many people and more than half are worthless.

      ‘…the woman, originally from Bend, returned to her hometown to express her personal beliefs — but did so in a criminal fashion.’

      Maybe some of these woke morons could just check in to the local Safe Space before they act out.

  4. Everyone blames the Californians, and yeah they are changing Bend, but the biggest problem are the Portlanders. Nobody wants their agendas here……. They come here by the thousands to vacation away from their mess, make a scene here, protest about what’s going on in Portland, leave their garbage in our communities, vandalize our parks and streets, clog up the river (for many of them this is their weekly or monthly bath). Just stay home, stay with your wacko mayor Ted Wheeler and enjoy the gas. Don’t bring it here. Nowhere has there been a saying keep Bend weird, and definitely not one saying make Bend weird.

  5. I agree. It needs to be addressed. I see ms-13, graphic gestures that my kids get to ask about etc. I do know Ability Custom Craftworks specializes in graffiti removal and prevention against future attempts. He does commercial and residential. He applied an anti graffiti coating over a couple murals I did and it really works without damaging the original artwork. Look him up if you need any help. Nice guy.

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