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Deschutes County goes back to High Risk category; Crook, Jefferson still at Lower Risk

(Update: State confirms move back to Higher Risk category)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – As expected, a rise in cases and positive test results has sent Deschutes County back into the High Risk COVID-19 category for the next two weeks, while Crook and Jefferson counties remain in the Lower Risk category, the Oregon Health Authority confirmed Tuesday.

More information about the latest risk levels was posted by the Oregon Health Authority in this document.

Deschutes County had 270 cases in the March 21-April 3 two-week period, for a case rate of 139.9 per 100,000 people and positive test rate of 3.8%, up from 192 cases, 99.5 cases per 100,000 people and a 2.5% positive test rate the previous two weeks.

Crook County had 23 cases in the latest two-week period, for 98.1 cases per 100,000 and a positive test rate of 1.8%. Jefferson County had 19 cases and 79.7 cases per 100,000 for the period, with a positive test rate of 3.2%.

NewsChannel 21's Max Goldwasser is talking with businesses affected by the change for a story tonight, starting on Fox @ 4.

Morgan Emerson, public information officer for Deschutes County Health Services, said Monday the recent increase in cases was likely to move the county back to Higher Risk. 

"On the last set of the risk numbers, we were right on the edge, and since then, we have seen cases continue to rise. So we see it's highly likely that we may move up to the high risk category again,” Emerson said.

Over the past three two-week periods, Deschutes County has seen an increase in COVID cases.

The last period reached a rate of 99.5 cases per 100,000 people. The threshold to move into High Risk is between 100 and 200.

The High Risk category means indoor dining and recreation move back to 25 percent capacity, and retail back to 50 percent.

Jennifer High, director of operations at the Athletic Club of Bend, fears this move will allow fewer people inside, but could also deter some from coming at all.

"It's definitely an obstacle, and one that we can fight with, but it is pretty detrimental, this entire situation, to our business,” High said. 

Deschutes County didn't qualify for a two-week grace period by the OHA, because the county has been in the Moderate Risk category for so long (since Feb. 12).

While Deschutes County has given over 62,000 vaccine shots, Emerson said people still need to be responsible.

"We don't have herd immunity in Deschutes County, or in Oregon, or the country, so we have to continue taking precautions,” Emerson said. 

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  1. I honestly don’t understand this anymore. Those that WANT a vaccine have either been vaccinated, had the chance or will be vaccinated soon. If most chose not to get vaccinated then why do the rest of us have to suffer? let it play out. Dont lock us all down because people refuse to vaccinate

    1. I’d support that if you and others that refuse protection also submit to frequent testing, refuse medical help when you do get infected, and support going into isolation to protect others.

      1. The “others” that you speak of consist of Demokrat supporters who voted for crack-meth-heroin and Joe Biden all in the same election cycle… the shift in attitudes morals ethics, and political affiliation are clear to see- Bend has gone all in for the liberal ideology of “I do as I please”… now stop complaining every-time these selfish attitudes back-fire… cripes people I called this months ago- the regional problem children in CO are the half-wits out in Bend- Doosh County Oregon.

        1. Sounds like the Easter Bunny skipped your rock and you’re unhappy. I’d suggest you try to support the society you’re a part of or leave it. In the meantime, have a sparkling day in sunny Central Oregon.

        1. Just suggesting those who believe in their right to run around unprotected also support the rights of others that choose to be protected, including not being a future financial or medical burden on society because of their selfishness, stubbornness, and stupidity.

          1. That’s quite a mouthful for someone who sits by and refuses to acknowledge the numerous “underlying conditions” that 98% of these deaths are caused by. Where’s your crusade against fast food- sugary colas- computer based lifestyles- tobacco use- alcohol abuse- marijuana use- you all voted to decriminalize meth- crack- heroin… oh yeh- that’s gonna turn out good ! You nanny staters out there to violate my 14th amendment have had your chance to prove yer right- and these ongoing new cases- death rates- and lock-downs have all been proven to be a complete disaster. It’s time you all shut the hell up and let the rest of us go about our daily lives without your government interference… you wanna hide in a closet yer whole life- have at it- I’ll be out on the town throwin’ kisses to the cuties and buyin’ my buds rounds ! Yer a disgrace and a coward- deal with it !

