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Conceptual 3D renderings released for 2 proposed Bend homeless villages

Former police chief, part of group seeking to manage sites, hopes 'it will help relieve some fears'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- New 3D renderings have been released by a group that hopes to be chosen to manage two proposed managed homeless villages in northeast and southern Bend.

"Managed villages for Oregon are proven that they are a solution," said Jim Porter, former Bend police chief.

Porter is now with Central Oregon Villages, a nonprofit that helps find shelter for the unsheltered, and is a potential vendor to manage the proposed villages.

Porter contacted Bend Creative Lab to develop images for the potential managed homeless camps. One is off South 3rd st. and Murphy road and the second is on 9th St., across from Bend High School.

"Much of what we do or we interpret is visual, and we believe by bringing these renderings forward, it will help relieve some fears," Porter said.

The design shows individual units surrounded by privacy fences, a community yurt with a kitchen, and a medical van.

A security fence is also seen surrounding the villages, which Porter said is a key element.

"The successful villages around Oregon have a strong fencing around them, with a single entry point and main gate, which is manned and closed during certain times of the day," Porter said. "That allows them to control what happens inside. It allows them to set the tempo of what the village is like, and that's important to maintain that the village has what the citizens around it are looking for."

Neighbors to the site off Ninth Street, including numerous staff at nearby Bend Senior High and Bear Creek Elementary School, are fighting the proposal, opposed to it being placed near two schools.

Porter said he understands the neighbors' concerns, but that a managed village is much different than an illegal camp. And he wants people to take a moment to look at the designs and understand what is trying to be done.

"The main thing is to be able to keep a safe place for those inside and outside the village," he said. "No one wants to bring crime and health issues into their neighborhood, but no one likes what's happening at Hunnell Road either, so we have to find a solution for that."

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Leslie Cano

Leslie Cano is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Leslie here.



  1. Looks great. But why must it be in the middle of residential areas and next door to schools?
    I’m all for such camps, but in no way amoungst schools and residential areas.

    These city leaders obviously don’t care what the citizens they are paid to represent think or want. It’s all about how they can impose their own will as cheap as possible.

    Do not reelect these people.

      1. The liberal elite has compassion for the peasants. Any homeless camps proposed on the west side? Bend has officially completed it’s transformation into San Francisco! Hypocrisy is the corner stone of the left.

    1. Our representatives no longer care what the tax payers want or think. You elect them into power, not representation of your values. Liberals at there best/worst.

          1. How about the old KOA site near Hunnell Road that has utility hook ups, had been essentially abandoned for the last 20 years by Walmart after they bought the land, and it’s far enough from any schools or questionable locations. Seems like the City should probably seize it and make use of it for the greater good.

  2. While that drawing looks somewhat better than the managed tent camp originally discussed and I applaud the recognition that this is a problem we need to take action to solve, a Guardian study of similar villages found crime increased in 6 of 11 locations studied, although not in great amounts for several. Really a wide range. Which gets us back to regardless whether it’s an improvement to tents, we should not experiment with these NEXT TO TWO SCHOOLS and a church PRESCHOOL.

    One of the most frustrating things about local government is that by the time it goes to Council it invariably seems the decision has been made. This appears to be done without public comment and now that they have committed they are intrinsically digging in their heels in the locations. Even this visioning effortt equates to more resources put to this location near the schools, sends them farther along that path given resources and time spent (“we already have the drawings”). City Councilors, and staff please really listen to your constituents— all your constituents not just your friends in your neighborhoods. You have tons of City owned property in Juniper Ridge that if located properly will not impact those who are paying your wages. Why not overcome the hurdles and place the camps there? Come clean— what areas were really studied? What are the cost impact comparisons? Start there at Juniper Ridge well away from residences. Or share all the possibilities and criteria for community dialogue— use focus groups with multiple stakeholders to give balance to various perspectives and from various geographic areas. Look at BPRD untapped land as well (that has not been developed yet). Set yourselves up for better success. Please do not force this near our schools and elderly. Start elsewhere and do not consider this plot for five years. Work the kinks out in lower risk location. Please. It will be better for all involved, including the house-less we seek to help.
    Source citation:

    1. Thank you for a thoughtful and well researched piece (that both KTVZ and the Bend Bulletin failed to do as so-called “major media” in this region). You are probably correct thee are to the city council has already made their decision, but find it very interesting that none of the city council members nor the former police chief have called for building this in their neighborhoods. Based on the article you provided, we shall expect the number of 911 calls from this neighborhood skyrocket once it is put in place…

      1. Investigative journalism and KTVZ can not be used in the same sentence. Most of what is posted on KTVZ News comes from AP or CNN. amongst others. KTVZ Does no investigative journalism. They are just an affiliation. Affiliated to MSM propaganda sights that associate themselves with American Marxism.

