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Oregon to drop indoor mask requirements March 12; Wash., California taking similar steps


(Update: Adding OHA/ODE news conference)

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- As case counts continue to fall fast, two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the governors of Oregon, Washington and California made a first-ever joint announcement of their "updated health guidance" on Monday, as Gov. Kate Brown said the state will lift indoor public-health masking requirements, including schools, just before midnight on Friday, March 11.

That new date is about a week earlier than announced last week and nearly three weeks before the initial state-set goal of March 31.

The governors said all three states will move "from mask requirements to mask recommendations in schools."

Brown said state and federal mask requirements in some settings, such as health care and transit, "will remain in place for a period of time."

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said his state is moving a bit quicker, as of Tuesday, to drop the indoor mask requirements, while they "will be strongly recommended for unvaccinated individuals in most indoor settings."

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said his state has the same March 11 date to lift indoor mask requirements, though all three governors noted they still will be required in some settings, such as health care, prisons and long-term care facilities.

Here's the full announcement:

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            1. The person you believe to be an authoritarian and a dictator never put mandates in place. Never mandated and never would have mandated we inject ourselves with an experimental jab. He may support the jab but it was Biden who mandated them. And it was Biden who sanctioned our own energy producers to hinder the production, thereby creating this high inflation. You have it wrong Martha.

    1. What are the chances that this is going pretty much exactly how anyone with brains has been saying it would go?! Restriction are tightened while cases are high, and then loosened/removed when cases go down.

      1. Anyone who brags about not having to wear a mask in every place they went to is full of it. I bet most of the noise makers crying about masks did wear them so they could go to Wal-Mart. LOL!

        1. The link I posed shows a copy of that website from when Trump was president. The bit about masking and distancing was on there back then, too.

    1. It should read…”Today, Governers Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber announce that, by combining their feeble brains, they have come to the conclusion that masks don’t work. But they might work until next week, so keep on keeping..” Just 12 more days to slow the spread!

      1. Well, Kate Brownshirt had originally said March 31st. Then she discovered that Inslee and Newsom were going to do it sooner, so, Brownshirt not wanting to be outdone, it changer it’s end date.

    1. “The virus is way down and will be gone soon” DJT. “its just one person coming in from China,we have it totally under control, everything is going to be just fine” DJT. “The vaccine is the greatest achievement in the history of medicine” DJT. We need to get back to big fat failed and fired donnie the orange snowflake’s strategy of lying, denying and dying!!!

  1. it was never even a law, masks proven not to work, even the lefts god fauci admits on video healthy people should not be wearing masks and in his leaked emails he says they are no good. Numerous scientific papers including ones from medical societies show exactly how they do nothing for viruses. One simple fact for the kovid kookoos, N95 means 95% of particulates .3 micrometers and LARGER can be stopped by it. Guess how big kovid is? 0.125 micrometers. It flows through it like smoke. A mosquitoe flying through a chain link fence. Scary thing is many Bendifornians will continue to wear there masks and get 17 boosters

    1. Oh boy, you guys are so clever…you figured it out. It was never about keeping people’s coughs, snot, and sneezes to themselves, it was about making them look silly. *eye roll*

    1. MISINFORMATION ALERT… In fact the particulate size is a large factor in the efficacy of the N95 mask. I already new this but have to correct you. Even the link you supplied states the same info starting at about the 2 minute mark.

      I wonder if the moderator will label your post as MISINFORMATION since you claimed “it’s not about particle size”

    2. Yeah? And just who is wearing an N95? Electrostatic charges are not everlasting.
      So tell me, is your bandana electrostatically charged? How about your gaiter or you t-shirt mask? are those also electrostatically charged. Go to the hospital and even there you will see paper hospital masks. Very few of them wear N95s. You sure are a hoot mon. I wore N95 every where I went and got covid. I was also vaccinated and still got covid. Please explain.

  2. All you beta male mask loving soy man buns on here that have talked smack about those of us that were smart enough to realize the masks don’t stop viral transmission better keep wearing masks. Because guess what, science doesn’t change, politics do and you are too stupid to realize this. Bob, Martha, herr, tiozo, etc…. In fact you should double mask as the cdc once suggested. I’m curious what outlook you small brained dingbats have about masks now.

    1. Oh boy, your favorite topic is fading and you’re back to your obsession with “man buns.” And your ignorance is showing again because if you had gone to school you might have learned, the one thing constantly emphasized is that science is dynamic.

      1. Good ol’ martha. My favorite subject??? No, the stupidity that you blindly folding is collapsing. Here is science for you, covid and influenza will always be here, been saying this from day one. Remember you believed we could eradicate covid with a vaxx? Remember that’s what we were told? Respiratory virus transmission science never has changed, you dingbat. BTW you can still kill someone’s grandma at the grocery store from covid or influenza, so you better wear a mask forever you hypocrite.

        1. Oh jeez. You single out and insult people by calling them “stupid” and then you make more “stupid” remarks in defense of your previous “stupid” remarks.

    2. WOW! Do you raise your fist in the air like a real “Merican” while you say things like that? Don’t care if you ever wore a mask but a straight jacket would be in order.

  3. Hey Kate its Gavin. I’m getting hammered here about the mask. When are you going to lift it. I don’t know let me call Jay. Hey Jay its Kate I’m getting hammered here about the mask. When will you lift it. I don’t know let me call Gavin. Hey Gavin its Jay……

    1. Today- as we speak right now- #1 for Total Cases- #1 for most new cases- #1 for most new deaths is…. “CALIFORNIA” !!! As for Oregon… still over 180,000 active cases and a seven day average for deaths at 20… President Trump- while being attacked by the media and the Demokant liberal left- never experienced such a death toll until the first week of December… 10 months after the first case was detected… so we shut down our economy- schools- and released a dictatorship over that ? The hoax is real- this bail-out only confirms it.

    1. at least 31 Democrats have announced their retirement because they can’t stand the embarrassment of losing in the Mid Terms. And they know they would. Too many people want them out.

  4. One can just about see the divided line of politics in the mask debate. (Thanks ya ol orange clown) I’m just concerned that spring break for the entire PNW is just about here. So…. tourists with all sorts of nasty desend on our hotels, pubs, grocery stores….what will happen then? I am just so embarrassed for the selfish ignorant people who look like weiners crying about a mask. And you call me a snowflake!!!!

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