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Plans for new apartment complex at Bend Westside roundabout concerns neighbors


(Update: Comments from architect; correcting project details)

297-unit multifamily apartment complex sparks debate

BEND, Ore., (KTVZ) -- Mill Creek residential plans to develop a new 297-unit multifamily apartment complex called Modera Century West at the Century Drive/Reed Market Road/Mount Bachelor Drive roundabout on Bend's Westside.

The proposed apartments will be in two buildings, each at five stories over ground-level parking.

BLRB Architects recently hosted a virtual meeting to answer questions from the public.

The principal architect of the project said they're presently in the process of obtaining permits.

Some Bendites have expressed support for the development, seeing it as an effort to help resolve the housing crisis by adding to the supply.

Jim Roberts is one resident who said Tuesday, though prices are high, things will eventually balance out.

“We’re at a point where if we don’t build any more housing, or if we keep fighting to build housing, the prices are going to spike even worse than they are now,” Roberts said. “So the more we build, the more temperate the market will become.”

But the development also has gained considerable opposition, with many questions centered around affordability and traffic.

Lisa Muschel, chair of the Century West Neighborhood Association, said the apartment complex is just one of many housing projects in that area, and most of them, including Modera Century West, are not affordable housing.

"When we see 'market-rate,' what we can expect is for a one-bedroom apartment, it’s going to be at least $1,500, maybe $1,800 a month, if not closer to $2,000," Muschel said. "That’s not the affordability factor that we’re all looking for.”

Based on its location, some community members are concerned about traffic congestion, especially in the case of an emergency. A few nearby residents, one of which lives in the Touchmark community, have told NewsChannel 21 there's virtually no parking in the area. When tenants move in and have visitors, they said that will be a problem because the parking will start to overflow in various other nearby parking lots.

“We’re concerned about additional traffic impacts to this area," Muschel said. "We all recognize that Reed Market is a real sore spot. Basically, (with) three to four of the westside neighborhood associations, there are approximately 3,000 units being proposed for development. If we have that many units in a real short amount of time, without doing something with regard to traffic and parking, we’re all going to be in a world of hurt.” 

Roberts, however, said he’s not worried about a few more cars on the road. 

“Our traffic problems are negligible,” he said. “Compared to most cites this size, we have done a marvelous job of mitigating it. This specific location, Reed Market, is a problem, but it doesn’t fail. It isn’t a road that you can't go through at any time during the day.”

Muschel encouraged more people to stay informed with the development codes in Bend so they can have a say in how the city grows.

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Bola Gbadebo

Bola Gbadebo is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Bola here.



  1. traffic in this area is already bumper to bumper with the schools, businesses and century dr. this would make the area impassable and miserable for the renters. it’s a very small parcel of land. seems like a really bad location.

    1. We know it will be furthest thing from affordable housing. We have what twice affordable housing complexes. These developers just see what could 🐝 a cash 🐄 and it’ll not help the ones struggling to make ends meet. One 🛏️ room will probably be $1500 and two 🛏️ room will 🐝 pushing $1800.

      1. and the parking and traffic, etc.
        seems like folks are trying to make this the next “name your over-crowded city”.
        that’s a tiny swath of land too – would be a nice place for a park.

      2. @doug bledsoe… In that part of town, rents would be more like $2500 for 2 bedroom. Even over in the less desirable north part by the sheriff’s station, small 2 bedrooms have risen from $1300 to $2500. Several friends have been given notice to evict around town as the new owners are remodeling existing places to raise rents to keep in line with these new higher prices.

        1. Sad to hear people getting evicted just so remodeling can happen and rents doubled. But others who thrive on the progress laugh at others misfortune.

    2. The council doesn’t care. Look at what they did to the Southwest side along highway 97 just off of ponderosa. They squeezed in an apartment complex that is too big for that tiny parcel of land. They will close off ponderosa and add more traffic congestion to ponderosa and lodgepole, as that will be made the thoroughfare for the 400 extra cars coming from the new apartment complex. Have you seen brookswood in the morning? It is bumper to bumper congestion now, and with this new apartment complex it will be worse. The only way for people to escape a fire should there be one in the homestead area, and romaine village, brookswood will be the only way for all those people to try to evacuate. It will be another pleasantville California waiting to happen.

  2. It’s always the same opposition comments. Affordability, traffic and tree removal… I suppose the development they reside is okay because it didn’t have any impacts on the local region /s

    1. I’d say the concern is not only the already congested traffic in that area. But also those who’ve moved here to escaped their ruined cities are worried and rightfully so that Bend will end up the same way. And don’t be mistaken these developers coming in here could careless what they leave behind to them it’s all about the Benjamins. And once it’s ruined it’s ruined forever.

      1. Molon…22 years ago that intersection didn’t exist.

        The folks who live in that area are “new arrivals”. Nimbys. Example ~ the folks that live in Tetherow (homes requiring a 2800 square’ footptint home to fit into the community HOA. Puhlease.

        I remember the drive to Mt B ~ and the only residential living was Mt Bachelor Village. There was a funky motel before and then it was the Inn @ 7th Mtn (established in 1973).

