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State Sen. Betsy Johnson to run for governor as independent

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Oregon state Sen. Betsy Johnson plans to run for governor in 2022 without the backing of any political party. The Oregonian/OregonLive reports that Johnson announced her plans in an email Thursday. Johnson, from Warren, would be up for re-election in her northwest Oregon Senate district next year and will relinquish her Democratic party registration by the spring.  Johnson acknowledged it will be an expensive and challenging to mount a competitive campaign without major party support. Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, cannot run for re-election in 2022 due to term limits. 

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    1. We need to get rid of gubernatorial term limits. Kate Brown has done a tremendous job and we need her talented leadership now as much as ever. God bless her!

  1. ‘never understood why she was in the Democratic party. I guess because she knew the political landscape in Oregon and figured it was best to be in the majority party. Sorta like Joe Manchin.

      1. Blue, it’s a sad statement of your ability to use objective reasoning that you’d criticize the rare politician that’s willing to put country ahead of politics. Blinded by ideology perhaps.

  2. I don’t know Betsy but we did live across the street from her mother in Redmond and we even shared custody of a cat at one time. The Johnsons (Becky and Ray) were good people who deeply cared about Redmond. If Betsy is anything like them, and I suspect she is, she might make a fine Governor. Perhaps she is running as an Independent because she doesn’t want to be automatically judged as a “communist” if she remains a Dem or as a “facist” if she runs as a Republican. Perhaps she wants to govern from the middle and not from a narrow point of view as is often expressed by the commentators on this forum. Perhaps?

    1. I heard a story on the radio where she said as much. Not liberal enough to win the Democratic primary, and she wants nothing to do with what is now essentially the Donald Trump Party.

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