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Washington state confirms first 3 cases of omicron variant

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SEATTLE (AP) — Washington health officials say the first three cases of the omicron coronavirus variant have been confirmed in the state.

The Department of Health said Saturday the cases were identified in three counties: Thurston, Pierce and King. The patients are two men and a woman, and they range from 20 to 39 years old.

The department noted the investigation is still early and said details are not yet known on the patients' travel histories.

Secretary of Health Dr. Umair Shah urged people to get vaccinated and get their boosters as soon as possible to maximize their level of protection from all variants.

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    1. At the least the graphic from the heralded graphics department at the z doesn’t have lasers with a voice saying central Oregon’s fair and balanced news leader with a musical 🛏️ of hallelujah playing for omicron. Almost 19 months the fear mongering machine has 🐝 n running.😕

        1. As I pointed out before, go to South Africa newspapers and Netherlands newspapers and you will find a MUCH different story. Netherlands newspapers report its not causing hospitalizations and is much more mild. A touch of investigation and two one month memberships to newspapers will prove the narrative in America wrong.

  1. Who cares!!!?? Why is ktvz and the left wing media continuing to fear monger people with a cold? This garbage will never end specifically because of this junk news.

  2. Same “break-out” pattern as before- this time… West Coast (California)- MidWest (Chicago Ill)- Back West- (Colorado)- then more West Coast (Washington). Fool me once home fry !

      1. Interesting…extremely Red state of Florida went form the worst state for cases of Covid in the nation to the least number of cases and they are doing NOTHING. No masks, no lock downs, no social distancing, NOTHING. The Covid Jab there is completely voluntary and people aren’t loosing jobs and hospitals are no where near over run. In fact Oregon went from low on the list of infections to in the top 5. What do all of the top 5 have in common? Higher vaccination rates, Mandatory vaccinations, masks, and are all Blue states!

        And today statistics were sent out on VAERS. Those who get the jab have a 1 in 23 chance of dying or being seriously injured by it. So I say take my chances.

      2. The efficacy of masks, travel restrictions, social distancing etc are extensively studied and reported through international journals of science and medicine. Attempts to link reductions in risk through these measures have thus far failed to yield significant correlation. It is well established that risk of death is directly tied to age and health. Or you can believe a news article that says risk is determined by a state’s outcome in the last electoral college.

  3. American Guy –

    Masks protect against the un-vaxxed. Helps lower the spread.

    I don’t care for wearing a mask but I do. Not out of paranoia but because I care about others.

    I don’t really like wearing a seatbelt ~ but I do so for family /self protection against irresponsible drivers.

    To me it’s the same. No difference. Care, prevention, protection.

    I wonder ~ if you go to a doctor and you are diagnosed with high BP. Do you refuse the meds? Do you adapt your lifestyle to live longer and reduce the possibility of a heart attack / stroke?

    Adapting to change ~ is life. And if you don’t care for mask mandates (or the vaxx) ~ move. Plenty of states would welcome you, I’m sure.

    1. I agree that there are things we can and should do to protect ourselves and others. But the masks are only assumed to be doing any good and there is no evidence the mandates are making any difference whatsoever. There is evidence the cloth masks, which children predominantly wear, provide no benefit, whereas wearing a seatbelt does have evidence of benefit. In today’s political and social climate, complying with a mask mandate has less to do with real world effectiveness, and more to do with showing one cares about others, which makes it a superficial gesture. I just don’t like doing things to make others think I care by complying with a mandated performance when I don’t believe it is doing anything at all. I would rather my actions reflect my true beliefs than manipulate others into believing I am a caring person.

      1. Amen Skittish. Its not that I don’t care for others. If I didn’t I wouldn’t give people 6 feet of space and say good day, etc.Its odd, but most people who choose to yell at me over no mask do so within inches of my unmasked face. At which I usually reply, hope your mask works.
        Not sure why, but Everyone who calls those of us unmasked horrible people and we don’t care, have absolutely no clue what they are saying and what we are truly like. They don’t know that I spent most of my life helping those who don’t earn a living wage survive. I have worked with refugees, food stamp recipients, illegal aliens (And yes, they are Illegal), homeless, etc. So judging me by saying I don’t care about others doesn’t hurt me and why I laugh.
        I would never walk up to someone in a store and insert my personal views on others. It would be like me telling a parent who just yelled at this child that I would have that kid taken away from them as they don’t deserve to have children.

