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‘Freeze’ ends, but C.O. restaurants, patrons still out in the cold

Some residents say they will brave the weather to support local businesses

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- For the first time in two weeks, restaurants in Central Oregon were able to offer outdoor seating Thursday, though the cold weather made it a challenge for some patrons.

While some diners did take advantage of the outdoor seating, Jaclyn Perez, a co-owner at Bend's The Lemon Tree, is not very optimistic because of the cold weather.

She told NewsChannel 21 guests would be able to sit outside if they wanted to, but it's not something she expects to happen.

“Right now, it’s quite freezing cold," Perez said. “It was OK two weeks ago. We had a lot of people outside, but of course now, it’s cold, so things change.”

As of now, outside tents cannot be fully enclosed, so most restaurants will be relying on heat lamps to keep their guests warm, which for customer Anna Kimball is not a problem.

“I brought my blanket," Kimball said. "If I have to wear extra gloves and bring more blankets to support my local business owners, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

Faith Lauray shared the same sentiment.

“I think if restaurants provide a decent amount of warmth, like blankets and heater, even if there is snow on the ground, we can bundle up," Lauray told NewsChannel 21. "We are from Central Oregon, so it’s not bad.”

But if it turns snowy, well….

"If it's 'snowing snowing,' we might just do takeout," Kimball said.

OLCC news release:

Oregon Bars & Restaurants may resume limited Outdoor Dining

Restrictions still remain on indoor dining based on Covid-19 cases in each county

Oregon Health Authority provides specific guidance for hospitality industry

PORTLAND, OR. – In the latest effort to fight the coronavirus pandemic and protect Oregonians, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has produced specific guidance on how to conduct business activity. The framework provides specific operational guidance to bars, restaurants, wineries and distilleries.

OHA developed the guidance after Governor Kate Brown, on December 1, 2020, announced updates to county risk levels designed to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus. The risk levels and guidance are effective as of December 3, 2020, as described in the Governor’s Executive Order 20-66.

The framework uses four different risk levels based on COVID-19 spread—Extreme Risk, High Risk, Moderate Risk, and Lower Risk—and assigns health and safety measures for each level depending on the type of activity.

The Governor’s office has created a comprehensive coronavirus website with the latest information about the statewide and county level impacts of the pandemic. The website features a drop down menu to see county-by-county risk levels, allowed activities, and the corresponding personal and business activity guidance.

To help licensees with operational requirements, the OLCC will soon update the OLCC COVID-19 Alcohol FAQ’s to reflect how the risk levels impact licensee operations; this update will be found on the OLCC website, under the COVID-19 Resources tab, and the Business Continuity Information – Alcohol link.

The OLCC update will include information about: on-premises consumption, specialized venues operations, and expansion of the licensed premises. OLCC website visitors should check back often for updated information.

Additional guidance covering other personal and economic activities can be found on the OHA Covid-19 Update website. Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-66 can be found on the Governor’s website.

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      1. Doubtfully i know a club in portland did that. Idea I had was close to that where each dancer had their own heated tent and if a customer wanted to see one performer he’d inquire inside. The performer would go outside to the tent and spend time with the customer give him however many dances he wanted than go back inside when interaction was over till next customer came by. Bouncer could go from tent to tent to ensure safety, guess if alcohol was to be served customer could have one of those handheld devices they give you at the food truck lots and waitress could come out with drink. But would doubt Randy would go for it they’ll stay closed till 2021 or March when Brown considers it safe to open again. There’s idaho or wyoming the performers could go to, really hoping this quasi lockdown doesnt go into the nationwide one sniffles is gonna enact.

  1. For those of you approving of these draconian measures I would ask, When does it end?
    When every person on the planet receives a vaccine or does it just need to be every American?
    Will we allow people without vaccines to enter the country?
    What about religious exceptions?
    What about people who can’t take the vaccine for medical reasons?
    What is it going to take for you chicken littles to feel safe?

