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Waldorf School of Bend deals with COVID-19 outbreak involving 5 students, staff

(Adding video, details, comments by school director)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- On Wednesday, the Oregon Health Authority reported 21 cases of COVID-19 at schools around the state. The largest single school outbreak in its weekly report was at the Waldorf School of Bend.

The school's interim director, Nate Brocious, told NewsChannel 21 on Thursday that the OHA report was inaccurate in its report of seven COVID-19 cases -- three students and four staff or volunteers -- and that the total has actually been five cases.

But Brocious said they are in fact still dealing with positive cases among students and staff members.

"We have five total cases, and again we know that for a fact because we worked very closely with Deschutes County health on all these cases," Brocious said. "So there is no doubt as to how many confirmed cases there are."

Out of the 62 students and 14 staff, two of the COVID-19 cases are students. The other three are faculty members.

Brocious said the school had to work with the Oregon Department of Education to create a blueprint for reopening.

Waldorf also operates as an emergency child care facility, which allows it to stay open, unlike many public schools, in accordance with the governor's Executive Order 20-12 and ODE's Early Learning Division.

Brocious said staff and students have used face masks or face shields, and in some cases both at the same time.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently recommends not to use face shields in place of masks.

When we asked Brocious if the school had any regrets, he replied, "I try not to live with a lot of regret. I think really, it's about saying, 'What can we learn from this?' Because we have to be learning. There is always something to be learned, from every case." 

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    2. I’m really trying to understand why you’re posting this here. KTVZ is a LOCAL news outlet. If you want national political news, why are you expecting it to take precedent over anything and everything, to the detriment of local news? If you want to read a bunch of unhinged political garbage to support whatever beliefs you have, there are plenty of outlets that provide just that.

      If you don’t want to read local news, don’t. It’s that simple.

      1. Much like all of the t.v stations in other cities, Z21 isn’t strictly a local news outlet. In case you haven’t noticed, Bend and the surrounding towns aren’t very big, and there are only so many stories to write about. Even the stations in the large cities like Portland and Seattle, where there is actually a lot of local news, they still cover regional, national, and political news… That’s why they are called news channels.

        Z21 has separate Oregon/Northwest, as well as political and U.S/World news, so they
        aren’t just local news. Being a CNN affiliate, odds are that they will cover any
        big stories, especially if they are political because CNN is big on political news,
        although it is usually spun to some degree, and biased.
        I look at several stations from other areas daily, and one thing I have learned is
        that a lot of times Z21 is very slow to get stories on. There have been several times that I read stories that pertained to C.O on stations from other areas, and when I
        looked for the same story on here, it wasn’t even posted yet. Not real sure why
        that happens, but it seems a little odd…

        1. And I pride myself in being first to a lot of local news as well. But yes, we don’t like to follow other local media’s lead any more than they do us. Frequently we have stories a day or more before other outlets, but often the same day. Thank you for at least understanding that … well, again, we don’t write or edit the CNN content, like every other station that gets it, it’s automated (much as AP is, but we’ve had tech issues and how much of that we get – frustrating little one-line bulletins without the follow-ups.)

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        1. I don’t write, edit or publish the national news here, as I’ve explained. I’m plenty busy with local news. But there are three recent town hall stories I see in the feed that I’m sure will get trounced by those who enjoy doing such things…

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