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Carly Keenan

Carly Keenan is a multimedia journalist and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Carly here.



    1. – it would appear that not everyone agrees with you – lost? this is not another of your political kid’s games, this is real life – more gun violence is a new beginning for our country? – no thank you

      1. No protests for the gun violence in Chicago or Portland? No one protesting the riots, looting of stores and businesses and out right theft of stores during business hours?

        These “lost people” usually don’t read any news other than the lies spouted on Facebook news feed, MSNBC, CNN and yes even Fox News now. It is hard to find actual truth-worthy news you just need to get their collective noses away from their phones and look elsewhere.

      2. It would appear that not everyone agrees with you as well, heck the majority of Americans are sick and tired of all the violence perpetrated by the white BLM folks. I would suggest you research the criminal back ground of the 3 white BLM men who attacked Rittenhouse. All three had criminal records, and possessed hand guns despite being felons. The only way to prevent violence is by enforcing the laws we have on the books now, not keep giving Felons the ole revolving door form of justice.

    1. The media is causing so much division in this country that it is causing some of the violence. Just recently there was a violent attack against innocent people in Wisconsin by someone who has been brainwashed with false information about Rittenhouse and President Trump. Somehow the racism alleged by the media is never ending and has in my opinion contributed to attacks against innocent people. Please see this video of the recent attack. Hopefully CNN is reporting this as well.

        1. The division is being caused by the media who act more like activist rather than reporters. You do not see this Barney but many of us see it. It is fact the majority of the public do not trust the media. CNN isnt exactly reliable hence why their ratings have been going down. Sad, but true.

          1. You can look up the numbers from independent watchdog organizations. In terms of reliability, CNN is miles ahead of FOX, OAN and all the other cesspools you glean your misinformation from. Seriously, you people have no concept of reality.

  1. Because the Deschutes County Courthouse was fully involved with the Rittenhouse trial. We must protest our own court system. Bunch on Bull Manure. Go home, this does not involve you. Rittenhouse has been acquitted on all counts. DEAL WITH IT!

    1. Many of these BLM or ANTIFA folks believe in MOB rule. They will not be satisfied until anyone who does not believe in their Marxist agenda are censored, imprisoned, or dispatched. For them the end justifies the means.

    1. – was thinking the exact same thing regarding your previous post – why should you care and what makes you so agitated and aggressive regarding these things? – in your words: “this does not involve you”, so why the foot stomping aggression?

    1. – that sure sounds like a threat from the GQP machine – better get on that dis-information and voter suppression thing or there is no hope for your cause

  2. Welcome to the future. These indoctrinated, brain washed and brain dead creatures are utterly clueless. “The Agenda” has been patient and been slowly moving forward for over 50 years and now sees its chance and these lemmings are leading the way.

  3. While I may not agree with their positions, I commend them on peacefully exercising their first amendment rights. Too bad so many in PDX are unwilling to follow this model.

  4. Displaying their ignorance of how the court system works and their inability to understand self-defense. Feel free to move to Wisconsin if the verdict offends you so much.

  5. If, and granted it’s a large if, a jury finds Ian Cranston not guilty for shooting Barry Washington, let’s hope the Non-Peacekeepers and their ilk abide by the decision. I’m assuming instead they’ll go all Antifa-BLM and make Bend a mini-Portland, but there’s always hope they’ll act like mature adults.

    1. Ah, yes. The Cranston case.

      Already pre-judged by a prosecutor who exhibits the same incompetence and recklessness of the Kenosha DA Office.

      And given the amount and quality of the security videos noted to be in evidence by Cranston’s lawyer…

      And no indication from the FBI as yet that this is a hate crime…

      The facts will be presented and a jury will decide.

      And hopefully anyone who acts out afterward will end up in court, as well.

  6. jacob blake was wanted for battery, and was beating his girlfriend, then stole a car and pulled a knife on police. then he was shot.

    rittenhouse’s verdict has nothing to do with blake’s case other than it was a riot “in honor of” blake.

    liberals cannot seem to think. or seek facts vs. ruling on emotions.

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