    2. This is reported crime, probably well under 50% of actual crimes committed. Crime statistics are of little use…btw, I did not report that last three property crimes against me (car vandalism, two burglaries), because the only reason to report a property crime now is if you need a police report number for insurance purposes. All three of my crimes were below $1000 and I do not want to get flagged by my insurance company as a chronic liability risk.

      1. FedUpLocal, thank you for your comment. I agree; I would not want it right near Skyliner school either and was assuming that with over 500 acres of City property there they could find a place within Juniper Ridge that would have minimal impact and well away from schools and sensitive areas. But you bring up a good point not to make any obvious assumptions— we need to specify not next to ANY schools with this leadership group.
        Source Junioer Ridge information:

    1. Dont forget about the potential rapes and assaults. Of course our council will say it was one rare occurrence and everything will be okay if it happens. Fix hummel rd before creating and creating a new sess pool in our neighborhood and schools

      1. I’m really curious why the words woke and bespoke have suddenly become
        so commonly used. I don’t recall anyone ever using either of those words
        until recently. It reminds me of ft/lbs, which has been used for many years,
        and all of the sudden some genius decided that it should be changed to lb/ft.

          1. “It’s just a way for the liberals to hide the fact that they are all racists”

            They can use all the trendy, ridiculous sounding new words they want,
            but even that won’t help them hide the fact that they are racists.

      1. I would be interested in a follow up story about the camps this non-profit is already running. Location, including address and photos and maybe some interviews of the neighbors feeling of the camp and maybe even a few of the residents of the camp. Noe THAT would be some true journalism. If this model is successful somewhere it should be a pretty easy task.

      2. Yep, nonprofits, where all the proceeds are funneled into wages and salaries to eliminate the net profit, The nonprofit is just a form of privatized bureaucracy that funnel tax payer funding into their own pockets. Billions of dollars are earmarked to assist the residentially challenged, but by the time these dollars actually reach the site where the residentially challenged individuals are assisted there is little left to assist them. The modern day version of the trickle down theory. by the time it trickles down to those who need assistance there is little left to assist them. With the amount of funding set aside, each year, to assist the residentially challenged they could purchase a residence for them. But instead they line their pockets with the funding and the residentially challenged are left in the cold.

            1. And a great way to just write off a whole lot of good people trying to help their community, rather than depend on the government alone.
              There are organizations such as Guidestar that review the mission and the books of such organizations to provide guidance on ones worthy of support.

              1. Barney, thanks for the reminder of the local charities that do good work here in C.O. KTVZ should use some of the time now spent on trivial filler reports to highlight some of these charities that do make a difference.

  3. Where’s the one alcove for the you know what type of deals that will go down? Those gonna 🐝 next to property line with 🐻 Creek elementary where 5th graders can look out of their classroom and get an economics lesson? 😕♨️

      1. That is the future of Bend and the liberals. So glad I have a out. New law starts next year where you can live anywhere on public property. Can not wait for tent city on compass park and Drake Park…HAHAHAHAH….oh man this state is a JOKE!!!! BTW, nurse of 20 years about to get let go over the vaxx mandate, enjoy your healthcare!!!

  4. These artists renditions make my place look like a dump! I bought it, I’m paying for it but with to formula at work today I can’t afford to improve my space! I am a dude who is a single parent, never been unemployed. My place is beyond Sanford and Son at this point. How’s about for rent these people come and clean MY place up huh? Next week it’s someone else’s dump. Yep! It’s a dump because guess what?! I’m always at work!

    1. At least noones on here saying the parents griping about it going in next to the schools need to get off their high 🐎. Are there gonna be testing ⛺ s for the mu or zeta variant of the virus or whichever we’re on when this gets completed? The man📆that was thrown out last week provided a distraction Biden needed from the 💩storm after Afghanistan.