    2. DO you want to understand? Really understand? Or are you just whining. In order to truly understand you must first be willing to listen to the actual truth. But most woke are afraid of hearing the truth.

      The truth is,
      1. The vaccine does not provide immunity.
      2. The vaccine does not prevent infection.
      3. The vaccine does not prevent spread.
      4. Vaccinated must still wear a mask.
      5 Vaccinated must still social distance.
      6. The vaccine is not a vaccine.
      7. You have been duped by the lies you believe.

      Plain and simple

        1. @Laughing@U, Actually Fox News is spouting the same playbook as all the other propaganda news channels.. So I am not sure what your message is? O would love to hear some intellect from you. Please expand on what your point is. Thanks!

      1. Or maybe it’s the idiots like you who don’t listen to logic and science who are making thus way more difficult than it needs to be. If there Only weren’t so many stupid trump loving imbeciles we could beat the virus!

        1. @Never Trumper…. I would love to discuss logic and science with you. I am not a Trump lover … please expand on what your logic and science is. I would love to hear it. Let’s actually discuss it. Sincerely 🙂

    3. Agreed…. somewhat… First.. it is not a vaccine.. it is a treatment… but if the treatment is to protect and or minimize the symptoms of the virus, then why would those that choose to get the experimental gene therapy treatment jab care what other choose to do or not?

      1. It is a vaccine. Not a treatment. Maybe read up on how vaccines work. I guess by your logic the polio vaccine is a treatment too? That would be assuming you possessed a sense of logic though. Forget I said anything.

      1. I get it you guys on the left trying to go back to colonial Democratic racist years but to call the Mexicans coming over the border dumb is just plain rude

      1. I find your tone quite offensive . KTVZ is a breeding ground for hate ! isn’t there a responsible mod that works there ? Evidently not . Pretty sure “Cali ” Is south of Oregon

    1. It really doesn’t matter. The fact is that we’re getting more cases regardless of whether it’s from fools that refuse vaccination and use of PPE or people just passing through.

  2. this is ridiculous. Small businesses go through huge effort and expense to gear back up, shut back down…on Her royal highness’ command. Let it GO already Kate! BTW, please keep wearing your face diaper. I don’t want to have to look at that mug of yours anyway.

  3. Wow! It’s almost as if there’s a correlation between relaxing virus-mitigating precautions and a rise in cases (with a more contagious variant, nonetheless).
    The “hoaxers” and anti-maskers can’t wrap their smooth brains around such a concept.
    We could have been over this, like New Zealand is, if only the leaders of our country hadn’t bumbled in such a catastrophic, half-a-million-dead-Americans, type of way.

    1. Too bad we didn’t have great leaders like you running the show during the civil war, WW1, WW2, and the Revolutionary war. Think of all the lives we would have saved. It’s just not worth risking anything for freedom.

        1. I wish it did Donald Trump’s rump is about oh at least 8.5 times smarter than Joe biden’s brain you can go ahead and fact check that

    2. So why did we go to extreme when we were locked down for months? Why is Texas and Florida’s numbers going down and they are wide open? Why is California in worse shape than Florida or Texas while on strict lockdown?

      You people need to stop comparing us to the island of NZ, US is much different. You should move there if you hate our country.

    3. @IrrelevantRelevance… I would really like to hear what it was that the Leaders of New Zealand did that if adopted by the US leaders, would have made us over “this”? Thank you!

        1. Another example of how you could be watching a politician like Boris or Biden being a fake on TV… This time in the form of a physical implementation rather than a digital manipulation.

          Would you know if it was them?

    1. Gee Dumper- I disagree ! Crook County protested the loudest ! They kept their schools open- they defied Kovid Kates police orders to enter private homes to snitch out large family gatherings- Judge Crawford told the Brownstain that Prineville would open just after New Years… and now- them loudmouths out in Crook are sittin’ fat in the “Low risk” category as Doosh stumbles all over it’s weak-knees as Kalamity Kate lowers drops the hammer on a county that’s all whine- no cheese ! You all keep beggin’ for your Trump vaccines… out here in Crook- we got barbecues and beer to get to !

