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Central Oregonians react to Trump impeachment

(Update: Adding video, comments)

'A kick in the butt on the way out the door'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Impeached not once, but twice.

Just a week before he is set to leave office, President Donald Trump is now the first U.S. president to go through this process -- again.

Lance Hitson of Bend, one of several people who agreed to speak with us outside the Bend post office, said he finds the recent move by the House to impeach President Trump "two-faced."

"It's a kick in the butt on the way out the door," Hitson said. "I think it's pretty hypocritical for all these politicians to be so outraged at the violence at the Capitol when we saw it all summer long from the other side."

But those on the other side of the aisle said they believe this should have come sooner.

Andrew G. who is for impeaching President Trump, said he never acted "presidential."

"He should've been impeached awhile ago," Andrew G. said.

But with just a week left in his presidency, could it be a waste of time?

One man we spoke with, who declined to give his name, said he doesn't think so.

"I don't think it's a waste of time, because I think there's a symbolic and materialistic aspect to it," he said.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell says even if the Senate process were to begin this week and move promptly, no final verdict would be reached until after President Trump leaves office.

Scott S., who we ran into from Boise, Idaho said he regularly does business in Bend and travels throughout the Pacific Northwest.

He said he voted for Trump, but he's upset with both sides, saying the country's primary issue lies within our politicians.

"The people I meet on a daily basis, doesn't matter their skin color, they're all good people," Scott S. said. "The only problem is the example set by our politicians. It's a disgrace to America. They should all be embarrassed. I don't care if you're left or you're right. There's clowns to the left of me, and jokers to the right."

With just 10 House Republicans breaking ranks to back impeachment on Wednesday, a Senate conviction looks unlikely.

Scott S. added that he doesn't have faith in our government right now.

"I don't know how they can accomplish anything in Washington," he said. "They're a bunch of fumble bums."

Even if every Senate Democrat voted to convict Trump, 17 Republicans would have to join them to hit the needed two-thirds requirement.

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  1. Trump and Trump followers disappoint me, not cool. It will take decades to recover from such embarrassment. Biden won’t do any good, so let’s hope for a good president in 2024, “Dem” or “Rep.” Meanwhile, wave at your neighbors, and be thankful for everything and everyone/you have.

    1. Trump supporters disappoint you- but you have nothing positive to say about the replacement- Gee- not disappointed there ? Not disappointed that Joe Biden has a 50 year track record in politics with no measurable accomplishments- that he was at the heart of a Quid-pro-quo scandal in the Ukraine- caught bragging on tape how he strong armed Ukranian officials to drop an investigation into his family activities in Eastern Europe for Billions in US cash- Joe’s direct involvement in the Russia hoax- in the FISA debacle to spy on Carter Page- the shakedown of Michael Flynn… Not disappointed in the fact that the DNC ignored the wishes of the party and forced sleepy Joe on America ? Not disappointed that Joe has yet to explain where all his votes were generated from- exactly what group of people support him ? Your Demokrat supporters have a lot to be ashamed of- including their willing participation in the China Virus hoax that has sent the nation reeling financially- schools shut down like some Utopian sci-fi novel- and Government thugs now running around like Nazi gestapo agents threatening to invade your home over the holidays- But Gee- yer disappointed in President Trump and his supporters… You my friend are what’s wrong with America- not to mention your attempts to disguise your old identity with this new-fangled “scientist” garbage ! Seems yer not as confident in your opinions as you want people to believe- Mr Hit and Run !

        1. Umm… Benny ! ISIS is dead- President Trump saw to that after Obama wilted under the pressure of it all. You need not worry though- ISIS will resurrect itself once Slo Moe Biden is in office- get used to a return to never-ending Mid East conflicts- the Dems are back !

            1. Obama also got small small rural villages- full of children- as he expanded his love affair with cowardly drone strikes throughout impoverished regions of Africa ! I would lecture you on the catastrophic fallout- the mass exodus of whole nations- as Obama failed to stand up to Syrian’s Assad- making idle threats and drawing meaningless lines in sand- as that nations dictator gassed his own people… I’d link your sorry tail to the photos of children being washed up on sandy shores of Europe- with parents cradling their dead bodies- but so many of you on the left are so full of hate for our nation- anger over your own stupidity-and proud of your years of tearing down the country- just to get a return of the good old days when Obama and Biden told you one thing and did another- why bother ! You asshats that congregate- especially those of you living on Kate Brown’s plantation of dependency and misery- is punishment enough- enjoy ol Joke Biden- your return to never-ending wars- but you all better first figure out to deal with the rukus you’ve created right here at home- you better have something more than “you’re an idiot” !

