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Central Oregon

Redmond man caught, arrested in shooting near Sunriver

Deschutes County Jail
Cody Tanner Colton
DCSO command post Redmond Cody Tanner arrest 45
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office deputies, SWAT Team at command post for Sunday's arrest in Sunriver-area shooting
Cody Colton arrest DCSO 45
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office SWAT Team members arrest Redmond resident Cody Colton in Sunriver-area shooting
Colton recovered gun DCSO 45
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
Deschutes County sheriff's deputies say loaded 9mm handgun was hidden on a Redmond man arrested Sunday on attempted murder charge
Cottonwood Road shooting DCSO 44
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
Scene of shooting report near Sunriver on Cottonwood Road Saturday night

DCSO SWAT Team members used 'flash bang' to disorient, capture suspect

(Update: Arrest of suspect in shooting)

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team members used a “flash bang” device Sunday to disorient and arrest a Redmond man on attempted murder and other charges in the shooting of another man Saturday night near Sunriver, deputies said.

County 911 dispatchers received a call around 9 p.m. Saturday reporting a shooting with injuries near milepost 1 on Cottonwood Road, between Highway 97 and Sunriver, Sgt. Kent Vander Kamp said.

Deputies and Sunriver police arrived to find a gunshot victim, who was taken to St. Charles Bend by Sunriver Fire Department paramedics with serious injuries, Vander Kamp said.

Sheriff's office detectives spent several hours on the scene investigating what had occurred, closing Cottonwood Road and the Highway 97 offramps for a time. They were reopened by early Sunday morning.

Deputies and detectives worked through the night processing evidence at the scene and identified Cody Tanner Colton of Redmond, 23, as a suspect in the case, Lt. Chad Davis said.

Further investigation determined Colton was at a home in the 1600 block of Southwest 27th Street in Redmond, Davis said.

Detectives with the Sheriff’s Office Street Crime Units, Criminal Division and with the Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Team began surveillance at the residence, as members of the Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team arrived in preparation for a raid on the home.

But before the search warrant could be served, detectives saw a man leaving the home who they identified as Colton. Because he was on foot, Davis said, SWAT Team members staged in the area quickly “made a tactical approach toward Colton and used a distraction device known as a ‘flash bang’ to disorient” him, the lieutenant said.

The flash bang diverted Colton’s attention, allowing SWAT Team members to take him into custody without further incident around 12:35 p.m. near the intersection of Southwest Pumice Avenue and 21st Street.

The suspect had a loaded 9mm handgun concealed in his clothing at the time of his arrest, Davis said.

Colton was taken to the county jail in Bend and held without bail on an attempted murder charge. He also faces charges of first-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon, felon in possession of a firearm and an outstanding parole violation warrant.

Other details about the shooting were being withheld as the investigation continues.

The sheriff's office was assisted at the shooting scene by Sunriver and Bend police, Oregon State Police, ODOT and the Deschutes County Road Department.

Court records show Tanner was a La Grande resident when he pleaded guilty last November to failure to report as a sex offender and was sentenced to 20 days in jail and two years probation.

Last August, also in Union County, he pleaded guilty to supplying contraband. In 2018, he was convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm and sentenced to 15 months in prison.

In 2015, in Deschutes County, he pleaded guilty to sex abuse and a rape charge was dismissed. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail and five years probation.

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  1. LOLOLOLOLOL lemme guess…. too busy with corona to post local news. How many times have we heard THAT one, lol… oh wait… local news ALWAYS comes first, that’s right

  2. wow Barney – so sorry the half dozen self-absorbed ghoulish children who haunt your neighborhood have nothing better to do – really sad that they are the face of Central Oregon to anyone in the world who logs in to see our local news – mortifying

      1. Barney will be paid while the rest of Oregon is mandated to close. So yeah. Bash Barney away. He never has to worry about his check while every “ non essential” worker loses their job. The least he can do is actually report the facts on the ground and break down COVID stats while the rest of Oregon is destroyed, I have known Barney near 30 years since I left for Montana, but still have friends and family in Bend, he’s just another tool of the liars of Salem now. He never questions them.

        1. We are fortunate to have a local moderated forum. Unfortunately KTVZ has been assigned to follow in lock step with CNN anti America agenda which is beyond Barney’s control..

    1. So true. Oregon is such a cool place to live, but you’d never know it by this news site’s comments section. So glad the rest of you are our neighbors though. Cheers Barney, keep up the good work. Hope your move went well.

      1. Thanks, it did. Unfortunately, a certain poster is back with nothing better to do;-/ Telling folks to leave, but not taking his own advice, for reasons he’ll explain ad nauseam to the few who don’t ignore him. From the police who help us with stories to kind strangers I meet at the store, so many sympathize with me for having to put up with him. So I guess he’s helped me learn I have many friends out there, some I’ve never met.

