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C.O. charity sees some former donors lining up for food this year

And yet: 'The biggest increase has been in the generosity.'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Cars were lined up Tuesday along Bend's Northeast Division Street near the Shepherd's House, some to donate food items, and others to bring food home for their families, days before the Thanksgiving holiday amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We've seen a lot of new faces," Program Director Mike Yunker said. "We've seen a lot of cars coming through that are first time. We see a lot of cars come through of folks that used to be donors that now have needs."

Families had many different options to choose from.

The organization said they planned to served up to 150 people on Tuesday.

Organizers added that while the need is great, the pandemic has also brought out the best in Central Oregonians.

"The biggest increase has been in the generosity," Yunker said. "We haven't had as much food, as much clothing, as much donations as any year since, and I think 2020, because it's been so crazy, people are moved,
and they want to help."

One of those helping, giving people is Dave Nogeuras.

"I think a lot of people are probably hunkered down in their bunkers, as well they should be -- it's a dangerous time," he said.

Nogeuras said he thinks it's important for people do what they can to help those who struggling.

"One of the problems in the pandemic is that were supposed to be socially distancing," he said. "It's hard to do things for people when you're socially distancing, but this is one thing that we can all do."

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  1. Wow- what a KTVZ cheap shot ! “We see a lot of cars come through of folks that used to be donors that now have needs.” !!! Really Z21- rubbing their noses in it- a little salt in their wounds- without mentioning a single word about Brown’s Executive Orders that put all these people in this predicament ? Absolutely a new low for an already shameful news group ! I am truly shocked that you thought that this was a good story to run !

    1. BGHW… You are (as is your standard M.O) the rude one. No surprise. Your lens is skewed. Hate has a tendency to do that.

      Curious. If you dislike KTVZ so much why continue to use them as a news source. Just another reason to display your toxic crap?

      Hopefully you will never have to be in a position to require support.

  2. Conservatives: “thanks Brown for forcing more people out of work to become dependant on food banks and the government”.
    Liberals: “thanks Brown for forcing more people to give to meet demand and make them dependant on the government.”

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