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Redmond business owner frustrated over difference in COVID-19 enforcement

A small business owner in Redmond is upset, as he said Sunday he has noticed that big box stores aren't following COVID-19 capacity guidelines. He thinks the government hasn't enforced rules on large businesses as they have small.

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Blake Allen

Blake Allen is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Blake here.



  1. He is 100% correct. Additionally they don’t clean the debit card machines or anything else really between customers. They destroy small business and And funnel everyone to box stores. When a Washington Costco has a 150 employee outbreak and they don’t even have to shut down, but mom and pop restaurants can’t even open with zero proven transmissions. It’s time to wake up.

    1. I think its more that costco is considered essential because they are a grocery and pharmacy etc, mom and pop movie theaters are just not that essential, im sorry that it hurts so much

      1. Oh yes Ninnymouth- yer such a thinker ! Have you ever thought about the kind of people who go to your Costco-Walmart-Fred Meyer- Bimart Pharmacies ? You know- the 99% who are “sick” ! They got a cold- the flu- and allergy- the China Virus ! and they touch everything in sight- hack and wheeze while standing in line- pay cash or card with their germ infested hands. This is exactly how the virus is being transmitted- through these types of actions- but it’s just easier to blame a President 5000 miles away then than nitwit dictator in Salem allowing this crime to continue ! Some of you are just hopeless- can’t wait for Slo Joe to finally prove through his incompetence how effective Trump has been for four years !

        1. effectively killing 400,000 Americans.—-“China has been working very hard to contain the coronavirus,” Trump tweeted on Jan. 24. “The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!”—– Totally effective!!!!!

    2. its pretty easy to see the governor will still say after next week’s assessment that no changes for central oregon. More small business owners that gripe the more steadfast she is in her unwillingness to let them open. Besides super bowl weekend will be at tail end of next 2 week run and she will be saying that if she let bars and restaurants open people will flock to see the game not observe the guidelines and its several super spreaders waiting to happen. Lertenleans the z will interview this guy as often as they need to get their point across that what brown is doing should be praised not scorned ugh. Barney says different topic but its same thing about the squeeze this virus is putting on people but as bghw would say Barney does a good job defending brown’s use of “science”. Only reason wouldnt talk on camera is they say it adds 20 pounds and there is already archival footage of the hindenberg.

      1. Well here’s the latest science, since you mentioned it. I have posted it a couple times before, but not sure if anyone is reading it. A study by Dr. Eran Bendavid at Standord University studied the effects of mandatory stay-at-home and business closures, “Because of the potential harmful health effects of mrNPI (more restrictive non-pharmaceutical interventions)– including hunger, opioid-related overdoses, missed vaccinations, increase in non-COVID diseases from missed health services, domestic abuse, mental health and suicidalit, as well as a host of economic consequences with health implications – it is increasingly recognized that their postulated benefits deserve careful study.

        Essentially, they compared Sweden and South Korea, as they didn’t have the mandatory measures, to 10 European countries. Bottom line is that there was no measureable difference effected by stay-at-home restrictions and business closures. Or stated in another way, we simply substituted one method of transmission with others, for no obvious benefit, but at a cost to the economy. As the study points out, there are increases in harmful health effects of the restriction such as hunger, opioid overdoses, increases in non-Covid disease, domestic abuse etc. So, we are harming the economy and harming the public’s health with our current policies. Perhaps if the public is aware of the no measurable benefits, but increased economic and health harm, Governor Brown can finally make better decision.

          1. None at all. I eat out is all.

            I am focused on what the science reveals and up for discussion about the implications. So far it looks like the more restrictions we have the more people die, albeit indirectly, than are saved by strict restrictions, which also harm the economy. I am well aware of the good intentions, to save lives, of the business shutdowns but so far they look to be ineffective. At least read the conclusions.

      2. Breathe, son! Try using a punctuation now and then! Uncle Tifa is pretty sure you didn’t afford yourself of any of the fine public education available to you and your kind!

    3. I will say, I was in Grocery Outlet yesterday and everyone was cautious. They wiped down between each customer. Everyone respected the mask and 6ft. rule. I believe small biz would do that as well.

  2. More whiny residents out in Redmond (Doosh County) who failed to support the recall of Kate Brown- won’t take their protests to the streets- don’t have the nerve to open their schools- their businesses- won’t shout down their local LE for failing to stand up for the US constitution… but will sit back and mock those smaller neighboring towns that do ! Poor Ted needs to get organized and march on Salem- tell the dictator in charge you’ve had enough- sue her ! We haven’t heard anything about the numerous lawsuits that have been undertaken- Z21 won’t go there. Ted shoulda been on this forum for the past four years- take care of our “Eric in Redmond” problem with some first hand knowledge of what’s really going on out there- too late now- you grasshoppers who’ve run out of food want to mooch off the ants who worked hard to protect our own- deal with it !

  3. Snow cap in Redmond has had their seating open and full every time I have gone by. Not all small business are following guidelines. Guess time to support Jody’s now.

    1. Also the sno cap in redmond is consistently disgusting, which is weird because all they have to do (in theory) is copy their sibling restaurant in sisters that makes some of the best burgers in the state

      1. What is not true. That they are serving meals to people inside their restaurant, even though it is against the current regulations? That is easy to see. Just go by there any night.

  4. All this is BS, control is what these liberals want. They all get their support from the money people and not the low life small business owners. Ok for 200 slobbering athletes but you little people shut up and do as we say and not as they do.

  5. The denier’s and non-compliers are always the biggest whiners. They try to say that restaurants compare to big box stores.. Customer’s in big box stores don’t need to remove their mask to shop. Their in to get essentials and their out. The more restaurants whine the less respect I have for them. They’re only hurting the industry, not helping.

      1. It should actually go unsaid. These “restaurant owner whiners” are following lying donnie’s example, “misinformation”, and it’s selfish. It shows a lack of respect and responsibility towards our community. If Governor Brown didn’t do what she does, then you’d complain about that. People need to stop being so selfish, and only thinking of their selves. That is how they are hurting the industry. Who wants to frequent an establishment who doesn’t care about me, just not good business.

  6. You could get rid of all the rules in the world and I’m still not sitting in a movie theater until I get the shot. Or church. Or a brewpub. I’ve come too far to screw this up now.

    1. In some ways the elders are lucky to have made it this far, only to have to struggle through the rest of their lives just to try and survive the very few years they have left. I wish one day I would be able to not say, “life’s not fair”. However, our struggle in life is what makes us strong.

  7. Just open and keep on doing business.

    After all the official Central Oregon motto is WILL NOT COMPLY. Of course that is just a slogan for protest signs and bumper stickers.

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