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Deschutes County’s 10th COVID-19 death is seventh at Mt. Bachelor Memory Care

Mt. Bachelor Memory Care 715
KTVZ file photo
Mt. Bachelor Memory Care was hit by a COVID-19 outbreak in recent weeks; 64 staff, residents have tested positive

(Update: Deschutes County confirms seventh death at Mt. Bachelor Memory Care)

OHA reports 7 new deaths, 376 new cases, including 28 in Central Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- COVID-19 has claimed seven more lives in Oregon, including a seventh resident of Bend's Mt. Bachelor Memory Care, raising the state’s death toll to 355, the Oregon Health Authority and local officials reported Saturday.

Deschutes County Health Services spokeswoman Morgan Emerson confirmed to NewsChannel 21 on Saturday that the 80-year-old-man who tested positive on July 23 and died on Friday was on hospice care at the Bend memory care facility, and is the seventh COVID-19-related death there.

Mt. Bachelor Memory Care has had more than 60 residents and staff test positive for the virus in an outbreak in recent weeks.

OHA also reported 376 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Saturday, bringing the state total to 21,010 cases, along with 422,358 negative test results.

The new cases are in the following counties: Benton (5), Clackamas (23), Clatsop (1), Columbia (3), Coos (1), Crook (4), Curry (1), Deschutes (15), Douglas (2), Hood River (3), Jackson (12), Jefferson (9), Josephine (1), Lane (14), Lincoln (2), Linn (6), Malheur (14), Marion (47), Morrow (6), Multnomah (87), Polk (5), Sherman (2), Umatilla (27), Wasco (8), Washington (56), Yamhill (22).

Oregon’s 349th COVID-19 death is a 74-year-old man in Washington County who tested positive on July 21 and died on August 5, at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 350th COVID-19 death is an 83-year-old man in Marion County who tested positive on June 17 and died on July 19, in his residence. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 351st COVID-19 death is a 47-year-old man in Umatilla County who died on July 14 in his residence. The death certificate listed COVID-19 disease or SARS-CoV-2, as a cause of death or as a significant condition that contributed to his death. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 352nd COVID-19 death is a 77-year-old man in Clackamas County who tested positive on June 8 and died on July 28, at Providence Portland Medical Center. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 353rd COVID-19 death is an 80-year-old man in Deschutes County who tested positive on July 23 and died on August 7. Additional details of his death are still being confirmed.

Oregon’s 354th COVID-19 death is an 85-year-old man in Multnomah County who tested positive on August 6 and died on August 7. Additional details of his death are still being confirmed, OHA reported.

Oregon’s 355th COVID-19 death is a 41-year-old man in Malheur County who tested positive on August 4 and died on August 5. Additional details of his death are still being confirmed.

There is additional information on Oregon’s 342nd COVID-19 death. He is an 80-year-old man in Jackson County who tested positive on July 15 and died on August 6, at Rogue Valley Medical Center in Medford. He had underlying conditions

See table below for total cases, deaths and negative tests by county.

CountyCases 1Total deaths 2Negative tests 3
Hood River18403,799

1 This includes cases confirmed by diagnostic testing and presumptive cases. Presumptive cases are those without a positive diagnostic test who present COVID-19-like symptoms and had close contact with a confirmed case. County of residence for cases may change as new information becomes available. If changes occur, we will update our counts accordingly.

2 For additional details on individuals who have died from COVID-19 in Oregon, please refer to our press releases.

3 This includes cases who test negative and are not epi-linked to a confirmed case.

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    1. we reached out to herman cain for a comment on snick 87’s comment
      it took us a while as he is not on this earth any longer
      however we kept at it and finally caught up with him
      we can only say it is a way station while his life and times are being reviewed prior to final assignment
      he said oh my
      do people still think its a hoax
      tell nicky unless he wants to join me
      I know for a fact that this is not a hoax
      why is nick so dumb?
      we will return after a commercial break with bobs look at weather

  1. Look out, here come more numbers, courtesy of the CDC of the USA:
    (look at table 3 – comorbidities).

    The CDC states that “for 6% of the deaths, Covid-19 was the only cause mentioned”. That would put the actual “death toll” nationwide at 8,340; current as of Aug 1.