    2. Frogs eye 55, you cannot compare wearing a seat belt to a Covid shot or mask. One facts exist that seat belts do save lives. Unfortunately the Covid jab does not have the data to say the same. In fact more people now are being hospitalized across the world from the jab than they are Covid. Israel has a HUGE problem in hospitals right now and its mainly Vaxxed folks. United Kingdom is no longer going to jab kids because of the large number of Kids who have died and or had serious health risks. The jab does not have any safety data as of yet. All we have is “human trials” which have been tampered with (And that is proven) by removing the control group and removing participants in the study who suffered adverse reactions to the first shots! Those first shot people have been completely removed from the trials as an Anomaly. A true non biased, Not paid for by the pharma company which has financial gain, would not be complete for 2 more years.
      Prior to April 2020, studies showed masks are not effective unless worn correctly. That means remove before they become damp, handle them properly and dispose of them properly, but hey, not a single person wears masks correctly, removes them routinely, and disposes of them appropriately, which is why we have parking lots, parks, and other locations filled with that should be a Bio-Hazard.
      Don’t you think 20 months to flatten the curve is excessive? Do you realize how many more people have committed suicide, has serious health issues such as heart events, cancer, etc that have not been dealt with all in the name of Covid? Personally I do not trust ANY DATA our federal, state, or contracted agencies who stand to have financial gain from this epidemic. Record Profits for corporations and shareholders, while we, the little ones, struggle to make ends meet because we are not essential any longer.

  4. Oh no an even less lethal variant then the last few with 99.97% survival rates. Less keep up the needless fear! Much easier to keep power when people are scared.

    1. – please, learn some basic elementary school English before bellying up to the keyboard again – all your wacky deep state controlling you hooey aside, your proclamations are truly painful to read – Redmond (the place) is mortified – ya know what’s really scary? – ignorance

      1. Well so far there is no indication that omicron is lethal and is appearing to be much more mild than previous variants. Of course, we are just getting into this variant and I would say it is premature to conclude how mild it may be.

        Did you know that the infectious fatality rate for delta and earlier variants for adults who have been vaccinated is 1 in 26,000 and that the average age of those who do die despite being vaccinated are around 80 years of age? Also, the difference in fatality rate of an 80 year old is several thousand times greater than a child’s and only children who have had other health conditions have been the only ones to die? In other words, children with no significant conditions, like obesity or immune compromise, don’t die from covid. Peak shedding of the virus is the same in the vaccinated and unvaccinated. The per capita age adjusted death rate from covid in Florida is less than that of California, where restrictions and mandates have been at the polar opposite of each other. That strong evidence contradicts the claims that mandates have any effect. Finally, the vaccine and masking only protect the individual, not those around them, especially cloth masks. That should help answer your question.

  5. According to the non politicized field of epidemiology, Omicron symptoms are relatively mild. No instance of severe disease has been attributed to Omicron. Omicron has the potential to become the dominant strain. There is no data to suggest those with prior infection are susceptible to Omicron. There is no data suggesting those who become infected with Omicron are susceptible other variants. Vaccination efficacy against Omicron appears poor. Where vaccination status is reported, 100% of Americans who test positive for Omicron are fully vaccinated. Omicron appears to be our ticket out of this pandemic, turning COVID-19 into a common cold.

    1. Agreed. We are still getting more information, but at this point, we are still overreacting with calls for vaccination mandates for children, travel bans and boosters for adults.

      1. South Africa announced the presence of omicron on the 26th or so. The Netherlands sequenced it around Nov 19, but didn’t classify it as a variant of concern until after South Africa’s notification. Nonetheless, it is being watched closely and so far, so good in regards to hospitalization and lethality. If it’s not lethal, I don’t care how infectious it is.

        Listen to at least the first 4 minutes:

      1. Being aware of what is not known is not being ignorant, it is actually quite useful as it protects against assuming something to be real that isn’t. Skiz isn’t saying there is no data, but that despite research, no data or evidence has been found that omicron is a threat to those with previous infections, but there is data showing the current vaccines have lost significant effectiveness.

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