        1. And you’re a complete imbecile who thinks another six months of listening to Kalamity Kate’s drivel will make your big bad C-word Virus magically vanish… Cripes who do you sound like now- Forever Trumper !

    2. yo @Never Trumper.. can you expand on examples? Who are the Idiots? What are they protesting g in the loudest ways, yet doing nothing? If able.. please also give an example of what behaviors/actions of a spoiled petulant children relates to this.. Truly.. I am interested. 🙂

  4. I hate when you folks act like Kate Brown is the problem here, do you realize that this is a GLOBAL pandemic, for those of you who do not know what global means, it means the entire planet, the world! Many countries are on the verge of a 4th shutdown, do you think Kate Brown is responsible for that? Grow up, for Christs sake!

    1. What pandemic? The pandemic that people over 60 feel the need to live so those in their 20s can struggle? Nice. You’re no better than Trump

          1. And if you could only sober up long enough after a long day in the bottle- you might realize what a jack ass you sound like- hee-haw- Forever Trumper !

              1. Come on Barney. You let those two clowns call us names just about every post. Personally I don’t care as it shows what mindless drones they are but don’t try to pretend you are unbiased.

                1. I fight very hard to prove it every day with the stories I write and we post. Biased folks still tear them, and me apart. Comes with the territory, but I know better. This schoolyard of people picking on each other, well I volunteered for this duty and do NOT decide who’s right/wrong, just who goes over the “offensive” line.

              2. so at 9:55 pm you show up to protect the bully here that had previously spouted the following- “maybe it’s the idiots like you-go away petulant child!- Look up the meaning in a dictionary dummy!- You’re an idiot!-hahahahahahahaha you are a total clown!”…. Every single one of these personal attacks added no value to the discussion- completely off topic- and are all offensive in nature ! Yet you didn’t say a single word- but as soon as I stepped in- you’ll notice there wasn’t another single comment from this loudmouth ! So instead of thanking me for doing your job- you reach out to this poor slob and coddle- enable- protect ! Is that really your job ??? Just askin’ !

                1. I am here reading your and others comments from when I get up to when I go to bed, between my main duties of writing and editing and working with reporters.
                  You are the king of offensive personal attacks without value.
                  So why don’t you set an example? Because it’s not in you to do so to set an example of civil discourse, ever.
                  Unlike most others, you bully me over letting bullies bully you, in return for your treatment of them. You call for “rules” to be enforced that you break daily, even hourly. Great example for others. Not.

    2. You have been conditioned to actually enjoy being controlled by authoritarians who, believe it or not, don’t have your best interest in mind… I don’t blame you but I do hope you wake up!

      1. You are trying to say that empathy, thoughtfulness and loving our neighbors as we love ourselves by taking extra steps in our lives to prevent the spread of a virus that has claimed millions of lives around our planet is being “conditioned to actually enjoy being controlled by authoritarians…”?
        That’s a pretty big reach to a pretty out-there conspiracy… Keep your fiction to your tin-hat club, please.

    3. Because she is illegally locking down our economy and destroying small buisness while box stores have never had to shut down even with outbreaks at their stores. That’s why. Oh yeah, the schools, church, and you know basic life have been effective directly by her. Some states aren’t shut down at all.

    4. Awww stick a sock in it “Mr. Christs sake” ! There are dozens of countries around the planet that see this as nothing but another flu like annoyance… you wanna go all Christ Sake on somebody- try the Demokant party that manufactured your plandemic- fed your anger- stoked your fear- and shut down your life ! Your votes have had consequences- for Christs Sake live with them !

      1. LO effing L! You people crack me up! You do realize that viruses are nature not politics? Viruses do not draw party lines, why do you people always have to make it political? YOU people are what is wrong with this country, it’s either democrat or republican, liberal or right wing. You assume I am fueled by fear of a virus! You assume I am a democrat! You assume that I am a fan of Kate Brown. You know what that say about assuming? It makes an AS* out of you! The simple FACT is that By April 2020, about half of the world’s population was under lockdown, with more than 3.9 billion people in more than 90 countries or territories having been asked or ordered to stay at home by their governments.
        So, please, tell me again how this is Kate Browns independent agenda.