        1. And if that’s all you got for a response there “Scientisto”- you’ve lost the debate ! Childish attempts to bully and personally attack posters like me- usually result in the moderator having a meltdown- if he’d only tell you all to back off the name-calling- his job would be so much easier. But then again- we don’t want to put him out of a job like he’s hinting at now do we !

      1. He lost two popular votes, 2 impeachments, the house, the senate and the presidency. The trump stench will not wash off Republicans for at least 5 years. So much winning; tired of it yet dotard?

    1. That’s not fair. He is not. At most, he’s that lingering smell. To call him the product of a dog’s grunt and strain is giving him too much credit altogether

  2. 99 percent of both chambers need to be removed . There’s going to be a lot of embarrassment, when they look at the evidence and find President trump was right about the blatant in our face cheating of the election . I take that back they have no soul nor morals.

    1. A broken clock is right about twice as much as that bag of **** on any given day. “Morals” is not a word that should pass your little xenophobic lips. History will forever argue over who is the biggest jackass. You or your bloated sad God?

    2. So if they haven’t found evidence of “cheating” as of yet, you think that some evidence will magically appear once Trump is out of office? “Blatant in our face cheating” lol! It’s adorable.

      1. “you think that some evidence will magically appear once Trump is out of office” You mean like how investigations proved that Hillary Clinton did indeed act with intent to destroy evidence when she lied about turning over “all” her e-mails during investigations into her private e-mail server- and other illegal acts as SoS ? Or how investigations and massive releases of documents- many un-redacted- to the American people proved that the Steele Dossier- paid for by Hillary Clinton was a complete fraud- laying the ground work for three years of your Russia scandal ? Is that what yer referring to ? Yeh- adorable !

      1. Yes, all of the carreer representatives and senators who have been there over 12 years need to be removed from both sides of the aisle along with their staff. Longevity in the position seems to be the most corrupting issue.

        1. I agree. Term limits should be established for both the legislative as well as the judiciary. If 2 terms are good enough for the executive branch, why not the other 2? Ten years on any court with reviews, 12 years for the Senate and 4 years for Representatives sounds good to me. No guarantees of lifelong careers expressed or implied. Might even consider tying a stint as Representative to college tuition reimbursement…

            1. Guess you’re lacking the copy that lists all the amendments. “The Twenty-Second Amendment says a person can only be elected to be president two times for a total of eight years.”

              1. Touché! Of course, the posts are about “carreer [sic] representatives and senators” and “the legislative as well as the judiciary,” but you knew that…. I don’t really have a problem with term limits, I just find it ironic that all of the sudden the loudest voices calling for them seem to be all the former “states’ rights” people (who now want to deny any state the right to keep picking the same legislators).

    3. Will you stop perpetuating lies about the election? There is zero proof after two months! The only handful of election fraud cases found were people voting for Trump. Enough already! Trump has had 61 court cases where ANY proof of election fraud could have been presented. There was none. Only hearsay, rumor and lies. Trump lost by over 7 million votes. Accept it.

        1. I believe what she means in reply to the nwtravelor post is that there is zero proof of the election being won by Biden due to cheating.. And I don’t think anyone is objecting to exposure and addressing any fraud. In fact, if you listened to the election official from Georgia, they electronically checked the death records and found two, not 5,000 but 2 illegal voters and it was dealt with.

    4. If massive voter fraud was done “openly and unashamedly” as you claim, when is all the evidence going to suddenly appear? I mean, if it’s right there in our face, how come even Giuliani can’t seem to come up with anything more than a couple of dead people voting and doctored videos? And five people died, one Capitol Officer bludgeoned to death, because a bunch of gullible people chose to believe Trump’s lies. Now who has no soul or morals……

      1. Thanks, Martha. Our esteemed congressional “representative” Cliff Bentz voted against election certification because, he claimed, he found Constitutional irregularities in Pennsylvania. As it turns out, only 3 instances of voter fraud have been uncovered in the Keystone State–all votes for Trump, including one man who used his deceased mother’s voter registration.

      1. And all of a sudden Antifa is a bunch of old, maskless, overweight white men in flannel shirts from the Alabama, Arkansas and Texas chapters, bragging on social media about what they did. Yea, right.

      2. Just ask the nutjob from Arkansas who used a flagpole to beat an Antifa who was wearing the uniform of a Capitol LEO. You’re just as much a nutjob as he is.

