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Gov. Brown aligns executive order dates, convenes COVID-19 advisory panel

Now all orders are in effect until governor lifts them

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Gov. Kate Brown on Tuesday issued Executive Order 20-14, aligning the effective date for the prohibition on dine-in food and drink consumption in Oregon with that of her Stay Home, Save Lives order.

The move was taken to eliminate confusion over a related temporary administrative order that had a Sept. 20 date listed, but which officials said would not stay in effect after the governor rescinds her executive order.

The dine-in prohibition, originally established by Executive Order 20-07, will remain in effect until lifted by the governor. Restaurants, bars and other businesses can continue to serve food for take-out or delivery.

“We all want to return to a day where we can frequent the restaurants and businesses that have given Oregon its well-deserved culinary reputation and provided so many jobs for Oregonians,” Brown said. “I wish I could say there was a date certain when that could happen. But it would be irresponsible to lift these restrictions in the middle of this outbreak.

“I will be working with my Medical Advisory Panel, the Oregon Health Authority, and local officials to continue to evaluate how and when we can begin to return to a time where public spaces are safe from the spread of COVID-19.”

Brown also issued Executive Order 20-15, likewise aligning the effective date of Executive Order 20-06 with the governor’s Stay Home, Save Lives order. Executive Order 20-06 declared an abnormal market disruption in Oregon around essential consumer goods and services.

All coronavirus executive orders are posted on the Oregon Coronavirus Information and Resources Page after they have been issued and signed.


Brown convened the first meeting of her COVID-19 Medical Advisory Panel Tuesday, a group of doctors, infectious disease experts and medical professionals from across the state who will review the status of COVID-19 in the state and make recommendations to the governor on future response efforts.

Recognizing that this is a challenge unlike any Oregon’s medical community has ever faced, the advisors have been asked to comment on the needs of Oregon’s health care system, provide advice and input to the governor, and serve as a resource to the Oregon Health Authority.

The panel will be an avenue for Oregon’s provider community to give regular, organized input and feedback about the state’s COVID-19 response.

“This is an unprecedented pandemic that impacts every one of us,” Brown said. “I’ve invited a diverse group of medical experts from around the state to serve on this panel — experts in the fields of infectious diseases and critical care, as well as pulmonology, family practice, nursing, and pediatrics. With the collective experience on this panel, we can work together to make sure we have this crisis covered from every possible angle.

“If current projections hold, Oregonians’ continued adherence to social distancing measures will flatten the curve of COVID-19 spread in Oregon. Staying home truly is saving lives. But there is still a long road ahead. We must ensure our state has enough personal protective equipment for our front-line health care workers to sustain our response efforts, as well as expand our testing capacity so we can accurately measure and contain this outbreak. Until the day there is a vaccine for the coronavirus, we will have to remain vigilant to prevent a resurgence of cases.”

The panel will meet twice weekly and review Oregon’s response efforts in the areas of testing capacity, hospital capacity, personal protective equipment acquisition, and the continued effectiveness of Oregon’s social distancing measures. The panel members will help to develop strategies to address pressing needs, identify potential gaps and challenges, and give feedback from the front lines of Oregon's health care response to COVID-19.

The membership of the panel is:

  • Renee Edwards, MD – Chief Medical Officer, OHSU
  • Robert Pelz, MD – Infectious Disease & Critical Care, PeaceHealth
  • Paul Lewis, MD, MPH – Pediatric Infectious Disease, Kaiser Permanente Northwest and OHSU
  • Bruce Goldberg, MD – Family Medicine, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health
  • Susan King, MS, RN, CEN, FAAN – former Executive Director Oregon Nurses Association, ER RN Staff Nurse
  • Bob Dannenhoffer, MD – Douglas County Public Health Officer
  • Louis D’Avignon, MD – Pulmonology & Critical Care, St. Charles Health System and Summit Medical Group of Oregon
  • Dana Hargunani, MD – Chief Medical Officer, OHA
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  1. I keep hearing this phrase from her “If current projections hold, Oregonians’ continued adherence to social distancing measures will flatten the curve of COVID-19 spread in Oregon”…… BUT IT’S BEEN FLAT! If you keep tracking of the number of new infections per day… the curve has been flat already!

