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Second person charged with attempted murder in stabbing south of Bend

Anthony Reyes, Tesla Delury
Deschutes County Jail
Anthony Reyes, Tesla Delury

Man, woman accused of conspiring to get victim to China Hat Road

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A second person has been arrested on attempted murder and other charges in a stabbing south of Bend a week ago that seriously wounded a Bend man, Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies said Sunday.

Detectives investigating last Sunday’s stabbing obtained evidence that showed Tesla Drury, 30, and Anthony Reyes, 33, conspired to get the 32-year-old male victim to the China Hat Road area, in order for Reyes to assault him, Sgt. Jayson Janes said.

Delury was interviewed Friday by detectives, then advised she was under arrest. Janes said she resisted arrest, but ultimately was taken into custody and lodged in the county jail on charges of second-degree attempted murder, two counts of criminal conspiracy, tampering with evidence and resisting arrest.

Reyes was arrested early last Sunday on assault and other charges, after deputies said he stabbed the other man, who he believed was providing law enforcement with information about a pending criminal case.

Reyes was jailed on initial charges of first-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon and tampering with a  witness. An indictment filed Thursday charged him with second-degree attempted murder, as well as the assault and unlawful use of a weapon charges.

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Barney Lerten

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  1. Looks like a couple of real specimens of human society right there. A decade or so behind bars should help them with reassessing their life choices.

    1. according to some morons in the community, the DA himself just unlocks jail cells for people to walk free when they are charged with any crime.

  2. We are importing a lot of criminals lately. Tesla is from WA and has too many mug shots online to count. She posted on Instagram that she just moved to Bend and was looking for friends. Looks like she got in with the wrong crowd…again. I looked at our jail roster yesterday and noticed many of those incarcerated have warrants from other states. What is bringing these wanted criminals to Central Oregon? Glad we have very aware law enforcement officers who are getting these people off our streets.

    1. Ok middle aged republican woman… lol, just to make you “aware” many people who have warrants leave town and go anywhere else but where that warrant is, they don’t just move to Central Oregon. There are people with warrants out in Central Oregon that are also in Washington or have “moved” to California.

  3. For the sake of accuracy- the headline should include- “China Hat Road”- but it doesn’t ! Is this another ongoing attempt at political correctness to remove the word China from the regional vocabulary- or just another example of personal bias at the expense of accurate news coverage ? Knowing the history of the word “China Hat Road”- I find it shocking that Z21 hasn’t just arbitrarily decided to rewrite history and re-name this area “Hat Road” ! What says you ?

      1. Once again- there goes JJ(kid dyno-mite)99 firing off two personal attacks (including- Ok middle aged republican woman) offering nothing to the conversation or to the overall well-being of the thread- but has yet to be chastised by the DCD. So when the likes of BGHW sets these internet thugs straight- we get all kinds of “watch it” kiddos ! Such inconsistency- driven by political agendas- lacking any kind of rational… it’s no wonder the likes of Tony and Tesla move into this region- where crack-meth-heroin are no longer criminal- and where the likes of Joe Biden and his free money- free- housing- free stuff runs as rampant as a 2010 nightmare ! Gee- Go figure !

          1. No- as usual I’m right ! if I was wrong- you woulda done exactly as the TOS states- and remove offensive comments like- “You’re a delusional moron.”… if you don’t believe that is offensive- walk up to anyone on the street after work tonight and say those exact words- see where it lands you !

        1. Barney, why do you have a job? Being a “comment moderator” is not a job anymore, lol. It is so bad that you till have this comments section up here. Literally nobody has these anymore. There is no point at all for you to be commenting on here everyday.

          1. I frequent numerous news outlets from around the PNW daily, and most do still
            have active comment sections. What is surprising is that on most of the other sites there is no moderation, especially when it pertains to the language being used…

          2. Ghost- I don’t belittle Mr B for having this job- I disagree with the format though of only having a single moderator. I’ve stated numerous times that there is No Ying for the Yang- No Rum for the Coke- No Gilligan for the Skipper… Without an additional set of eyes out there- the old adage of who’s policing the police comes into question. Barney is simply playing the stacked deck he is dealt- and continues to fib about it.

            1. Who else would want to deal with you? When we DID have another moderator, you played us off against each other like a 5-year-old with parents. Every tool is a weapon to you. It’s like you expect me to waste time looking up and putting in your face all the nasty things you’ve called people, when you’d just change the subject and twist the truth as always.

              1. You know B- I never understood this complaint of yours… “twist the truth” ! This accusation is coming from a person who works at a news station that promoted every single one of the following as fact !!! “Hillary in a landslide- Brett Kavanaugh raped women- Bill Clinton didn’t- The Covington High School boys started riots while wearing maga hats- the Steele Dossier is fact- Stormy Daniels is a victim- two impeachments without a crime (both times acquitted because they were so stupid)- Russia-Russia-Russia- The Corona Virus has nothing to do with China- “Those aren’t riots- those are summer block parties” !!! Cmon Barney- time for you to come clean- this choir boy image you pretend to promote is laughable… if there’s anyone twisting the truth out there- it sure as hell aint me- you guys are the pros !

                1. And we never wrote or “promoted” any of that. The TRUTH is that we get a CNN feed like 1,000s of stations across the country, and focus OUR time and energies on LOCAL news.
                  And as usual, your reply proves just what I said.

                2. Actually No- my reply proves that your restaurant serves up salmonella laced beef kabobs- as you try to deny accountability ! Name me another industry that is allowed to dole out the garbage you guys do- and remain in business ? You all get giddy as hell when OSHA shuts down a Mom and Pop coffee shop- never once considering the rock and hard place Kate Brown has placed them in- when in reality- you could never survive the amount of scrutiny they are under during this fake hoax of a plandemic you been promoting for over a year. You’ve blurred the lines between national and local news so let’s pretend otherwise- your politics stink- your virus is BS- and your constant fibbing about the two has been revealed for what it is- disgraceful… history will not be kind- think about your place in it !

  4. now that its been brought up wouldnt be surprised if they just call china hat, ch road. If tesla grew up in enterprise can you blame her for wanting to go somewhere else, watching insects fly into a bug zapper while drinking vodka probably is a friday night date night there

  5. These two dirt bags are certainly the pride of Central Oregon. Sadly there are
    many more just like them still roaming the streets, and every city has them.

    1. Well, I don’t know, doesn’t it take all kind of genius to have permminent markings installed on one’s body? It saves law enforcement the trouble of finger print Id. Kinda like branding a cow.

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