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Oregon gets first N95 mask shipment from in-state supplier


SALEM, Ore. (AP) — When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Oregon and other states had to scramble to get protective masks for front-line medical workers, often importing them from China amid intense competition for a dwindling supply.

Now, for perhaps the first time, the state can access them from its own backyard.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, based in Fremont, California, this week sent Oregon its first shipment of 600 N95 masks, produced at its manufacturing facility in Medford, said Debbie Dennis, Oregon’s chief procurement officer.

“To me, that’s a really big deal, because until now we have had to go overseas to try to purchase those items,” Dennis said in a phone interview. Masks produced by a U.S. company, 3M, were hard to get amid the demand, she added.

“I think having our own N95 supplier here in Oregon is pretty amazing,” she said.

Under the state’s purchase order, Lighthouse is to provide 200,000 N95 masks per month for 12 months. They’ll initially cost $3.95 each but that should drop to around $3.25 as manufacturing becomes more efficient, Dennis said.

Oregon officials said they learned early during the pandemic that they needed to look locally for connections in the state to help source increasingly scarce personal protective equipment and to make it.

“We have worked to ensure that Oregon does not again face the personal protective equipment shortages we did in the spring, when the national stockpile and available supply was quickly depleted,” said Gov. Kate Brown’s spokesman, Charles Boyle.

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      1. The machinery to make the spun polypropylene material is not cheap, nor could it be quickly obtained. Glad they got a production line up and running. Still, I remember when I could stop in at Airgas and pick up a box of construction-type N-95’s (with the exhalation valve) for ten bucks for a box of 10. They must be making a nice profit on each mask.

  1. When the plandemic hit I was privy to container loads of N-95s in California which i could have here in hours. I called every Hospital system and nursing home in the state and I was told the same thing, “If you are not an approved supplier we can not buy from you”. I explained I had all the paperwork for the goods and could deliver now but told the same. I asked how to become an “approved supplier” and was told it would take months at least.
    And all this for a N-95 mask which, at BEST is 95% effective with a 3 micron particle. It is a dust mask. Covid -19 is a 1 (I repeat one) micron particle. So, this is like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence.

    1. So, basically what you’re saying is that according to your limited knowledge, you are angry that you couldn’t make a quick buck killing folks? Sounds reasonable.

    2. Couple things actually. Chances are your buddy with the container had KN95 masks which do not meet the same standards as N95 masks. Most all masks in a container (from overseas) are KN95 so good on the hospital for requiring paperwork to maintain standards.

      Second, while you are correct that 1 coronavirus particle would fit through the N95 mask if it were by itself, this is not how it works. There is never just one single virus floating around the air. It is always clustered with droplets of moisture from your mouth or nose or humidity in the air itself. These are larger than the opening of an N95 and thus protects against breathing it in and another reason why the standards are so high to actually get the approved N95.

      1. Without a respirator fit test- it’s all for not- and N95’s require the test- and the questionnaire that goes along with it ! I’ve told everyone before- you want a legal out of the Governor’s mandatory mask BS- claim claustrophobia- Game Ova !!!

    3. Not true. The median test particle size for NIOSH respirators is 0.3 micron, and devices are generally effective for 0.1 micron. The FDA does not certify things as medical devices if they do not work. No matter what you might hear on OAN or Newsmax.

  2. This whole thing is starting to smell like the russian collusion hoax . Has CNN or KTVZ ever apologized for all the lying over and over repeatedly to the American public ?

    1. Neither CNN nor Z21 will ever admit that their biased and unprofessional coverage of this President was nothing short of politicized propaganda from day one. Both allowed their personal political views to infect and destroy the Journalists creed- to simply report the news- not drive it ! So let’s not expect anything but a hostile response from any KTVZ representative regarding the matter- it is what it is- Propaganda ! Personally though- I feel for all the young minds that have wandered through the Z21 station- thinking that they were really going to learn about the profession- the trade- the art of news coverage. Instead- they all got dragged into the swamp of lies- misinformation- and biased reporting- to the tune of 94% negative coverage- about a US President- the most powerful figure on the planet- and they treated the guy like dirt ! A truly shameful time period to be in news- and history will not be so kind !

  3. States were forced to bid against each other for masks etc., driving up the costs, due to the complete inaction by the orange buffoon. The incompetence is unbelievable.

    1. Nonsense ! Construction and manufacturing companies nationwide had huge stockpiles of N95 masks in their PPE supplies. The problems started when China started recalling their global shipments- setting off a buying frenzy and hoarding akin to what you did with toilet paper ! It was mental half-wits like yerself that created a fake shortage- for a hoax ! But it now looks all fer not as US President Trump has delivered on his promise to save the world from the China attack by leading the world towards not one- but two China Virus Vaccines- suck on it hater- and with the rest of Oregon- get in the back of the line for said vaccination- Elections have consequences- and it looks like the red states and supporters of President Trump are up first ! So put on that mask- go wash yer hands- and stop playing with your lower lip- yer gonna get worms !

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