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Bend-La Pine School Board discusses possible new state reopening metrics

The Bend-La Pine School Board met online Tuesday night to discuss the possibility of Oregon issuing new COVID-19 metrics for returning to in-person classes sooner than under the current system.

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Alec Nolan

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  1. WOW, they are finally admitting their “metrics” are impossible to meet and kids would never go to school again. 25 in two weeks is still very tough to get to however and if this is the case, kids still won’t be going to school this year.

  2. About a week into the pandemic we should have put the kids back in school knowing this doesn’t affect younger people. If a parent or teacher is not comfortable with that then stay home.

    This terrible decision to keep schools shut down dramatily affects low income families. How in the hell are they supposed to school their kids while barely making ends meet?

    Typical liberal policy, shame on OR state government, shame on teacher unions and administrators. They speak out of one side of their mouth saying they want to help the poor. But, their actions are the exact opposite.

    Grow a sack Bend-La Pine School Board. Screw the orders of commie Kate, tell your union leaders to pack a lunch and do the right thing, OPEN SCHOOLS NOW!

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