        1. Same old garbage- different handle… So where to begin- I know- with the obvious- if the virus in not political- then why won’t Biden- the CDC- and the WHO all get together on the most recent report out of China as to the origin of the virus ? Second- if this is such a global pandemic- then why hasn’t it savagely destroyed the other 120 countries that you’ve left out of your 90 ?? I never “assume” anything- I stick to the facts and the available data… which state for the umpteenth gazillion time- the CNA-Virus is mild in nature- does not negatively attack children- has a 2% fatality rate- is being controlled by a vaccine provided by the efforts and genius of the previous President DJ Trump- to answer your last question- Kate Brown is the only person to authorize the complete shut down of the state’s economy- the schools- and general life as we know it- she’s done this in violation of the US Constitution and has implemented martial law against the citizens… so why do you tolerate these acts- when (to date) there has no proven evidence that her lock-downs have saved a single life. where’s your emergency- the justification to completely destroy a year of every Oregonians life ? Wake up- yer a damn fool !

          1. Was your life completely destroyed the past year? Well, you said “every Oregonian.” Do you live here?
            Vastly overstated hyperbole is just one of your many “strengths.”
            Where are the court cases to prove your claim of constitutional violations?
            And definition of martial law: “military government, involving the suspension of ordinary law.”
            Nope. Sigh.
            Yes, I know my replies are what you live for, to fuel your… whatever. Maybe I spare others some of your barbs for once. You’re welcome!

            1. Hey @Barney Lerten and @barneygetshiswish…. First, I would like to say that as a native Oregonian and a long term Central Oregonion who has read the KTVZ forums for years, you two crack me up and just as importantly, at least in my little universe, inspired me to register and start commenting.

              With that said.. in my opinion.. @barneygetshiswish brings a lot of information to the table. I respect that.. I can see that the delivery can be a bit harsh, especially towards Barney. Now, Barney.. Which I don’t understand is quite sensitive to the comments made by @barneygetshiswish. Maybe as he just stated, he is the martyr for the barbs.. who knows.. it is entertaining for some I am sure. Look… @Barney I will take on @barneygetshiswish for now on.. If you wish.. I may agree with probably 90% of his sentiments but I want to challenge this person to have a more effective delivery so that others can better understand where he is coming from.. @barneygetshiswis, I challenge to to stop picking a fight with Barney and start putting sourced information out to the public forum.. Let’s take emotion out of it.. that goes for you two Barney! 🙂

              1. Welcome, and you do as you wish. Not sure how long you’ve been watching his treatment of me/the station/others who disagree with him, but “bit harsh” is a vast understatement. Good luck with attempting civil discourse with someone so full of personal attacks who attacks me for, among many other things, allowing personal attacks. What folks tell me is they are not entertained, they are as frustrated and repulsed as I am, but don’t say it to his face because then they become the target of his mean attacks, as we have all seen for years. Best of luck to you, especially if you dare to take issue with any of his so-called “facts” about complete destructive of the state, Portland in ruins, etc. Hard to take anyone seriously when they are so full of untruths.