    1. Civics class wasn’t your strong subject, hey? Congress doesn’t get rid of the President unless the Senate convicts him. In 2020 the House impeached Trump but the Senate didn’t convict him, stating that the people would decide in the election 11 months away. Well, the people decided, but Trump didn’t like the result so he convinced a bunch of easily impressed mostly white supremacists that, without any evidence of such, the election was stolen. He and his sycophants got them so riled up that they tried to overthrow the government. THAT’S why he has to be gotten “rid of” – the sooner the better.

  3. Can somebody in the newsrooms explain why this story is headlined “Central Oregonians”- when the only people identified are from Doosh County Bend ! Clearly these viewpoints and opinions would have a much broader range if you didn’t ignore the very red counties of Crook and Jefferson- Wheeler-Lake. I for one find it insulting to be lumped in with the residents of Doosh- who have flooded our area with their Kate Brown support to ruin the state- then come on Z21 to share their “woe-is-me” tale of financial hardship and mental ruin ! Resident of Bend and Redmond talk a bigly game about honesty and integrity- but a quick peruse of the weekly OHA reports on contact tracing- prove that these residents are the biggest liars- refusing to cooperate with Brown’s henchmen when they knock on the door for info- Crook and Jefferson ? Damn near 100% cooperation ! Many of us real Central Oregonians are not interested in what Bend has to offer- their City Council is full of racists promoting an anti-white agenda- their citizens poach jobs- their police force hasn’t the nerve to back the US Constitution ! So please do not lump everyone East of the Cascades into failing Doosh County- we are better than that ! “Giant Voices” will be heard !

    1. BGHW! I get it now. You’re a fat old greasy white guy living out in the woods. You’ve been divorced twice (at least) and ya drive an old Ford with a busted headlight. Your best and only friend in the whole wide world is a crappy little Chihuahua mix breed with bad breath. Your only source of entertainment in the world is your computer and your fantasies. When you die it will be alone just like you are right now.

      1. Hey Lerten ! See how I’ve taken the high road here as your thugs come out en-masse to flood this site with their personal attacks- anger at the facts I lay down- But like you’ve said before- as long as I’m not bangin’ on you- it’s all good ! I hope others here have finally figured out the whole purpose of this comments section- it allows Z21 the ability to limit the direct criticisms of their agency… something they can’t do if this gets tossed back to F-Book, Twitter, or Craigslist comments section. In theory it was a good idea- but it’s been dependent on the quality of the moderating team (of one) to enforce the rules equally- and that hasn’t happened. So if management is discussing the demise of this section- it’s understandable- and- it’s on you !

  4. Trump knew he lost. He also thought he could cajole, coerce, threaten, or make promises to republican office holders to go along with his failed scheme to undermine the election. Many with integrity didn’t budge, so he rallied the goons. He had primed his followers ahead of time by falsely alleging voter irregularities. He milked that loyal following like the expert grifter he is, working his marks with precision. He’ll leave office to enjoy the millions he stole from supporters who donated to his “defense fund”. Now, the nightmare is almost over. He’s already under criminal investigation in DC and the SDNY. Just wondering if the secret service will have to follow him into prison if he’s convicted. Maybe not with an impeachment.

  5. Trump was fanning the flames of violence last summer as well. He was president, not a democrat. Did these people think that a democrat president coexisted and should have been impeached because Trump was antagonistic of Antifa or was Antifa supposed to impeach the president of Antifa? Please explain and I realize Trump is on record as saying he’s not responsible for anything.

    1. The only flames being fanned last summer were those block partiers in Seattle and Portland- them BLMers and Antifa folk- many of which managed to show up in DC- disguised as Trump supporters. Reminds many of the old schoolers about the Gulf of Tonkin incident in August of 1964- “In 2005, an internal National Security Agency historical study was declassified; it concluded that Maddox had engaged the North Vietnamese Navy on August 2, but that there were no North Vietnamese naval vessels present during the incident of August 4.” You were lied to then- you are being lied to today !

  6. This is the most idiotic, most divisive single thing they could have done. Our president is leaving office before this can be finished so the reality is they are denouncing his supporters, not him. So much for the unity speech we heard recently.