    Also note the age group “0-24”. That is approximately 112,000,000 people. The death toll is listed as 255, without any further age breakdown. 6% of that would be 15 people, nationwide.

  2. Didn’t Mt Bachelor Memory Care already get called out once for lying about a death there a week or two back? Yes they did, by the woman’s daughter. Good for her exposing the fraudulent claims concerning “Covid-19 deaths.”

      1. It’s doing it again. I had to google this story just to get here. I sent you a screenshot of the flywheel jazz thru the pipeline. It was a few minutes ago

          1. Messenger, like the goofy ad a while back. I’ve tried everything. On mobile, i have to google “z21”, and click on the link “KTVZ:Home” and i can get in. On the lap top it’s a real struggle. Once i’m on the homepage and read a story, if i click the z21 logo at the top, it takes me to the page from days ago, i have to click the back button clear back thru the wordpress login

            1. Some Facebook folks also have reported issues, but others say it works fine for them. Lingering issues from our web hosting shift I presume. But that was like 4 days ago. Have posted note to others in our FB page and will let you know what I learn. Sorry.

      2. That is an excellent article which basically proves my point. The OHA and doctors in general are following CDC guidelines which basically tell doctors all over the country to count everything as a Covid-19 death unless it would be too unbelievable, in others words, inflate the numbers, lie. Some doctors including a Minnesota state senator refused and were immediately called conspiracy theorists.
        As far as the woman who called the Memory center liars..

        klcan64 says:
        July 24, 2020 at 4:57 pm

        “My mom is at Mt Bachelor, let me be clear the deaths are being reported at COVID19 but and I repeat But these residents that were already in Hospice end of life care, they are not COVID19 related. This is how CDC reports deaths in a place where yes there are positive patients but so far, thank God, not COVID19 related. Mt Bachelor is doing so well with their communications and compassion in this tough times. Please remember someone’s loved one is affected so stay positive not spreading negative.”

        1. I agree with you that the article is excellent. But not that it “proves your point.” The facility, Deschutes County and OHA all say these WERE COVID-19-related deaths. It just feels some folks would rather be “right” and have someone to blame than to take adequate precautions and be safe. They are much more comfortable finger-pointing than taking sensible, prudent steps to curb the spread of the virus.

          1. BTW Barney- like most with half their heads stuck in the dirt- you only see what you want to see !

            How you can selectively downplay the massive payoff to hospitals- specifically for the corona wuhan virus- can’t possibly be out of complete ignorance- or can it ?

        2. The article lacks some important details (why did the OHA decide in May to change the ILI to CLI- thus doubling the appearance of a second Wuhan wave- when in reality the negative test numbers clearly suggested otherwise- that it was just the common flu !

          There isn’t a single media type asking this question- but it is the heart and soul of the fraudulent numbers.

          Otherwise- the big money payout of $8 million to CO hospitals is enough evidence to shred any Medical Doctors comments to pieces ! These guys need jobs like everyone else- so it’s too bad if you didn’t get your medical degree like these privileged few.

      3. Barney I get it you work for your company and you have to push they’re crazy ass ideologies but you can’t be that dumb to believe the **** that you just posted in that link cuz if you actually agree with what that link is saying then that would mean that the yearly flu kills about 120 to 300 thousand people a year and if that’s the case then everything you’ve been posting and saying about the coronavirus is completely false so where you at Barney

        1. It’s late, I have more local-news work to do and these arguments are useless. Yes, the world’s media are all lying, feel free to believe that. I’m not about to waste my time trying to convince anyone otherwise.

        2. I’m not sure you will get anywhere with the moderator of a small town news siye- focus on the big picture and sign the petition to recall Brown.

          The Governor wants everyone to believe that her actions are saving in lives- but the evidence- after 7 months now- is clearly contrary to her wild eyed imagination.