            2. Once again Barney- the fact that you personally live in a bubble- void of any real contact with people from the outside world- has left you completely out of touch with the common folk on the ground struggling for over a year now with “finances- social isolation-cancel culture-martial law… all of it with no end in sight. You wanna know what’s been really destroyed ? Our faith in leadership ! Our trust in the news media !! Our ability to go about our lives now without government interference !!! I dare you to refute the fact that “all” Oregonians have been forced into a lifestyle (not of their choosing) for over a year- because of a virus with a 98% survival rate- has no long term negative effects on children- has been recorded by medical professionals to be solely responsible for only 2% of associated deaths… yet here you prattle on like “gee- it’s all OK- we’re doing this for your own good” ! As for the “practice of Martial Law”- I’ve gone to the legal scholars at the “Brennan Center for Justice” who state- “martial law has no established definition, because across history, different people have used the term to describe a wide variety of actions, practices, or roles for the military. The law governing it is complicated and unsettled — and, as a result, the concept has never been well understood.”…. In my defense- I’ve stated time and time again that what Brown has done is initiate “Undeclared” Martial Law- through the use of Government agencies like OSHA- State Police- and yes- even the Oregon National Guard. You are free to deny the current state of affairs- I personally watched a KGW report over the weekend on the homeless crisis and riots (brought about by the lockdowns and political instability) in Portland… Career anchors in the P area agree- they’ve never seen the city in such turmoil- the place is a disaster ! Thanks Kate- Thanks Z21- This is “Your” Prize winning Blue Ribbon Pig- complete with lipstick and eye shadow !

        2. @plsmthrmercy… I agree with you statement on people playing the political name card.. Here is where I need further clarification….Is Kate Brown just a pawn for the Global agenda? Maybe, as I don’t speak for others, they are saying that KB should represent Oregon? I would love to hear how KB has strayed from the the larger democratic party and or even the larger globalist agenda. If she has, please bring it to the public forum.. I am tired of hearing the left/right BS! Those that are active in commenting typically don’t offer much to the public square.. it is just hate, trolling and calling people names.. my hopes are we can encourage thought provoking discussion on the KTVZ boards. Rather than all the two party name calling… Based on your comment here.. I would like to hear more from you. Thank you!

          1. Kate Brown has no global agenda- Kate Brown went simply tagged along with the other two west coast Demokrat Governors to initiate a shut down- ramp up fear- promote hate- in order to rile up the citizens (in combination with a colluding media) to drive president Trump from office…. K.I.S.S.- Brown’s record of suspect moves is obvious for anyone willing to investigate and demand answers. The fallout to all this corrupt BS- is that in an effort to maximize the pain- Demokrats nationwide have overplayed their hands- now look at the death- the incompetence- Americans avoiding he vaccine because Kamala Harris and Joe Biden played political games with Trumps efforts to put an end to the charade with a real vaccine ! The fact that the US is leading the globe in both new cases and deaths related to a mild virus is no mistake- this was done with intent as D Governors in Jersey-NY-Michigan made irrational and deadly decisions to place infected people into the same living quarters as healthy elderly citizens… I know no other term for this kind of purposeful act than “Manslaughter”… Kate Brown has no global agenda- she saw an opportunity to do her Demokrat duty- fight the GOP at every corner- and that little brush fire got away from them… the rest is catastrophic history !

          2. I second your statements. The ideal is that we expose our own blind spots by discourse with others even bghw, instead of making the world see the things our way.

    5. Nope! I don’t think KB is the root of this.. part of the problem.. maybe, here Oregon where her executive orders impact people? @plsmthrmercy can you expand on the pandemic part. Based on the CDC, it is on a pandemic… Can you source the pandemic aspect? Seriously… I am looking for sources that contradict the CDC. Thanks!

      1. I think before I get too involved in your root cause analysis of KB… I’ll ask a simple question (as I always do)… How many businesses have been lost due to Browns Ex. Orders to shut down ? What is the actual recorded financial numbers in terms of lost jobs- wages- nobody is talking about this… like shutting down thousands of workers for over a year (and counting) has had no impact- this is total BS. I won’t elaborate on the mental stress- anxiety- fear being drummed up by Brown and the media- the damage there continues to rise as mental health professionals cry out for an immediate stop to all this… Z21 has never done a story on the damage being inflicted on the local citizens as directly associated with Brown’s shutdowns and their slanted coverage… it’s not in their interest… but it is truly shocking ! So off you go- educate the masses here on what you find.

      2. I will say this about Brown and the CDC- she does not follow their recommendations. The CDC stated months ago that schools must re-open asap… Brown has yet to relent ! The CDC has new guidelines for those “fully” vaccinated- this started well before Easter weekend- Brown has yet to comply. Brown has initiated undeclared Martial Law where she uses enforcement agencies to do her dirty work (OSHA- keeps the NG on speed dial)- there is no justification for her EO’s at this stage- there is no crisis… Those are facts.