    Seems to me you all just can’t stop freaking out about one thing or another….the climate, racial injustice, viruses, which bathroom to use….it never ends with you paranoid nuts and you are simply hellbent on ruining everyone else’s life with your irrational delusions.

          1. So what do you want to see? Everyone with a vaccine?

            My body, my choice – I won’t be taking one.

            What about those claiming religious exemption? What about unvaccinated foreigners, will we let them in?

            People with your mindset have a lot of reconciliation to go through.

        1. You are such a negative individual. Are you related to BGHW?

          Perhaps you should stay home…so those who practice prevention can continue to do so.

          Amd no, I am not a chicken little.. just a citizen who cares about humanity. Unlike you.

          1. Then I suppose you’ll start working immediately on preventing a recurrence of the 800,000 abortions last year…right?

            You don’t care. You are just easily lead on media’s emotional leash.

          2. This empathy is fake. Where’s the empathy for all the elderly that can’t accept visitors from family and those that have to die alone? How about everyone suffering from depression because they’re financially stressed or losing their business? How about all the substance abuse and domestic abuse as a result of the lockdowns?

            The measures of prevention are worse than the virus and that’s unacceptable.

      1. It ends when people like you stop believing the lies- and do some research of your own ! The hospital system in Oregon has “never” been at risk for being over-run… that is just one of the many untruths that have been promoted here at KTVZ. But please- don’t take my words of criticism here as the gospel- simply go to the OHA dashboard center and look for yourself- they even put together some nice bar graphs to help you visually comprehend that Oregon flattened the curve on this mild virus way back in May- the EPI for emergency hospital visits has remained below the 1.5 threshold for months and months !

    1. Pretty selfish of them isn’t it? The find virtue in their fear of all the things you listed. A virus with over 99% survival rate has ruined the economy of nations and they are doing it on purpose.

    2. Well stated! Completely agree. These commies want us to muzzle ourselves as a symbolic way to subconsciously prevent people from speaking out. It’s about control and conformity. Let’s all pretend we are sick to help others feel safe? And yeah, those tents were not used and will not be used again. The ones from earlier this year were probably moved and used for firework stands.

      The shutdowns and “surges” this year just happened to correspond with our holidays, which could have been the one bright spot people needed. Easter, 4th July, summer fair/festivals/car shows/concerts/parades/etc., Halloween, Thanksgiving, these were all stolen. Kate Brownshirt and the rest are doing all they can to destroy the American freedoms, Christianity, the family unit, religion, schools.. Doing all they can to fuel hopelessness, isolation and depression. It’s nothing less than brainwashing and social engineering on a mass scale.

      Those behind this want to force the vaccine so life can return to normal. Many lost people will do anything to stop this madness. Vaccines take 7-9 years to develop. Ingredients include formaldehyde (embalming fluid), aborted human tissue, and Luciferase (bio-luminescent). Ask yourselves, especially with the Luciferase, why a vaccine needs to light up your veins? This will be used as proof you have the vaccine and cannot be falsified. Right hand or forehead folks, wake up and do your research, please!

      1. Another member of the Wishy Club. They, Brown and whoever else ‘they’ are, are out to get us. The only ones trying to sow paranoia and fear are you conspiracy nuts. But just keep giving your money to the con and his family, they appreciate your fealty.

      1. Let’s see how many hardcore conservative republicans show up, en masse, to support those restaurants in their outdoor dining attempts to save their businesses. I think you, JJHayes99, should lead the way. Ready…set…go!

  2. The ignorance here is outstanding. “Wish” and the rest of the clown posse would change their tune if Covid took a family member or friend. Until then they feast on garbage news form right wing morons. How many of the conspiracy tools have cried when they get infected and say “I was wrong”?

    1. Oh, but Wishy for all of his screaming ‘Hoax’ now thinks he and all his ‘I ain’t wearing no mask’ comrades should be first in line for the vaccine. Makes you wonder who are the ones that are really living in fear.

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