          According to the OHA data-

          The state as a whole- saw the Wuhan China virus completely flat line in April. Then Brown and the OHA tweeked the definition of “Influenza like illness (ILI) to Covid like illness (CLI)- which resulted in another spike of “supposed Wuhan virus numbers”… but the tests were coming back negative for Wuhan- so I kept asking… what is it then ? No response !

          We now have the KGW story supporting the claim that medical professionals are calling everything covid- but avoid the accusation that it’s being done for money- a day or so later- Wham !… Governor Brown rubs her paws as millions of dollars in Fed cash hit the streets- specifically for our covid friends who have been pushing this hoax from day one !

          Barney isn’t a fool- but he is a “run-of-the-mill” liberal media type hell bent on saving his job also. Yer not gonna get that fish to fly !

    1. The KGW article is a real eye opener- and in light of the fact that CO hospitals just received $8 million for covid- it only adds fuel to the fire that this is a full scale money run- and the Governor is promoting this hoax for federal funds !

      This really caught my eye-

      “We count COVID-19 deaths this way because the virus can often have effects on an individual’s health that may…”

      Stop right there… “MAY” ???

      Did OHA spokesman Jonathan Modie really just toss a “may”- a “perhaps” a “possibly” into these official medical documents ? Where’s the science in that ? Either it is- or it isn’t ! There are no “maybe’s” out there in the medical world and I would challenge any self respecting Doctor to show up here and debate that terminology !

      There is a lot more in the article that supports the whole concept that this is nothing more than a fraudulent attempt by the Oregon Governor to steal as much money from the Feds for her fake pandemic and disastrous budget shortfall- that all really started with her poor handling of the state PERS program !

      This is a scam !

        1. Scientists do not advance their careers on research papers dotted with “maybe’s-perhaps-mights” !

          That is the whole point of scientific research- to get definitive answers… the KGW article is clear- if you are diagnosed with covid two weeks prior to your death- it’s death “BY” covid. What they are not telling anyone- is how many of these cancer patients- LYC patients-heart attack victims actually become exposed to covid “at the hospital” !

          Again- I was shocked to hear that St Charles in Prineville has not separated their covid testing-ED visits from the general public… that is extremely careless behavior- it’s what we saw in NY when Cuomo decided to place the “at risk” population in the same place as covid infected people !

          No wonder Demokrat states lead the planet in fatalities to the China virus- this is appalling !

          1. Nope ! Not pathetic- just finally getting around to some consistency after a large number of posts here criticized the Mod for trying to censor conservative voices while you lefty loons ran rampant with your personal attacks- vulgarities- and off topic hysterics… “Finally”- a taste of yer own medicine and you whine like a little sissy !

            1. OMG Barney, he called me a sissy! That’s “offensive”, a violation of your TOS! Do your job, Barney!!

              p.s. – You’re getting called out so you’ll probably delete this one too.

              1. Barney should release a “greatest hits” post. All of the greats that have been removed. Like the top ten every week…. i’ll race ya…. ready set go!

    2. NO nick, the facility (I have family there) is not lying. The health department is classifying every death, even deaths that have been on hospice for a long time before covid- as Covid deaths. That is what the other daughter was exposing. Not the facility lying, the fact that the news and health department are reporting every natural death, which could have just have easily happened when a frail elderly person gets a cold or other illness, as covid deaths, which yes I guess its technically true but when 6 our of 7 had been long term hospice care patients its misleading. Yes these people test positive for covid and I am sure covid contributed or didnt “help” them, but to report them as straight up covid deaths, its a little misleading.

      1. Then the facility needs to call BS on the OHA and the CDC and take a stand against the official narrative or they are guilty of supporting lies through silence.

    1. You are right- “masks alone” are not enough ! it’s like a construction worker who goes on site with just a hard hat on- but fails to wear eye protection- steel toed boots- and high impact gloves… Masks are only one part of the necessary strategy to personally protect yerself… so here’s how… the way Asian nations (those with single digit deaths per 1 million population numbers).

      Mask Up-Glove Up- and Wash Up. MuGuWu !

      For whatever reason- the US/Oregon fails miserably with this messaging- as your hands remain the number one source of transmission- it’s not through the air- it’s hands to face- 100% !

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