    1. The curve is flattening, yes. Due to the extreme measures being taken. This is good. If we do not continue these extreme measures and let things go “back to normal”, there will be a second wave of infections and we will have to repeat this whole process. We have to keep continuing the extra safe practices until hospitals can catch up, a vaccine is ready and the infection rate (not hospitalization or death rate) reduces.

      1. Again you are using the term “flattening” when it has already been flat. You mean “The curve is flat.”

        You have no proof that it has been these “measures” that have flattened the curve at all. It’s like me saying “this rock keeps tigers away”… well you don’t see any tigers around so it must be working. Why don’t you show me some proof rather than assumptions or “projections”…..

        Take a look at Sweden, they didn’t shut everything down or resorted to the drastic measures that this state or country has done.

        1. You can check the OHA’s website:!/vizhome/OregonHealthAuthorityCOVID-19DataDashboard/COVID-19EPIConfirmed?:display_count=y&:toolbar=n&:origin=viz_share_link&:showShareOptions=false

          Note how the bar graph correlates with the Governor’s shelter-in-place order. The curve is not flat. Yet. It is flattening.

          As for Sweden, Take a look at this:

          I won’t be surprised to see a shelter-in-place order there in the coming weeks.

          1. Wow , how do you look at that data and come to those conclusions?!?!?

            According to that link, Oregon has been relatively flat since march 13th, which is 10 days before Brown’s shelter in place order, minus 2 spikes.

            That 2nd link with Sweden’s shows it’s been flat since about the 24th of march. You have to look at amount of new infections per day. NOT OVERALL INFECTIONS.

            1. “Wow , how do you look at that data and come to those conclusions?!?!?”

              Easy ! Most of the locals hanging around here are fed a hefty dose of CNN/Z21 nonsense 24/7 ! They organize themselves into ignorant packs who refuse to accept basic science- as long as it contradicts anything the President and his Administration are doing- it really is that simple. This site peddles in hate- dangerous misinformation- and political propaganda to the detriment of the overall society at large- yet many of the regulars here will regurgitate CNN/Z21 talking points ad nauseam !

              If it wasn’t so sad- it would be hilarious- to find such a large congregation of doofs and haters all huddled up around their kumbaya camp fire- plotting their next assault on common sense.

              Scout Master Lerten keeps the mob mentality alive with idle threats and a heavy foot on the misinformation mobile- it really is amazing to see otherwise possibly sane adults turn into complete mental zombies when the panic and hysteria are lit like a roman candle on the fourth of July- kaboom- then total insanity !

            2. Regarding Oregon, it is untrue to say the curve is “relatively flat” if you cherry-pick your data to leave out the two spikes.

              As for Sweden, you have a point. I did link the cumulative cases, not new cases per day, which can be found here:

              Sweden’s experts have been discussing the potential for a more serious outbreak and overwhelming their hospitals in the coming weeks if more strict measures are not taken. Although, it would be great to see a Socialist-Democratic country be the example of how to handle a pandemic, wouldn’t you think?

        1. You know, you’re right. Steve Jobs was much more of a visionary than Gates! Too bad he isn’t still around to fund vaccines. RIP, Steve.

  2. I have read this three times and am still not completely understanding it. Does it mean that the stay at home order and the prohibition on dine-in food and drink consumption will both stay in place until September 20th unless she lifts it sooner?

  3. Kate Brown is an idiot. Comes out of hiding for almost a month and makes idiot statements and regulations. She didn’t even know how many ventilators she had or where they were.
    Where was she for weeks, probably trimming bushes.

  4. We’ll just have to see how this goes. Kate has no credibility with well over 2 million of her constituents. They will be watching this “panel” performance.

  5. Everyone stay home except for the landscaping and construction crews! The HOAs must have all their essential yard maintenance completed!!! Here’s looking at you upper class ********. Hard to believe there’s a worldwide pandemic happening and yet the mulch spreaders of America are riding four deep in the work truck. Social distancing doesn’t work that way!

    1. When your option is to stay home and not get paid because the business you work for is deemed essential (regardless of whether it really is or not), or continue going to work, risking infection, not many in that position have a choice. It’s the unfortunate reality of our country.

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