  5. I have great compassion for those struggling to find a home. Not all homeless sit around and do nothing. Some do work but can’t afford a place to rent. A camp (or a few camps) like this is an intriguing idea that may help many. But – why does placing one adjacent to two schools and a daycare even enter someone’s mind? Aren’t there some felony convictions that prohibit certain offenders from living within particular distances from schools? Why intentionally limit who you can serve by setting up a camp in a location that would automatically prevent serving someone who has received a prior conviction and is trying to put their life back together? There are many other problems with the 9th street location that have already been expressed by others. The 3D renderings are great but it’s not about how nice and organized a camp looks. It’s about the human impact. Why not go with a solution that serves everybody’s best interest? Take the 9th street location off the table and you’ll have my full support.

  6. These villages require “strong fencing around them”, a “single point of entry and main gate, which is manned and closed during certain times of the day”. So basically you are creating a nicer version of a prison, only in this scenario the inmates are allowed to roam freely around the neighborhood and might be locked out of their own facility during certain times of the day. This advocate states this design “allows them to control what happens inside”, but it clearly does not allow them to control what happens OUTSIDE. If strong fencing and a manned gate is required, it clearly indicates there is a concern about allowing those inside the facility to interface with the surrounding community. A community in this particular instance that not only has schools, but also has a trail system with extensive foot traffic that includes not only adult men and women, but also at times unaccompanied minor children. Appreciate the efforts made here and agree this may be a viable solution if placed in the right location, but in this instance it is not the right location.

    1. Like the Bethlehem Inn, they will be required to leave during the day, get a two week stay, then told to leave, then come back after two weeks to re-apply for another stay. No fences at the B.I.

  7. Well now then doesn’t it make sense that Camp Utopia looks so pristine because all these lazy bums are NOT at a job but instead tidying up their little shanties and piles of bike parts.

    1. Tyler S. Farley

      “As I’m sure many of you are already aware, Progressive run cities are experiencing an explosion of homelessness. Cities like Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco are all at record homeless levels. In Los Angeles alone the homeless rate is up 50% since 2018.

      So how can Progressives who often claim to be the most empathetic people in politics allow such misery and suffering in their own cities? The truth is because it’s all by design and there is history of this among Progressives.

      For decades, Progressives have created victim classes. They do it through their policies or simply by declaring a certain group to be a class of victims. The welfare system and government aid programs of the 70’s and beyond is a perfect example of this. The welfare system created an entire vicious cycle of victims that Progressives could the pretend to fight for. Any attack on the welfare system was instantly deflected as an attack on the people receiving the benefits. This is how Progressives frame themselves as saviors of the victims they themselves created.

      The homeless epidemic is no different and follows the same playbook. Countless failed policies in Progressive cities have caused the current homeless crisis. But instead of reversing or changing any of those policies, Progressives have instead doubled down, adding fuel to the fire. And just like the welfare debate, any attack on Progressive polices causing the homeless crisis are instead deflected as an attack on homeless people themselves. Simply pointing out the homeless problem as being a Progressive problem instantly gets you labeled as uncaring and hostile towards the homeless, the mentally ill, and those with drug addictions.

      Progressives are always creating victims and creating fake enemies to fuel their need to be the saviors of the downtrodden. In this case they create the victim class, pretend to be their protectors, but instead continue the policies creating the victims in the first place. On the other hand, they’ll create fake enemies they can pretend to fight against to bolster their support among the ‘victims’. Currently it’s males, straight men, or white people who are the chosen enemies of Progressives. They label these people as the root of evil in society, then claim to be fighting the good fight by pushing back against them.

      For Progressives, it’s all a show, a mirage, and rhetorical slight of hand. They take their own misdeeds and failed policies then make it look like their enemies are the cause. They pander to the victims they created while continuing to fuel what caused those people’s suffering in the first place. It’s a truly twisted and sick manipulation of the truth, and it’s one Progressives have mastered.

      So make no mistake, Progressives are obsessed with using the poor and weak to help themselves feel like the elite saviors they wish they were. And like most people who pretend to be something they’re not, they leave a path of destruction and unkept promises wherever they go.”

      Watch the video people. This is Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and it is what Bend has to look forward to.


      1. I managed to get through 16 minutes before I wanted to throw-up. This is what liberal democrat governing will get us. When derelicts become proud of there irresponsible and illegal behaviors you know there is no hope for these type of people.

  8. Bend has much more and better property they own than the 9th street site. Tell us this , many homeless love their freedom too and don’t want to be in a “managed big brother camp” then what? Explain again where the money long term is coming from to pay for all of this? And she everyone the city owned property west of hwy 97.

