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Missing, found Prineville dog manages to escape — twice, still on the loose

Owner's mother has been out early, searching brush near Prineville Airport

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- It’s been three days since Jake, a half heeler half Plott hound dog, disappeared from his owner's Prineville home.

Jeanne Bradley has been looking for her son’s dog near the Prineville Airport. That’s the last place he was spotted.

Bradley, who lives in Powell Butte, believes her son's dog was lured from his Prineville home intentionally.

Jake the dog is known around the Prineville community, so when an employee from R & R Grocery & Sporting Goods recognized that Jake was not with his owner, he notified Bradley.

But by the time Bradley and her son got to the market, the unknown man -- and Jake -- were gone.

“They had told him to send the dog home -- he lived right around the corner," Bradley said Wednesday. "And the guy said he knew the owner and ignored the ladies -- and they saw him walking the other direction, calling Jake.”

She's been visiting the brushy land near the Prineville Airport early in the mornings, amid freezing weather, in hopes of finding her son's dog. In a post to a Facebook group, Bradley said he was spotted near the passing lanes by the airport two days in a row, about 5 a.m.

Bradley says the unknown man did eventually call police and report that he had a lost dog with him.

Prineville police officers picked up Jake -- but while transporting him to the Humane Society of the Ochocos as a stray, Jake managed to escape when the officer opened his door.

"The last they saw of him, he ran straight across the road from the Facebook gate No. 1 entrance,” Bradley said.

She has left food, a blanket and some of her son’s personal belongings around the area where he was last seen.

“I had several people on the Facebook (Central Oregon Rants and Raves) page tell me, 'Put some stuff out here that is his. Put some stuff that is my son's, so that he’ll know it's somewhere to stay.'”

Bradley is now pleading with the public to be on the lookout and help bring Jake home. She said he could try to make it to her house at Twin Lakes Ranch in Powell Butte, or head home to Prineville.

Since Jake the dog has gone missing, it's taken a toll on her son, also named Jake.

 “This is a support for him," she said. "Ever since Jake has been missing, he's had a lot of anxiety and stressed about what could be happening -- you know, there are coyotes out here.”

Anyone with information about Jake is encouraged to contact the Humane Society of the Ochocos.

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    1. **BREAKING NEWS** Tonight at five, we meet the man who lost his car keys THE OTHER DAY! “They’re just gone… I searched for a few minutes and then gave up”, he tells us. Tune in tonight for more coverage.

  1. Why all the rude comments? This dog is a member of somebody’s family and somebody appears to have stolen him. What? You guys don’t care about dogs? People stealing your dog wouldn’t bother you? My sweet dog is family and I hope these folks get their dog back. I will be on the lookout for Jake and show his picture to friends to get the word out. Best wishes to the owners and hope he’s found safe.

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