    1. Not fact at all: “In 2019, an estimated 38,800 people lost their lives to car crashes” according to the National Safety Council.
      Whereas over 500k Americans have died in a 12-month span.

      1. How many of those Americans were active drivers?


        Most were in nursing homes. LOL

        I wish the covid fearists would stay home and let the rest of us live our lives.

      2. Agreed- “Not Fact At All”… The OHA and the CDC both agree- that only 2% of all deaths related to the C word Virus are from the virus alone… that makes your actual death count- nationwide- for over a year- 10,000 ! If you disagree with that fact- take it up with the CDC and the OHA.

      3. @IrrelevantRelevance.. How many people died of the Flu in the same period as the facts you represent? honestly.. you quote a source that is estimated in 2019 on deaths per car crashes and compare it to 12-month span with no timeline… Honestly, I am not convinced by your statements. I truly welcome you to update with something that sourced and statically is comparable. Thanks!

    2. In response to your fun(ny) fact: #1 cause of death in 2020 is heart disease, #2 is cancer, #3 is (gasp!) Covid 19. Where do you squeeze care accidents in? Have some more popcorn and a cold brew, and think about it a little.

      1. Learn provisional data and *gasp* maybe the lockdowns had something to do with it since losers like you couldn’t go fall off smith rock lol

        1. Ummm, back in November the headlines were: Covid-19 has killed 250,000 people in the US. That’s 10 times the deaths from car crashes in a year. Where’s your “provisional data’ kiddo?

          1. He’s correct I think. It is going to take research to fully evaluate the effect of COVID on the death rate as most victims have comorbid conditions. For right now it is necessary to record how many people die with COVID whether or not it was a major factor or not. Then in the future the decrease in lifespan can sussed out. The number of people that die solely because of COVID is probably in low single digits.

        2. laughing out lout and calling a someone a loser falling from a rock? hmmm.. how does this bring us together and/or solve the issues at hand for all of us?

        3. If you don’t like the numbers why don’t you look for deaths from car accidents from previous years. When was the last time there were a half-million auto deaths in 12 months? Only in your dreams, Corny.

  5. Do your homework folks, we are no longer in the pandemic stage of this…gotta sell those vaccines though, big pharm thanks you comrade Kate

  6. Dont know if anyone noticed… but did you see the traffic in Bend today? Mostly out of towers and out of staters coming in to Bend to enjoy our weather and the fact that we are open.
    Have you noticed that most of the people that live in Bend and Deschutes County (locals) wear their mask and social distance?
    Have you noticed that most tourists are gathered in large groups not wearing masks?
    And you all blame local anti maskers for this problem.
    Go back to Portland, Seattle, Salem, Eugene, California, wherever you are from if you are going to act like a bunch of Lefty idiots, Gen Zers, and then turn around to blame the conservatives.

    1. Fact Joe Shmo- If you wear your mask wash your dirty hands, and stay eight feet apart… You personally have nothing to worry about- so stop trying to dictate the actions of others and worry about yourself.

    1. ha! Who likes facts? @covid-21 Just to chime in a bit more…. that is 3.08% knowing that the the false positive is is 60-80% or something like that! so what does that mean…. hmmmmm homework everybody…. what % really may have Covid???

      1. I recall that the false positive rate at best is 1%. So if 1000 people are tested, 10 will be falsely positive. If we assume the true positive rate is 2%, with a 90% sensitivity, then 18 will test positive. Then we have to think about the positive predictive value. In my example then the positive predictive value is 47%.

  7. Beer and wine sales have tripled since all this started, the beer and wine guys are the ones behind all this shutdown! They have COVID positive people coughing on all the containers before packaging them up! Stay safe, Boil your beer and wine 5 minutes before opening them!!! (How’s that for a conspiracy theory? Any takers want to run with this?) But hey, No worries, Creepy China Joe Obiden will fix everything!!!!!