    1. If your kid plays with matches, starts a fire and almost burns down the house with the rest of your family inside, you would do nothing to correct/punish him or her? The unity we need immediately is everybody getting behind transparency and accountability. Distraction from wrongdoing has been the norm for over 4 years now…

    2. And considering what his supporters did at his urging, you expect the powers that be should just let him walk away with his head held high and not be held accountable for what he created. Even Nixon had more character than Trump, at least he felt ashamed for what he had done.

    1. Not only incitement, but excruciating delay in denouncing the murderous rampage. Republican luminaries like Chris Christie tried in vain to implore Trump by means of his daughter and son-in-law to call off the mob. Trump’s first tweet after the mob took off down Pennsylvania Ave. toward the Capitol was an attack on Mike Pence. Hence the calls in the rotunda to “Hang Mike Pence.”

      We have to remember the name of Brian Sicknick, the Capitol Police officer who was murdered by the mob. He would be alive today, but for Trump’s conduct.

      A good description of the scene in the White House during the insurrection can be found in Ashley Parker’s WaPo article:
      “Six hours of paralysis: Inside Trump’s failure to act after a mob stormed the Capitol.”

      1. Not to mention the disgusting spectacle of Don Jr partying and laughing and his GF dancing while our Capitol was invaded and officer Sicknick was being beaten with a fire extinguisher. Don Jr should be charged along with Mo Brooks and Ghouliani for their part in the insurrection.

    2. There’s a strain of disingenuous questioning that tries to imply that unless the President made explicit statements to the effect that “it’s time to start the insurrection,” he didn’t “incite” it. That’s neither the plain nor “legal” meaning of the word, though. Merriam-Webster, for example, defines “incite” as “to move to action : stir up : spur on : urge on,” and legal uses focus on whether the result was a reasonably foreseeable consequence of the supposed incitement. Do you claim that the attack on the Capitol wasn’t a reasonably foreseeable consequence of that speech?

      1. Unfortunately- the time-line of events (that everyone is ignoring) does not add one ounce of credibility to the accusation that President Trump’s words caused these people- many who had ridden buses from thousands of miles and “days” away- to act out in violence. Newly released documents show that the Capitol Police had already asked for additional support weeks ahead of the event (the counting of the electoral votes). The intentions of these groups- from both sides of the aisle was well known- even Nancy Pelosi criticized the preparation of the DC forces. In short- everyone knew this was coming- President Trump’s words had no influence whatsoever. people who brought their bear spray- their clubs- there padded gloves to break wndows- didn’t just rush over to a kiosk and buy them because the President said be brave ! So no- absolutely not- there was nothing in President Trumps speech that influenced these people to act violently- they are the same mob that’s been in Seattle and Portland for months on end- did President Trump incite that too- hell no- see Kovid Kate Brown- maybe we can get her “impeached” !

        1. So he had already incited the attack on the Capitol in the weeks leading up to January 6th, with his baseless claims about “stealing” an election?

          1. Then why quote his comments on the day of the attack as your proof for inciting a riot ??? Your catch 22 for the day- you got no answer- because simply saying “I won”- like Al Gore did is not grounds for impeachment or criminal charges. The difference today is a korrupt media pushing biased propaganda on you all day and night- till you believe it ! Stop being so gullible- find your voice to reject the absurdity- or live with the consequences of your lack of action. As you can see- Millions of Americans are now moving towards real action- to shout down the Korona Hoax- the never ending media lies- the divisive nature of our politicians- but you don’t seem to like it- why is that ?

            1. They were the same lies to incite he had used for months and new ones were about the false hope that Pence could constitutionally throw out the electoral college votes. An insurrection based on lies…

            2. The man worked his followers into a lather over the two months leading up to the congressional tally, encouraging them to refuse to accept a legitimate election and to show up in DC to “stop the steal,” then he egged them on at the protest, which turned into an attack on the Capitol.

  7. I think it is funny, how “head’s in the sand” these Trump haters are, they actually think their lives are going to get better with Trump gone, their leaders, once again, are not working on the real problems that face us all, another 100+ day’s of time waisted, and millions more dollars waisted on impeachment, it is all to distract you, and prepare you for the excuses of failure headed our way. Hope you are all prepared, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, the last four years has just been a preview of how the Democrats operate. Now for the main event. Remember Obama, blamed his failures on the Bush administration for eight years, he was the only reason Trump got into the Whitehouse in the first place. Thank you, Obummer/Joe.

