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Vulgar messages scrawled on car during family’s Mt. Bachelor visit

(Update: adding comments from Mt. Bachelor, two vandalism victims)

Two cars vandalized at the mountain over the past two weekends

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- On Saturday, 11-year Bend resident Natalie Raymond took her children up to Mt. Bachelor for a fun day on the slopes. What was supposed to be a special family experience turned into a disturbing one, after they became targets of outrage.

"I just don't know why someone would be that angry or that disrespectful to someone else's property," Raymond told NewsChannel 21 Tuesday, still in shock about what happened

The day started out wonderfully -- it was her 5-year-old's first time ever hopping on a snowboard.

When it was over, Raymond and her family returned to their car in the Sunrise parking lot. However, they were greeted with vulgar messages written all over it.

"Someone was upset that we parked too close to them,” Raymond said. “I was able to get my kids out of the car, get them ready and had plenty of space to do that. So really no justification for it."

There were multiple curse words carved into the side of her car. It was “a lot of aggression for something so minor,” as Raymond put it – and quite an alarming site for the mother of two young children.

"We’re pulling up with profanity written all over the side of our car, it's pretty embarrassing for a 12-year-old,” Raymond said.

Raymond showed NewsChannel 21 the profanity has been removed by now, but part of the message still remains, even after driving in the rain and going through a car wash. That’s because the words were written where the car had red road cinders on it.

This is at least the second incident of vandalism over the past two weekends at the mountain.

Carla Falcone, who lives in northwest Bend, said someone left her a smaller, yet unwelcome surprise on her car, parked in the West Village lot.

"Over the wheel well is the little creative 'mountain range' (scratched into the paint) that trails off,” Falcone showed NewsChannel 21.

“No signature, though," she jokingly added.

Falcone did not file a report with the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office, but said she was surprised to see what had happened.

"Bachelor is a place to escape the real world and to enjoy and have fun and relax, so it just doesn't seem to fit,” Falcone said.

Raymond, though, did speak with law enforcement Tuesday. One deputy told NewsChannel 21 Raymond's is the only reported incident to happen at the mountain this season. So this is a rare occurrence, but one they will look into.

Mt. Bachelor released this statement to NewsChannel 21 late Tuesday afternoon:

“We expect that all guests in resort be safe, be respectful, and do not commit crimes when in resort. Vandalism is not an issue we have experienced this season, and any guest who witnesses such acts should contact the Mt. Bachelor Public Safety team or an employee with a radio who can call Public Safety to location to gather information. 

I did connect with our Base Operations team and Public Safety team today and they were not aware of this incident until the DCSO called midday inquiring if Mt. Bachelor had cameras at the incident location, which we did not.”

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      1. It wasn’t scratched into the paint. Should the people hand wash their vehicle, my guess is the words would come off better. Perhaps the real message is to be considerate of others by not parking too close, or someone may reach their tolerance threshold. Not saying the reaction was right, but I acknowledge that we all have our limits and there could have been real damage done to the physical property, instead of the ego. Only the elite would respond in such a way as to bring this to the news.

    1. Nope, sunrise is the beginner lot: you want to prove how epic you can get with your finger, take it skyliner or something, better yet find a less corporate-poser place to ride than bachelor in the first place

    1. Funny how they won’t show where any of the plates are from, could blur out the actual plate number and still show what state it is. Gee, not too hard to figure out…

  1. Great reporting KTVZ, way to stay on top of it. Barney, if you would like some more input and community context on this, I came out of the COSTCO parking lot to find “Wash me” written in The dirt on my car. I didnt even park close to anyone!

    1. They were no doubt referring to the your hygene!!! Which while digusting is not newsworthy since you’re a trumpeteer!!! Soooooooo much losing!!! Oh, and whining too !!! LOL!!!

    1. Heck write it on a prairie schooner or some oxens and its basic state history not a joke anymore- people have been moving to oregon ever since there was a bering land bridge, i bet the nez perce stopped thinking it was funny waaaay before you did comrade 🤠

        1. With the way oregon neglects to plow adequately probably cant make it until the roads become passable again some time this summer, is that ok with you and your dad?

          1. If you had the skill set to drive in the weather we have here, you would have no issues. Do a little more research on the next area before you move again.

    2. It’s justified if you’re an idiot, I suppose. You know, living in a desert tourist community where only about 5% of the population are true natives. And during a time when some of us have been waiting nearly 8 months for the DMV to get its act together and send us our plates.

  2. Definitely not newsworthy. I was expecting to find out that the family was minority and that it was a racist act. Writing on car dust, although not really an class act, is not rare and causes no physical damage. Although this family appears to be traumatized. Slow news day

      1. Hey, minniemouse, You have not posted on the drought being President Trump’s fault nor how China Joe is going to fix it. I await your intelligent remarks.

    1. I hear ya they could spend time tracking down the terrorist . Antifa and BLM for the damage they did around the state, maybe get some of our tax money returned to coffers.

  3. My car cost me $1000. No it’s nothing special but it’s mine and it (HAD) no dents. You just don’t mess with another person’s automobile. I may not have called the news but regardless, I would be disappointed if someone did that to my car. I had someone scrape their car along mine leaving their paint on my car and creating a dent. They probably looked at my car and thought it was no big deal considering what I drive. My car means as much to me as someone who will be paying for their new fancy car for the next five years. My car allows me to go to work, buy food, go to appointments, etc…. I’ve maybe parked to close to someone before. Who hasn’t? You just don’t fool with someone else’s automobile.

  4. To bad they left a nasty message They should have just you to learn how to park there are so many people that can’t park right They even block the Handicaped I’ve seen some take up two parking spots

  5. People have been writing dirty messages on vehicles for years. They were even doing it when I was a kid and I’m 60 years old! Why is this news?

  6. This is news? It’s happened to about 1/3rd of the worlds population. It happened to me downtown last year and they scratched the crap out of my truck. I guess I should have cried to the news and got a pity party….. The sheeple are getting weaker and more sensitive by the second… Pro tip: Wash your car and move on with your life….

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