    1. lol! But really… no one wants to talk about the implications to one’s health being in a lockdown… omg! I have added to the those beer sales.. funny thing is that those beer manufactures also participated in the PPP loan program here locally and across Oregon! Her is fact! Lot’s of Bend Business have received millions of dollars in grants that will not be paid back.. I know of a couple that have had 50% margins the last year and these companies no longer hire in Oregon, yet are hiring in droves.. imagine that….. @Oregonn8tive I get your sarcasm.. but no.. I am not boiling my beer, I just wish the breweries would not bottle green beer and ask me to pay $12 for a six pack… yes.. the economic polices and the Federal Reserve have something to do with devaluing the dollar and the resultant increase in food and everything else.. It did not start with Biden or Trump… look back to 1913…

    1. @Nick 87 not a fan of DDB or the NWO… just asking for some expansion on your thought process with your comments… I don’t think DDB is stupid, I think she may might be diabolical…. Share with the rest of us. sincerely!

      1. She loves the power. Imagine the glee she gets waving her own to shutter businesses at her command. Imagine the glee she gets when she sends her little spies to fine a business huge sums of money for ignoring her dictates. She loves it. Has she missed a paycheck? Nope. Has any state employee missed a paycheck? Nope. Does she care about every restaurant she pie out of business? Nope.

  8. This is all about their new world order control! Quess what there are a lot more of us then them! They are in for a war they cannot win! It’s time they realize we pay taxes and they work for us, we the people! It’s game on!

        1. Actually I said quite a lot in a few words and if you weren’t the newbie on here you would know the background. But that’s ok, your defense of Wishy and insulting the rest of the community is going to make you quite the favorite. But do carry on, it’s always amusing to watch someone new make a total jackass of themselves.

    1. Well if you’re right it is only Republicans what does that say about the democrats’ willingness to surrender their freedoms so eagerly to a government bureaucrat? Maybe they’ll give you an extra ration for your obedience.

  9. Isn’t it interesting that everything has shifted to the “number of cases” rather than the original story we were sold (a bill of goods)in the beginning about any “short term shutdown”

  10. If Trump had been honest from the start and listened to science instead of worrying about getting re-elected we would not be where we are. Businesses would be open. But he lied to his cult and they believed. They still believe all the crazy conspiracy theories, Q, the election was rigged, and other crazy things. Since none of the Q garbage came to pass intelligent people would have wised up, but they still believe Trump, and the other crazy, crooked GOPQ. The ironic thing is that if Trump had even pretended to care about others he probably would have won re-election. But Trump cares only about himself, he couldn’t even PRETEND to care about others. Unless Trumpism is defeated this country will not exist in 20 years. Most Democrats and Republicans really just want the same things, they are not your enemy. Yes, there are extreme ideas on both sides, but most of both parties just want a good job, a place to live, a family, and a comfortable old age. We must stop the hateful Trump rhetoric (Demorats, etc) and work together. But hate and fear of others prevents that. So very sad. Wise up conspiracy theory folks, and try to look at things from the eyes of others. Perhaps read a book or two.

    1. Dr. Fauci, knower of all knowledge first told us there is nothing to worry about. CNN told us the flu is the real threat. Joe Biden said Trump’s response was racist and xenophobic. How quickly you forget the Trump haters did everything they could to sabotage Trump’s covid response. Which, by the way got vaccines in record time.

  11. Nothing but Trump’s lies and misinformation from the Trumpers, and those idiotic conspiracy theories here. The need to defend Trump is amazing after all his lies about the election, and everything else. Either that or really good sarcasm. Education is so lacking, and common sense. But hey, Trump was sworn in on March 4th just like Q said. Not! 😂 However the main thing i see here are hateful pathetic scared Trumpers who can’t handle life in general without Trump telling them what to say and think.

  12. High risk needs to be reinstated. The science doesn’t lie. The graph looks exponential once again, as we are probably right at 5% positivity. When we lapse in our vigilance, infections, sickness, and death result. Variants become more likely, making vaccination effectiveness less so.

    1. A concept Trumpers either can’t understand, or just don’t wNt to because like him, they don’t care about others. Their hate has consumed them,

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