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Oregon reports no new COVID-19 deaths, 35 new cases; 6 in Central Oregon

Oregon coronavirus MGN

(Update: OHA says on Deschutes case was dropped for not meeting definition)

Three new cases in Crook County, two in Deschutes, one in Jefferson

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Oregon Health Authority reported no new deaths from COVID-19 on Saturday, keeping the death toll at 147, and 35 new confirmed or presumptive cases, including six in Central Oregon.

OHA reported 28 new confirmed cases and seven new presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Saturday, bringing the state total to 3,888, along with 106,319 negative test results.

The new confirmed and presumptive cases reported Saturday are in the following counties: Clackamas (2), Clatsop (1), Crook (3, for a total of 4), Deschutes (2, for a total of 117), Jackson (1), Jefferson (1, for a total of 25), Lane (1), Marion (10), Multnomah (4), Umatilla (2), Wallowa (1), Washington (6), Yamhill (1).

Deschutes County has now had 117 cases and 4.388 negative test results. Crook County has had four cases and 461 negative results, while Jefferson County has had 25 cases and 730 negative results.

The two new cases only resulted in a one-case rise in Deschutes County because, for the second straight day, one case -- in this case, a presumptive case -- was determined after further review not to meet OHA's definition of a COVID-19 case, spokesman Tim Heider told NewsChannel 21.

Public health officials have noted that the rise in case numbers can be attributed in part to more available and broader COVID-19 testing under revised state guidelines issued a month ago, including front-line workers in health care, including long-term care facilities, and grocery stores -- including some not showing symptoms, if supplies allow.


  • The cutoff for data has changed to 12:01 a.m., which means the reporting period for this report was 16 hours. Subsequent reports will have the same data cutoff, so the reporting period will return to 24 hours.
  • Due to data reconciliation, three confirmed cases, one each originally reported in Jackson, Multnomah, and Washington counties, were determined not to be cases. They were subtracted from Friday’s state total, and the total number of cases in each county was reduced to reflect this change.
  • Due to data reconciliation, 10 presumptive cases had updated information and their case status was changed to reflect the new information.
  • Due to data reconciliation, one case originally reported in the 10–19 age group and one case originally reported in the 70–79 age group were determined not to be cases.

Oregon Health Authority is now including a link to the Oregon COVID-19 Daily Update in the daily news release. The Daily Update is a detailed look at COVID-19 in Oregon, including testing data, hospital capacity, and cases broken down by demographic information such as age groups, gender, race and ethnicity.

Note: The COVID-19 weekly report will now be published on Wednesdays, rather than on Tuesdays, starting May 27.

To see more case and county-level data visit the Oregon Health Authority website, which OHA updates once a day:

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Office of Emergency Management lead the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

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      1. No one has any idea if there is immunity to this virus. So what ever you see you can not conclude immunity is being built. Like the common cold there may never be immunity and you can get it over and over.

    1. Looks like Crook Co. has four confirmed cases this morning. If you think that sucks think about this: Crook Co. has a population of about 25,000. State data shows that 465 have been tested. That’s 1.86% have been tested. So that is 4 cases in 1.86% of the population or 1 case per .0465 persons. This means over 98% have not been tested. We know the population tested was not a random cross section but let’s assume it is for the sake of illustration. Those number would indicate then Crook Co. is running 1 case per 115.35 persons tested. The conclusion then is that if the 25,000 were tested there are about 217 cases in Crook. Co. So when you venture out there aren’t 4 germ vectors to worry about more more like 200 give or take. That’s just a projection- even if it is really 50% of that it’s over 100.

      1. That was a lot of words and numbers. I didn’t read any of it, but thank you for responding, none the less. I’ve actually become kind-of a fan of Prineville lately, as I’ve been working there off and on and everyone I’ve dealt with have been very nice. It’s a cute little town. When I said “that sucks” I really meant it, because it’s really great to see a place that you like doing so well and suddenly have a breakout in a family or a workplace. I really hope everyone effected is okay and recovers quickly, and I also hope it doesn’t spread there any more.

  1. If it’s not a medical info privacy issue, could you report how many people are in hospital in Deschutes county with confirmed Covid? Could it be none? Hm-m-m

  2. Why does this article say there was 2 new cases in Deschutes when 1 of those cases was not actually determined to not meet the definition of being a new case…. Headline should read 5 new cases for central oregon not 6.

    1. The numbers are accurate. The story explains that the two new cases are indeed new, part of the tally of 6 new cases in the region for the day, but that another, different case was determined not to be a valid case, so the Deschutes County tally only rose by one, to 117. from the previous day. We are seeing similar issues with today’s numbers and are working to clarify before posting the update.

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