    1. JLL, to the left of Discovery Park is a massive lot with infrastructure to build this homeless camp. There are stores near by, restrooms, and clinics. Everything needed to live comfortable for the homeless would just be a few steps away.

  9. Concerned citizens, please contact the Bend city council with your concerns about locating a homeless camp between 2 schools in a residential area. Also ask for the termination of Carolyn Eagan, who is responsible for the proposal and promotion of this site. Thanks on behalf of our kids.

  10. There is already a large population of homeless on the northside on Hunnell Road. Why are we not utilizing land right next to them that used to be an old KOA camp site. It must have some of the infrastructure already there to facilitate a homeless camp. And it is not next to schools and houses.

    1. Capt Obvious, maybe it is too close to the shopping malls of the west side. Can’t cause any discomfort to those people living there, but the council feels it is ok for anywhere else except where they live.

    2. For the city Rule #1 is that the homeless shall always be kept out of sight of tourists and visitors.

      Since it’s right on the northern entrance to the city the former KOA site violates Rule #1.

      Therefore it is off the table completely.

      Forget about it.

      Never gonna happen.

  11. If “Central Oregon Villages” is a non-profit in and of itself is not listed with GuideStar as a current non-profit organization.

    Deep Roots Business Solutions, which promotes Central Oregon Villages, does not appear on GuideStar as being a registered non-profit organization with the following assets listed –

    Community Solutions of Central Oregon
    Bend, OR|EIN: 93-1247063





    The project appears to be directly affiliated with the Bend Church.

    Is Jim Porter, former Bend police chief, a member of the Bend Church?

    Is there a conflict of interest with the City of Bend looking at the alleged non-profit (Central Oregon Villages) as a possible vendor (spearation of Church and State) if Mr. Porter, a former employee of the City of Bend, is also a member of the Bend Church?

    Is Mr. Porter being paid as a consultant by “Central Oregon Villages” or the Bend Church or Deep Roots Solutions and if so, by which entity and how much? And what, exactly, are Mr. Porter’s professional credentials as a homeless village expert?

    For example, what other “managed camps” in Oregon is Porter referring to when he claims they are the answer…and has he visited these himself and written reports on each which the city council has reviewed?

    What else isn’t the Bend city council telling the Bend community, particularly those neighborhoods that would be directly impacted by such a managed camp=, about this until now quiet little arrangement?

    21 should really follow up on the above and report its findings in a future story.

    1. Porter volunteering his time with Central Oregon Villages and other nonprofits since his retirement. He is not a paid consultant and is not receiving any compensation for his work with any of the nonprofits he is volunteering with. He does not attend or has ever attended or been a member of any of the Bend churches who have came together to form Central Oregon Villages. You misread or misunderstand what your finding on the websites your using, Deep Roots is an independent accounting firm who keeps books for several for profit and nonprofits and is a contracted bookkeeper for Central Oregon Villages. There is no secret deals, no non-bid contracts with any members of Central Oregon Villages, the city of bend or deep roots.

  12. There has got to be plenty of space over in the Northwest Crossing area for multiple camps like these. Look at it you’ve got trees mountain views parks trails ponds common areas sounds like a perfect match. Im sure NWX would love the the Colorado Exit riff raff of up to not good hoodrats in there neighborhood….

  13. If folks are housed, it is not a “homeless” village. This is a tenant community. Identity and shame can lower heads to the place that they only keep looking into their “hole”. Also, fear-based reactions (the stigmas) do not create healthy relationships with neighbors… arg! Maybe more thought? Do love the space between units, and room for possessions.

  14. If people will be living there rent free, then there should be drug testing and dumpsters, with mandated usage. It’s for their sake, as well the sake of citizens paying the bill. There is nothing compassionate about allowing someone to slowly kill themselves on a public sidewalk.

  15. I noticed there are no plans or land set aside for a “homeless village” over in the Northwest Crossing area. Or up near Awbrey Butte, in the neighborhoods of all the pretty people.

    This whole feel good concept is all well in good, but “not in my neighborhood” for these people.

    1. Paco Muldune…..One of his most celebrated sermons by Bishop Fulton Sean, and to some – controversial, was “False Compassion,” given on his show ” Life is Worth Living” in 1964 which prophetically addresses an issue so prevalent today.