        The folks who are complaining need to move farther out or find a parcel of land to live on.

      2. It’s easy to tell you are one of the ones who moved to here to escape your disaster, wherever it was, and brought it to the people who have lived here forever. And now that you have contributed to the demise of our town, you want to pretend to protect your little spot. Standard for this place these days.

  3. When they allowed that new monstrosity to be built over at the old Ray’s, that was the beginning of the end. Please spare me any further nonsense about saving Mirror Pond and “preserving the character of Bend”, because that horse left the barn a long time ago…

    1. what is that thing by the old Ray’s anyway?? i’m always not sure – apartments, multi-use, offices??? seems like a lot of room for a tiny town. wonder how many of the folks who build this stuff were here in the ’08 days. a growing town can recess so fast it’ll make a head spin. and what goes up will come down!

      1. It must be nice to have so much free time to rag on how the local news is reported? So many here who don’t trust anything reported to them yet they complain constantly. Bye!

  4. What DOESN’T spark neighbor concerns now?

    Coming soon: Empty lot that will remain unchanged and undeveloped for the foreseeable future and isn’t a big deal anyway for any reason sparks neighbor’s concerns.

    1. Just more NIMBY nonsense. “I got mine, and to h@ll with anybody else”. Maybe the “concerned neighbors” can pool their resources, buy the land, and they can then do whatever they want to with it.

      1. Been that way since the 1960’s…. so????? I remember moving here in 1980 and people were sharing rent. Nothing has changed except now the newcomers don’t like what they’ve created. Too late to go back now because it’ll never be the same. Probably going to take 4 incomes to live here soon enough unless you live on Hunnel rd. “Proverty with a view”.

  5. Keep in mind Bend’s code allows 6 adults to live in a 2 bedroom unit!
    That means a potential of 6 cars per unit !!! That is a parking issue…
    I have seen this happen with apts near me

  6. It will meet all the development criteria and get approved. No growth is not an option by State Law. It has to be managed growth with the UGB process but still. Apparently within the existing UGB there is no limit to growth except height limits. The problem is with the choke point bridges going across the river and the limited parkway crossings your going to have gridlock. It will be like Seattle traffic. No I am not from Seattle. I have lived here for 33 years. Roundabouts work great until you get to a certain point and then the system breaks down. Already it can be very difficult to merge on to arterial streets that feed the roundabouts because there is a constant stream of traffic coming off the roundabouts. The Reed market east and westside roundabouts already seem like they are at capacity and this project would feed those. Wait for a good ski day with all the new active arrivals and the traffic to Bachelor will be backed up clear to the eastside. What are they going to have some sort of overhead light rail over the river once it gets to bad? Bicycles rain or shine?

    1. we need more road crossings over the river to sustain the flow to the mountain.
      and more over the river in town.
      the reed market roundabouts are all jammed up, same with colorado and of course century.
      i cannot wait for the end of this school year when i don’t have to commute over there anymore!!!

  7. Time to start requiring more parking spots per unit. Take a drive by any of the newer apartment complexes. It’s a congested mess. The developers push the problem onto others. Make them price it into the apartments. I don’t really care about affordable housing. I care about a good quality of life. If we eventually move away from cars, we will have more open space to defile later.

  8. I’m all for it IF they provide truly affordable housing but I didn’t see anything about that mentioned in the article. Perhaps that will come out later. I had high hopes that the apts. at the old Ray’s site would do just that. Just the opposite! The rents are so high, yet I believe the apartments are all full.

      1. That statement wouldnt be true even if this place wasnt supposed to be affordable housing.

        But its an interesting point of view. I wonder if you apply it to all products, such as maybe gasoline and food?

    1. There is nothing in the article saying “affordable housing.” My guess is these apartments are for students attending OSU and maybe COCC. It will get worse as the school grows!

  9. Yep all full as probably has to be 4 or 3 people per unit just to be able to pay the astronomical rent which is probably 2 grand for a 2 🛏️ room. Waiting for the time when a complex gets built now and you have to provide proof of being vaccinated to move in. 5 stories high well 💩 my cats would freak when they’re in the window and an airplane flies by.

  10. You got to be kidding me, more horrible ugly apartments on our street. I have lived on Century Dr. between Reed Market and Colorado for almost 11 years. The college was the first that brought traffic and parking all over our street on Yates Dr. Then came more apartments, and across the street 7 condo’s and 2 hotels are going in, and now the want to put ugly apartments on Reed Market and Century dr. Do you know how much traffic goes by a day on our street. They are boxing us in little by little and these apartments are raising our rents because they are charging so much for these apartments and who can afford them, out of state people who have the money and have come here and raised the prices of everything. Bend has changed in the 13 yrs I have lived here and drove 18 wheeler through here in the 80’s. When is enough enough. Stop this madness and take care of parking and traffic before you bring more and more people here. Century Dr and Reed Market are already a traffic mess. Who is in charge of the planning of this town and Jim Roberts to you, we who live right here and right across the street from said apartments don’t want it period.

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