        1. good perspective Barney, you do have many friends an fans, so remember bullying is s always about. the bully, not the target. Meantime this shooter has had lots of opportunity to change. his life, time to take him. out of society. for a. good long time

        2. Well that’s too bad the tears are flowing. WE have to put up with threats from the police and intimidation from the media. You know as well as I do there are crazies on both sides of the fence. If a left wing version hears somebody up the ladder as high as Hummel say to place a “Pox” on someone, and use intimidation by calling out the sheriff…it is possible for them to act on it. IF that happens….WE are acting on it. The kid that burnt the Gorge was protected by the cops and media….Austin had a barrel race…local, legal, legit, and met the concerns of the sheriff. The other kid burnt homes and TRULY placed lives in danger and LAUGHED…And you DON’T have to put up with ANY of us, but you know that. Maybe you already do, but it would be nice if you told the complainers you don’t have to put up with it, it’s by choice. The media evidently has a lot of automated feeding nowadays. I’ll see the exact same wording on any story you wanna choose, from any media you pick…paper or tv. This outfit talks local news up all the time…ok great. We see an article about Insley hammering trump…our neighbor. Granted…you didn’t write it. Why don’t we see an article about our OTHER neighbor that was also slamming trump…but got caught hoarding the dope for the ‘Rona? Strange. Why not any stories from California….I mean we see them all the time, from crying about the fires, to illegals, to all sorts of things….but Gavin Newsom thinks the President is doing great and said so

          so you see….we have to put up with that sort of crap show you purposely choose to feed us….so deal with the repercussions. In fact, like chuck says….ride that whirlwind

        3. Barney, you have many friends and fans you have never met, and probably never will meet. I’m glad you are thick-skinned to the few individuals who try to ruin this web site, and your hard work.

          1. Thank you very much John, it’s nice to hear. I need to build up my resolve not to give into his hypocritical personal-attack rants with responses. For every one I let go, I type many others and hit cancel). Others I just shout or grumble at the screen (who wouldn’t?) It just fuels their… whatever;-/

            1. indeed, I run an education page on a women’s health issue on facebook with 99,000 members and a hate group of 200 tried to get. under my skin. keep the perspective, doing good, is doing good regardless of the bullies. let them ride

          2. “the few individuals who try to ruin this web site, and your hard work”

            Yeh- it must be hard having to pass out negative (and now proven dangerous) mis-information to the masses all day. The realization that 99% of what yer pushin’ is a “verified” downer by independent agencies- and all you can do is just tell those on the other side of the doomsday fence to either suck it up and wallow in our misery- or leave.

            That must be real taxing on the soul- so why continue ? Because you either actually believe the gloom and doom you peddle- or you’re only in it for a buck. There are no other options- it is that simple- you either buy in to your message- or you admit ya need a paycheck and you are willing to sell your soul to the devil to grip some coin !

            I for one appreciate that there are others here that won’t cave to the madness CNN and their affiliates preach. If it wasn’t for a few of us goody-two-shoes… victims of the constant bullying we receive- I’m willing to bet more than just a few of you would’ve gone all in Thelma and Louise a long time ago.

              1. Swish is constantly accusing others of the same crummy characteristics that he is displaying. He hits someone and then screams that he’s been hit. Sorry…

            1. feel free to move on, we are fine with this page. you are seen widely as a bully with no value, so finding a place where your nonsense is appreciated might be hard work, but you will be happier

    1. Must be kidding:
      Kaylee Sawyer – 2016
      Valerie Peterson – 2019
      Kyle Adams – 2018
      … just from the top of my head in beautiful Bend, OR.

      1. not to confuse the story with facts, but Kaylee Sawyer was murdered by a Redmond resident, whose wife, also a Redmond resident helped escape.

  3. Face and neck tats are such a good look. Funny how stereotypes are right a high percentage of the time. Should have just sent him to prison based on his face.

  4. Too bad we don’t have a law that convicted felons can’t carry firearms….. wait we do……does that mean crooks don’t follow the laws????

  5. 23 years old? too bad – he has great hair, symmetrical eyebrows – could have made something of himself but for the nasty face tats. also, the anger and “attitude” come out in his eyes. rough life i’m sure. either darwin or COVID will take this kid. and i always wonder – where were his parents?

    1. Since when does appearance have anything to do with being successful ? I guess it’s the same as people who think that all people that live in big fancy houses, and have expensive cars,
      actually have money….
      Where was his parents ? Probably already in prison and looking forward to their upcoming family reunion with their worthless kid..

  6. I know it was recent but it will probably be a while before we get all the details of what actually transpired.
    Heck, it’s been nearly a month since the cops chased and shot the woman east of town, and we still don’t have any details of what actually happened…

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