      “False compassion, which is gradually growing in this country, is a pity that is shown not to the mugged, but to the mugger; not to the family of the murdered, but to the murderer.” I will add to this the homeless drug user, felon and not the families who are concerned about having the temporary camps set up where their children go to school, and not to the long time residents of Bend.

      In his sermon, Bishop Futon Sean relates the Parable of the Good Samaritan to illustrate the correct form of compassion: true compassion. He then discusses its opposite: false compassion, where the perpetrator is pitied, but not the victim.

      “Social slobberers insist on compassion to the mugger, the dope fiend, the throat-slashers, to the beatniks, to prostitutes, to the punks, so that today the decent man is practically off the reservation. This is a false compassion. It started in literature. It was in the work of William Saroyan and John Steinbeck ( both Socialists), for example, where pity was extended through their novels to the good-natured slob, to every kind of pervert and degenerate.”

      Sheen goes on to say that as false compassion has risen, so has crime risen. ( One need only look to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle etc.

      “Clemency of a false kind is shown to criminals. Part of the blame for this crime picture has to be laid at the door of all of those who committed and have shown false compassion.”

      These false compassion feelgood do gooders Council people live on the Northside, so of course they do not mind these acts of charity, as long as it is not directly in their neighborhood. There are so many people like this in Bend ” Social Justice, Equity etc I believe there are enough of them who could offer the homeless a room in their homes, or even better, a space directly in their own backyards to build a tiny home. If each of them did this, all the current homeless would be off the street.

  16. How many homeless people is this suppose to get off the streets? From what I see less then 50
    persons. Are any of these family equipped huts or just single occupant dwellings?

  17. As said numerous times before there are better places and shouldn’t be here! A lot of these people are from out of the area not locals down on their luck like they want you to believe. The city councilors would have you believe there are some women and children but I believe those numbers are probably very low and the real number is mostly men and how many of those is it caused by substance abuse. A lot of these people come here because Bend is and has been for years know in the homeless community as the place that gives a lot of hand outs to the homeless people. Why is this drawing showing houses? Thats a long term project not what we are being told is proposed for here! Further more I believe the people who would be here would not be clean and sober since there are places you can go if you are clean and sober! Did any of you know that a lot of these people are actually on a cell phone based network where they tell each other where to abscond with water, power, internet etc. This came from a personal friend who works with the homeless when he caught one getting water one night at his place of residence and confronted him about it. As for EX chief of police Mr. Porter he has not been boots on the ground in years and as a chief of police he was a politician now he is just another politician for hire and should care not weight at all in this. Our city councilors and Mayor need to start listen to the tax paying citizens of bend and do as we request since if it was not us Bend would not be here. Now would it? I wonder how the mayor, councilors and the like benefit from the homeless who don’t contribute versus actual tax paying residents of Bend?

    1. The city was quite clear from the get-go that they were seeking innovative proposals for these and other locations. And that other than firm rules, close work with local resource providers etc. no specifics had been determined.

  18. Bend’s point person responsible for homeless camp site selection is Carolyn Eagan – who’s 2020 salary was $133000 plus benefits. Her proposal and promotion to locate a homeless camp between 2 schools in a residential are clearly indicates change is overdue who choose to represent us.

    1. Apparently jail-list watchers aren’t aware of the problem DCSO has had for years, back to the old system, of listing attempted murder arrests as murder (the old one had a ‘qualifier’ field that folks missed.)
      Anyway, we’re checking on it, no info released by DCSO at this point.

  19. I have a question, if the homeless….houseless (whatever they are being addressed as this week) can live on public property and have 40 tires, 20 bicycle frames, broken windows, ETC … or LITTERING, in the real world!! Is it safe to assume, I as an employed, tax paying citizen can dump my trash on public property without any consequences? Just askin’

  20. Perhaps the city could purchase the old R.V. campground that is on the corner of Cooley and Hwy 97. The homeless camp is already on the backside of the property. And since the city was the reason Walmart pulled out it would be a magnanimous thing for the city to do so.

  21. So we are building a resort for the freeloaders with our tax dollars? Our city policies are welcoming them, anyone notice the doubling of the campsite sizes, been down China Hat lately? We need to add the luxury of all the free stuff to the Bend website, what happens when all the homeless transfer here because they heard about the luxury resort? How big does it get? Are these Bend residence that have fallen on hard times? Nope..this town is going to be Portland in no time.. nice job citizens..keep it up..that swishing sound is our town going down the toilet. All under the false notion of compassion..

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