    1. Gee, how did America ever survive horrible Obama and Biden? How did Democracy come through 8 years of lack of leadership from which hundreds of 1000s of Americans died from a mishandled pandemic, claims of fraudulent elections, and a deadly attempted coup based on lies at our nation’s capital? Oh wait…

      1. Clearly- America didn’t survive Obama and Biden- it’s why President Trump was victorious in 2016 ! The question now- is how will Amerika survive the self imposed forced return of Joe Biden ? nobody is talking about his failed record in politics for fifty years- he has no agenda- no policies but to repeat President Trump’s and recycle the old Obama crew of misfits and has-beens ! Biden’s weak and frail physical appearance has our global rivals laughing in their Gin and Tonics ! They can’t wait for Ol Joe to get run out of office- so Kommie Harris can step in… and do what exactly ? Syrias Assad will have her for lunch- and make her pay for it ! You think the China Virus is the only thing attacking Amerika today- give uncle Joe six months- he’ll allow the Chinese to set up shop in Cuba- and he’ll open the northern Alaskan borders to Russian occupancy ! Yup- thank Gawd that President Trump guy is finally gone- now which is it gonna be- Vodka or Egg Rolls ?

    2. Well, if you think …….397,000+ dead because of a pandemic this President refuses to acknowledge, vaccines that can’t seem to be transferred from federal warehouses to the states even though they’ve had months to plan, an election called fraudulent just because this President doesn’t want to relinquish his power and five dead and our Nation’s Capitol desecrated by Trump’s domestic terrorists, etc etc etc ….has been a great ride then in my opinion if the Democrats get the vaccine out, reverse a few things and do nothing more in four years, this country will be in far better shape than it is today. And for your info, Obama left office with this country in far better shape than it is today.

  8. For starters, I am so relieved to have this venal, unpleasant man finally out of the spotlight (and out of our heads)–and that loathsome family, as well.

    Eric and DJTJ’s explanation for killing that magnificent tiger while on safari–to provide meat for the nearby village, they said–reminds me of the backtracking now being staged by so many Republicans.

    But, as noted by Samantha Bee,”It can’t be washed away with a last-minute mea culpa.”

  9. i think it is the exact waste of time the dems have been showing for the last 4 years. the guy only has 5 days left it wont make it through senate in that time, so it is just almost impeachment #2. nancy nothing burgers for everyone. of all the problems our country has right now they want to spend time on this. i’m just glad it is over the 20th because i am just sick of hearing trumps name. i’m tired of hearing how great he is, i’m tired of hearing about him being the devil from the other idiots. at best he was just the better of 2 evils

    1. If it was Obama trying to overthrow the government, with just 2 hours left to his term, you all would have had him impeached, convicted and probably thrown out of the country or worse in a heartbeat.

      1. i voted for obama stupid, i also voted for trump. thats the cool thing about not being a party blind idiot and being a libertarian. i can vote for whoever i think is better for the job, out of the 2 lame choices that are picked for me

        1. If you were legitimately concerned about not hearing from that sad loser again you might see the value in following this process through. Then again, that would imply thought on your part.

      2. Obama and his Intelligence agencies did indeed try to overthrow the incoming President’s government. Did you already forget the three year Russia scandal- that has been laid at the front door of the Clintons- the Obama- and the Bidens ??? Your media has you dumbed down to levels below the Kovid Slip.

      1. if i was your dad i’d be checking that paternity about now. it is nothing but a big fat waste of time. it aint going to happen, so why bother. is this the moving past petty differences dems were just talking about? the bringing the country back together? wasting a week trying to remove a guy from office who’s out in a week, even though the whole process can/would take months. it is a perversion of the law not a rule of law we are talking here

        1. Oh but you forget or don’t seem to know that if they do convict him, he can’t run again for public office and loses a bunch of past presidential perks or so I’ve been told. And, did no one ever tell you its really is rude to call others derogatory names just because you don’t agree with them.

  10. With the promise of more regulations from the Biden administration, the country seems willing to relinquish our energy dominance. U.S. shale oil and gas producers are in retreat and OPEC’s sway on the price of oil has pushed prices for West Texas Intermediate crude to the $53-per-barrel level.
    Yes things are looking up already, cant wait to get back to that $5.00 plus for fuel, $3.00 plus for propane, and natural gas, and don’t forget, that is where most of our electricity comes from (not the holes in your wall) so yes that will be going up to. It wont make much of a deference to all of the unemployed homeless, that will be created, what are they going to need energy for anyway? At least everything will be GREEN.

    1. It’s going to happen eventually comrade. Those of us who can find a member of the opposite sex who can stand us long enough to produce progeny can see this. Good luck with your battle against that new damn horseless carriage.

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