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No snow, no go: Mt. Bachelor’s opening postponed again — this time, no firm date

Mt Bachelor

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Old Man Winter is taking his time to show up this year in the Cascades, and that unfortunately means more waiting for Mt. Bachelor skiers and snowboarders, as well as other winter sports enthusiasts.

For the second time this season, Mt. Bachelor announced Saturday morning it has postponed its planned opening day due to warm temperatures and lack of snowfall. The original opening had been set for Friday, Nov. 26, but was pushed back a week to a hoped-for target date of Friday, Dec. 3.

This time, however, the resort did not announce a new target opening day, instead reminding guests in an email the resort typically did not announce a planned opening day until there was enough snow to open.

The resort said it will have to revert to that tradition this year. Any guests with pre-purchased tickets and rentals will be refunded for next weekend.

Forecasts for this week in Bend call for highs in the upper 50s to low 60s.

Mt. Bachelor engaged in some hopeful thinking and reflecting on another late start and big finish in Saturday's announcement.

"Soon enough, we'll be shredding our 4,323 acres of ski terrain, carving corduroy, slashing wind lips and side hits, and chasing Clouds in the East Bowls," the resort said, adding: "Back in winter 2008/09 (also a La Niña winter), Mt. Bachelor opened up December 14 due to lack of snowfall, and once it started, it didn't stop – breaking records and dropping 538 inches of seasonal snowfall. "

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Jack Hirsh

Jack Hirsh is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jack here.



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      1. This is the new party line from the same people who used to say climate change is a hoax. It just morphed from “It’s not real!” into “It may be good for us, so just ignore it!”

  1. The earth is punishing the Colonizers financially for the disrespect they have heaped on her. And as much as the Crips and Bloods want to control her, she has a mind of her own! Oops, I misspelled Democrats as Crips and Republicans as Bloods. My apologies but you all look alike to us.

    1. All indigenous people look similar to me, but I don’t apologize. It seems like there is a neurobiological reason for this. It’s just easier to recognize the different facial features one is used to seeing versus people you don’t normally see.

      But yes, unfortunately both political parties are kind of gang like, and determine right from wrong based on what is in their gangs best interest, and eventually their short sightedness harms us all. IF only the Bloods would come up with rationale policies regarding climate change and the Crips would stop trying to run us off an economic cliff out of hysteria. They should also wholeheartedly embrace nuclear power. But alas, we will get the worst of both worlds.

  2. Let’s get the typical comments out of the way:
    Trumps Fault
    It’s Kate Brown’s fault
    Climate change is real

    Insert above comments when MT Bachelor get’s so much snow they can’t open for the day.

  3. This is the second year in a row for La Nina. Last year we barely got to an average snow pack. The second year of the same weather pattern is generally even weaker. So due to opposition to their “Fast Pass” BS they’ll refund season tickets if it’s done before their opening day.

  4. What is with some of you? This isn’t about politics. This isn’t about Kate Brown or Joe Biden, this is about weather. And regardless of your animosity ~ the folks that work at Mt B probably need the income.

    Are you all so toxic /blind you can’t figure that out? Or are you just so biased and stuck in hate?

    Hope y’all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Be well.

    1. No one is attacking the hourly workers at MT B. I’ve also been a defender of their management in the past. But recently with the Icon thing and now the Fast Pass I’m no longer a supporter. If and when they open it’ll be interesting see how people who’ve stood in line for 40+ minutes react to the privileged who will be allowed to skip the line.

  5. I have lived here all of my 60+ years and this is NOT the first time they have not been able to open until Christmas. They act like this is something new.

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